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AngelaSmallAngela Coulter
Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator

Angela Coulter (SpiritualAlchemy.net) is an ascension and consciousness transformation guide who provides healing facilitation and instruction. Her focus is helping others clear their path ahead and teaching them how to tap fully into their own Divinity, ultimately helping to change the viewpoint of their experience from one of separation and disempowerment to that of Oneness and full self-empowerment.  In doing so, she helps others to understand how to apply the larger spiritual concepts (including those around the “path to ascension”) into day-to-day life… which she calls “living the shift.”

It was early 2010 when Jeshua joined Mary Magdalene and Archangel Ezekiel as a part of Angela’s journey companions and began speaking with her about the basis of the Divine Trinity as we consider it: the completion of energies of the Divine feminine, masculine, and creation. The addition of Archangel Daniel later in 2010 – who she later found out is the same persona as Adama, the High Priest of the city of Telos, from ancient Lemurian heritage – completed a circle she didn’t know existed until after she was gifted with remembrance to Trinity Energy Progression in October of 2011. It was then that she discovered that part of “what she signed up to do” was to help everyone who is ready, willing, and able to regain the remembrance of Divine Consciousness within into the 3D density to help with the efforts of spiritual evolution and ascension. She loves living magic in every day… and in helping others to remember to how to do the same, in their own limitlessness!

headshotFollowing a long-term corporate career, as Angela awakened to her life’s purpose, she trained in many practices and modalities which you can read more about here.

Her sharing of her own evolution has included a variety of multimedia weekly and monthly shows covering a variety of useful spiritual topics; you can access all of them via her YouTube channel… and you can subscribe!

She is currently writing a book called, Living the Shift: The Universe Experienced Differently”, talking about the higher level concepts as a basis of how we can live very, very differently when we see and FEEL them through the eyes of Oneness… and what that means.

Angela is based in North Carolina in the United States.

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Training Background

Here is an ever-expanding list of the practices/certifications that Angela Coulter, Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator, has beyond just her understandings via Trinity: Meditation, Harnessing, and Practicing Psychic/Spiritual Abilities: Practice and Instructor Trinity Energy Progression: Originator, Instructor/Facilitator, Practitioner Order of Melchizedek: Ordained Minister Reiki: Certified Usui Reiki Master Archangelic Light of the Feminine Divine Feminine: Certified …

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