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This is a comprehensive list of questions and answers regarding Trinity Energy Progression™.  Yet, it’s possible there’s a question or two we missed.  If so, feel free to contact us if there’s something you’d like to know more about.

About Trinity Energy Progression: What It Is, What It Does

Receiving a Trinity Energy Progression Session

Learning Trinity Energy Progression/Becoming a Practitioner

Uses for Trinity Energy Progression


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About Trinity Energy Progression: What It Is, What It Does

What is Trinity Energy Progression, and what does it do?

Trinity Energy Progression helps open the pathways within and directly access the Divine/Christ Consciousness. It helps us to remove all partitions we have created within ourselves via the experience of duality – the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Divine Child, levels of consciousness, lifetimes, timelines, Twin Flames, and beyond – so we can again consciously remember our whole Being, the whole of our Divinity, and exist fully in our Divine Truth and Power.

As we become entrained to open our pathways and access the Divine Consciousness, as we do the work, it leapfrogs our spiritual development/remembrance, and many, many more partitions begin to melt away. The more they melt away, the more the pathways open up; the more the pathways open up, the more remembrance of access to the Divine Consciousness leapfrogs our growth to exist fully and consciously as the Divine… etc.!

As we are at the “next stage” of our evolution, shifting to the “next level” of the “game”, the key to tapping into the Divine within us is simply to allow ourselves to take down the walls (partitions) we have erected to convince ourselves that the Divine comes from outside of us – and that we’re worthy and deserving of such a level of consciousness (something else we’ve, in general, convinced ourselves we’re not). It’s time to take down the walls of defined “belief systems” that separate us, and realize that the Divine is universal, because it IS every single one of us.

As part of our experience through this existence, we’ve separated into gender, pretended and created (in 3D) that the power of creation had to come from external collaboration. Part of our path of spiritual evolution has included isolating those energies, having the full experience of embodying all of them separately and completely (and also, via duality, embodying the opposite of each), and then coming back to the realization that all are already ALL inside of us, in their full combination and completion.

Entrainment simply brings all of these energies into full balance and completion and helps the recipient/Practitioner to break down the internal barriers and open the doorway to remembrance of existing in Divine/Christ Consciousness from within.In very simple terms, using Trinity Energy Progression enables us to go directly to Source and “turn up the Light of the Divine within” – either the self or assisting others – to release all resistance/partitions that are limiting the individual and the collective.

What is Divine, or Christ (Christed) Consciousness?

In Trinity Energy Progression, the term “Divine Consciousness” is used interchangeably with “Christ(ed) Consciousness”… because many have  mistaken the term “Christ Consciousness” as being Christian dependent. It is important to note that it is NOT a term that originated with the Christian religion; the term was used long before it was used in reference to Jeshua (he was ultimately labeled “Jesus the Christ” because he attained living fully in Christed Consciousness here, in the body). It is the same as is called Super Consciousness (yoga); Objective Consciousness (Gurdjieff); Buddhic Consciousness (Theosophy and Buddhism); God Consciousness (Sufi and Hindu); Christ Consciousness (New Thought and Christian).

It is described as the consciousness of Divine Truth; the consciousness of the Oneness/Divine/Spirit/Source/God of which we are all a part; that of the only true reality in the Universe, which is unconditional love. Unconditional love is what we are made of; everything else is simply illusion, as we have constructed it as the Divine to learn the lessons we set out to learn.

Is Trinity Energy Progression a practice or an energy modality?

It’s a method to directly access the full spectrum of Divine (Christed) Consciousness. In that, it’s BOTH a practice AND a type of energy modality… because the focus is on removing all “partitions” and perceptions of separation, back to our pure Consciousness as One – Divine Consciousness, within the self and in helping others do the same.

The practice is remembering and practicing how to exist more and more in Divine Consciousness, outside of the illusion of separation, until it again becomes the complete and natural state of BE-ing (as Jesus, Buddha, and others have attained incarnate).

As a form of energy modality, a) pathways are opened up within to access the Divine Consciousness; b) the Divine Light is turned up, and “partitions” (a.k.a. perceptions of separation) – the core underlying causes of dis-ease, injury, illness, trauma, and drama – are dissolved away, so when they are removed, such situations ultimately resolve themselves; and c) the result is opening the pathways more and more, until eventually we’re existing – or BE-ing – in Divine Consciousness all the time, and living with full remembrance of the illusion, in unconditional love.

