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About Trinity

Trinity Energy Progression™ is a simple yet powerful process which deepens an individual’s connection to their own Divine Consciousness.  The below sections will provide you with a range of information:

If you know you’re ready for a session, find a Practitioner which you resonate with.

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This is a comprehensive list of questions and answers regarding Trinity Energy Progression™.  Yet, it’s possible there’s a question or two we missed.  If so, feel free to contact us if there’s something you’d like to know more about. About Trinity Energy Progression: What It Is, What It Does What is Trinity Energy Progression, and what does …

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The Full Story

How It “Came In”… The Concept of the “Holy Trinity” or “Divine Trinity” The Lemurian Connection   How It “Came In”… as narrated by Angela Coulter, originator of Trinity Energy Progression™ In October 2011, my family and I were traveling from our home in North Carolina to visit family in Ohio. The trek took us …

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Using Trinity Energy Progression™

This energy was introduced as an energy of “completion” – and that though not specifically a healing modality, healing is a side effect of its use and “turning it up”. The difference between Trinity Energy Progression and that of other modalities that have traditionally tapped into from the ethers is that this energy doesn’t feel …

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