Existing in the pure Divine Consciousness truly allows us to exist in and practice our limitlessness… and the partitions we remove are anything that cause the perception of separation from the Oneness. Beyond the energies and emotions of resistance are lifetimes, timelines, energies (of the masculine, feminine, child), Twin Flames, oversouls, collective consciousness… all can be accessed, resolved, healed, and incorporated into the wholeness of the Being… and ultimately, the Oneness.

Why is it called “Trinity Energy Progression”?

The introduction of this remembrance, as it came in to Angela Coulter in 2011 via Jeshua/Yeshua (who many call Jesus), Ezekiel, and Mary, was to awaken and fully acknowledge the balance/completion of energies of the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine, Divine Father/Divine Masculine, and Divine Child/Divine Creation within, restore the original “blueprint” of such, and then begin removing the partitions to be able to ultimately fully exist in Divine/Christ Consciousness (see the full story here).

Is Trinity the same or related to the three-fold flame?

Trinity Energy Progression is not the same as the three-fold flame; however, the three-fold flame is a tool that may be utilized within the use of Trinity Energy Progression. When Angela Coulter was first given remembrance to this practice, she had no conscious knowledge of the three-fold flame. She saw blue, pink, and gold rays of light, as she was made to understand it was in representation of the Divine Masculine (blue), Divine Feminine (pink), and Divine Child (gold), in coming into remembrance, balance, and completion within. Originally, she would see the three colors come in as Practitioners were becoming entrained to help open the pathway; as the practice progressed, the light simply became platinum, with occasional tint of colors.

As the three-fold flame is considered the “seed of the Divine” within us – our connection to the Divine Self – it obviously has a relation. However, it is simply another tool for a specific purpose within the practice. Ultimately, the end result in Trinity – the function itself – is to simply work directly in full Divine Consciousness, without limitation, and without the need for specific tools. However, sometimes in healings, a Practitioner may be guided to allow the three-fold flame to assist in a certain clearing because of specifics around the recipient, depending on what and how the recipient will allow themselves to receive/clear at that time.

Is the “Trinity” in Trinity Energy Progression based on/connected to Christianity?

It has sometimes been misunderstood as connected to Christianity because of the word Trinity, the term Christ Consciousness, and because the understanding/remembrance of its use came in partially via Jeshua. However, Trinity Energy Progression is NOT based on or connected to any specific belief system/religion. The use of “Trinity” has to do with the energies of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Divine Creation within us. Christ or Christed Consciousness is the consciousness of the Oneness, or the Divine… and the purpose of living/existing fully in the Divine Consciousness while incarnate is existing in a completely limitless way, without dualistic boxes or designations.

Is Trinity an “energy”?

The Divine Consciousness is the energy of all that is; Trinity is a practice that directly accesses Divine Consciousness.

What’s the difference between Trinity Energy Progression and energy healing modalities like Reiki?

Distinction between Trinity Energy Progression and that of the energy modalities that have traditionally been tapped into from the ethers (such as Reiki and many others) are:

Trinity Energy Progression, in directly accessing Divine Consciousness, is accessing the full spectrum versus a specific frequency within the spectrum: Our Universe is made up completely of vibration and frequencies; thus, becoming “attuned” in specific energy modalities opens up remembrance to utilizing that particular frequency. It’s a lot like pre-setting the radio stations in a car or on a stereo: You find the frequency that broadcasts that station, then “save” that frequency in memory. A vast majority of energy modalities are based on accessing specific “frequencies” in our Universe.  Trinity Energy Progression allows us to access the Divine Consciousness, which is the ENTIRE spectrum of frequency… including ALL frequencies within it. It’s like the light prism; light is made up of the combination of all colors in the spectrum. “Becoming attuned” to something like Reiki is remembering how to tune to a certain frequency on a radio, and you can only access Divine Light through that “channel.” Divine Consciousness is accessing the ENTIRE SPECTRUM. When you remember how to do that, you can easily access any particular frequency however/whenever you want… or simply access the whole spectrum, without limitation.Another metaphor is going to the store to get butter, milk, and bread. You might “go to the store” to get Reiki, and any number of other frequency-based modalities; however, the Divine Consciousness is the ENTIRE STORE itself!

Coming from within versus “coming through: The true energy of the Divine Consciousness doesn’t feel like it’s “coming through to” the Practitioner from somewhere else – it comes from within, at whatever level of “brightness” the person can handle it. Its core is the individual’s Christ (or Christed) Consciousness, the true part of the eternal Divine Oneness, which is the spectrum of EVERYTHING… and everything (including the energetic “frequencies” of different modalities) can be pulled more powerfully from it than from accessing it from the perception of “outside.”  In the “healing” process as it occurs with Trinity Energy Progression and accessing the Divine Consciousness, instead of “gaining health, happiness, and bliss,”… we are simply removing all of the perception of partitions – or illusion of separation (which include fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, anger, guilt, doubt, sorrow, pain, drama, trauma, illness, etc.) – and remembering that we are simply pure, unconditional love. The more we “remove,” the more we remember, the more powerful and Divine we become, and the more we are “in this world and not of it” (as described by the Buddha as the description of “benevolent detachment”). Meaning, we remember it’s all ultimately illusion, that we can be a part of the 3D experience, and that we can “play” in it without losing our Divine presence within it.

“Healing” and “knowing” is a completely different experience:  Instead of working on something from the “outside in” and topically – as many of our practices in the 3D world entail today – in Trinity, you work on removing the core underlying issues that are causing you to create “partitions,” or resistance, in your life. The result: When you find, release, resolve, heal, and clear the core underlying issues, the circumstances manifesting in your reality (whether it physical, mental, environmental, or emotional) simply CHANGE, so they become outside of your reality. It changes your experience altogether; so symptoms, situations, issues can just disappear instantaneously… along with other things in your life that you might not have consciously realized were related to the limitation/resistance/partition you released.

It isn’t just “functional learning”:  The understandings you gain, shifts you will make, and experiences you have will change your entire perception of the Universe and your experience. The understandings and remembrance behind Trinity Energy Progression are a completely different way of perceiving and experiencing our Universe, more than even some of the most established practices. So, learning Trinity Energy Progression isn’t just learning how to do something functionally; in regular use, it will change your experience entirely, releasing ALL boxes and limitations to expansion and limitlessness, in ALL aspects of your life.

Is Trinity Energy Progression the same as Source Energy?

The Divine Consciousness is the energy of all that is (“Source energy”); Trinity is a practice that directly accesses Divine Consciousness (see the FAQ on “What is Trinity Energy Progression“).

Can I use Trinity Energy Progression in conjunction with other practices?

Absolutely, if you’re so guided! In fact, since Trinity is the practice of tapping directly into the Divine Consciousness within (vs. “pulling it in” from elsewhere), the use of energy healing modalities (and everything else) becomes STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL when used in conjunction with Trinity. Eventually, as they become more and more clear and free of partitions, the Practitioner will let go of more and more of the specific “tools” they’ve felt they’ve needed to use before, and will simply trust the “changing of reality” as Divine Consciousness in all ways.

Can I use Trinity for physical complaints? Emotional challenges? Environmental irritations (such as issues with others in my life, etc.)?

YES to all of the above… in the way of dissolving, resolving, releasing, and clearing all core underlying issues that would cause such (non-physical) to manifest in your life (physical). However, it’s a completely different way of approaching this than is traditional – by dealing with the “physical symptom” and “putting a Band-Aid on it.” Instead, it’s getting to the core, releasing all self-imposed limitations that CAUSE the “symptom”… and “rewriting reality” without those limitations.

Isn’t this too much power to wield? Can it be used to hurt or limit others?

Divine Consciousness is simply pure, unconditional love. The entire practice of Trinity is focused on removing the partitions that prevent us from remembering ourselves as complete, as the Divine, in pure love. A “partition” is cause by duality and separation – resistance in any way, shape, or form. This includes anything based in fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, anger, guilt, doubt, sorrow, and pain.

The “downfalls/crashes” of the human existence has happened in several iterations because of the exploration of the ego (created for the exploration of duality and separation). Accessing part of our Divine abilities with the intention of separation just doesn’t work (or it will in some way backfire as a mirror to the person) in the pure Divine Consciousness – which is Oneness and unconditional love. In this, our power is limitless… in unconditional love and connectedness. The intent to harm or act in separation is simply part of the illusion and not a part of the purity of the Divine/Oneness.

This is a primary reason for us to remember to directly access Divine Consciousness within is to work with our Oneness and unconditional love as the reality… eliminating the possibility of another “downfall/crash” this time around in our evolution.


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Receiving a Trinity Energy Progression Session

How do I know if my body can handle Trinity Energy Progression?

If you’re exposed to Trinity Energy Progression, you “can handle it”! You will only get the amount of “turning up the light” that you can accept with grace and ease to assist you with your intention.

What can I expect in receiving a Trinity session?

Each “session” is individual to the person, what’s going on for you, and the Practitioner.  The Practitioner will speak with you about what’s going on… what you consider to be limiting you in your life, whether it’s mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, and/or environmental. You will most likely agree on an intention; and/or, if not, whatever is “highest and best”.

The Practitioner sets the intention and then merges with you energetically as One in Divine Consciousness; the closest metaphor is that they “plug in to you and turn up your Divine Light”.  You will be told (and often simply feel) when it is done, and the Practitioner will tell you anything they are guided to in order to support the session – sometimes, it’s an understanding of what transpired, other things that were related to your intention that cleared out in the process. The Practitioner may or may not have anything specific to share; this is completely irrelevant to the amount of work that was done!

What will I feel when I receive a Trinity session?

It depends on the session. Sometimes you may feel nothing at all; sometimes you may feel a huge sense of peace and relaxation; sometimes you’ll feel heavier during and then lighter afterward; sometimes you may feel a HUGE shift immediately! However, the biggest effects tend to happen after the session, and often for days/weeks afterward, as your reality transforms and shifts with the dissolution of whatever partition(s) you removed in the session. Important to note are changes in your life after a session – changes in relationships, in surrounding situations (home, work, etc.) – and also shifts in your thinking, feelings, and actions.

Sometimes the removal of a certain partition – or several – in a session (since it’s from the “core outwards”) will bring to light other issues that are ready to be released to the surface, because they were formerly shadowed/hidden by the other issues/partitions that you had in place beforehand and released.


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Learning Trinity Energy Progression/Becoming a Practitioner

How do I know if learning Trinity Energy Progression is for me?

If you’re ready to take the next leap in ability, consciousness, if you’re ready for “what’s next” on your spiritual journey, and if you’re ready to release ALL of the boxes/limitations within your reality… AND you feel drawn to this, ask your guidance; most likely, it’s for you!

Who would benefit most from taking a class in Trinity Energy Progression?

For those already well on their way in an “active spiritual journey” – including (ESPECIALLY) professional spiritual/energy healing practitioners (Reiki masters and practitioners/instructors of other healing modalities, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and healing facilitators of all kinds), mediums, channelers, intuitives of all kinds:

If you’re asking, “What’s next? What can I do now?” and you’re ready to take a HUGE LEAP in the acceleration of your spiritual development, redesign your life to YOUR specs, with power, grace, and ease (and FUN), with the intention of freeing yourself from limitations you feel you have… this is the “next step”!

For those who are interested in their own life/spiritual development in the highest and best, most graceful, easy, and powerful way:

If you have an open mind, are willing to “let go of the boxes” of duality, and are ready, willing, and able to commit to an active spiritual journey – and growing in leaps and bounds from that commitment – then you can take the class. Most are simply guided to the Trinity Energy Progression website, to a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, or the Originator when they’re “ready”… as a natural course of things. If it “nudges” you… then you’re ready!

Overall, anyone who is really ready to simply change the way they exist and perceive reality, from one of “victimhood” (feeling as if some things are out of their “control”) to one of stepping into and existing in their own Divine Truth and Divine Creation.

Do I have to know other energy modalities first to learn/practice Trinity Energy Progression?

No. If you have an open mind, are willing to “let go of the boxes” of duality, and are ready, willing, and able to commit to an active spiritual journey – and growing in leaps and bounds from that commitment – then you can take the class. Most are simply guided to the Trinity Energy Progression website, to a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, or the Originator when they’re “ready”… as a natural course of things. If it “nudges” you… then you’re ready!

What if I don’t want to be a professional spiritual practitioner; can I still benefit from learning Trinity Energy Progression?

Absolutely! Besides those who are (or have become) spiritual practitioners, there are Trinity Energy Progression Practitioners who are in all kinds of professions – many who have found their heart’s passion – including attorneys, IT professionals, artists, nurses, engineers, etc.!

I’m already a practitioner (and/or instructor) in _____________ (channeling, energy healing, psychic readings, massage, acupuncture, etc.); would learning Trinity Energy Progression “hurt” or limit the abilities I’ve already been using? How can learning Trinity Energy Progression enhance my practice?

You will not be “punished” or have your abilities “taken away” by learning Trinity Energy Progression. In fact, since the practice of Trinity is the practice of remembering/existing directly in our Divine Consciousness (the full spectrum), using it enhances EVERYTHING. It also allows you how to remember how to be in full control of ALL of your tools (you can also eliminate being overwhelmed by your abilities, if you so choose), and if you so choose to continue using the tools you’ve used before, you will be able do so in a more powerful and pure way, because you will be able to do so with the remembrance of doing it from “outside of the illusion” – in the Divine Consciousness/Oneness – instead of having to access the abilities provided by tools accessed from “within the illusion,” which is how we’ve been practicing for eons.

If you’re open to shifting the way you practice, you may find your connection stronger, purer, and easier. You can easily gain access to other, complementary abilities, as well.

I would like to learn how to _____________ (connect with guides/ascended masters/archangels/star beings, be a channel, be a medium, do psychic readings, be an energy healing practitioner, etc.); can learning Trinity Energy Progression help me do that?

Yes to all of the above! Learning Trinity Energy Progression – and through that, directly accessing the pure Divine Consciousness – allows you to remember the amazing, fully Divine beings we ALL are… which also means that we ALL have ALL of those “abilities”; it’s simply a matter of remembering how to access them. Eventually, you’ll be able to “pick and choose”… or you’ll just exist and “work” directly from Divine Consciousness, with a sense of knowing.

What kind of results can I expect when I receive/use Trinity Energy Progression?

The experience is very individual to everyone. First of all, with regular practice, you’ll learn how to eventually remove expectations… which actually limit us. However, with taking the class and incorporating regular Trinity Energy Progression practice into your experience, it will change your life to allow you a more expansive, magnificent experience in all aspects!

Can I use Trinity Energy Progression on myself?

YES… in fact, that’s the PRIMARY USE of Trinity Energy Progression, and the most powerful use of it!

Are there multiple “levels” to learn (like Reiki)?

There are currently two “formal” classes for certification – a Practitioner class and a Facilitator/Instructor class. As a Practitioner, you can use Trinity Energy Progression on yourself and with others. As a Facilitator/Instructor, you can teach and certify Practitioners (to become certified as a Facilitator/Instructor, you must first fulfill the Facilitator/Instructor requirements, as outlined here). Trinity Energy Progression Facilitators/Instructors are all directly taught by the Originator.

Currently, there are also optional “add-on” or “update” workshops for Practitioners offered, to enhance and improve skills.

Are there “activations” or attunements involved in learning/using Trinity?

Since in Trinity Energy Progression we work outside of “the illusion,” directly in Divine Consciousness… anything considered an “activation” (which is something perceived in some level of the illusion) is simply accepted with your allowance.

In Practitioner class, the class is held at a level of “auto-clearing” and entrainment (with as much grace and ease as possible) for the duration of the class to dissolve, resolve, release, and clear all that does and would prevent students from directly accessing the Divine Consciousness within. There is an “anchoring in” exercise that is a type of jolt of the completion/balance of masculine, feminine, and child energies within each student to help open the pathway even wider. Whenever something new – another “level” of opening – is ready to happen, the Practitioner will automatically be able to receive them.

In comparison to the countless number of “activations” being provided everywhere, regularly right now – all awesome, amazing “flavors of ice cream” with different purposes to aid in furthering expanding the consciousness here – the Practitioner can simply set the intention to receive whatever of a certain activation they’ve come across that is highest and best for them at that point in their journey (without needing anyone else to “provide it” for them).

Does it take a long time to learn Trinity Energy Progression?

The initial Practitioner class is 2.5 very full days; however, the real learning and growth comes from practical application and “putting it in practice” after the class. Everyone has a very individual experience depending on their goals and needs, and progresses differently.

What kind of support do I have after taking class?

Since this is a completely “new” way of experiencing, healing, clearing, and perceiving, there is quite a supportive community in place (and growing)! Depending on the area, there are regular group shares, online shares/discussion forums, and open communication with the Originator and all Practitioners/Facilitators. There is an active, private Facebook Group for Trinity Practitioners, and a YouTube channel for Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner updates, as well. There are also regular group efforts on oversoul/collective consciousness, and special situations.

How old do I have to be to learn Trinity Energy Progression?

Currently, the class is offered to adults 18+ only. However, if enough interest is raised for a teen or children class (with parent approval), it could definitely be offered.

Where can I learn Trinity Energy Progression?

Scheduled upcoming classes are listed on this website, under Upcoming Classes, on this site.

I don’t see any classes listed in my geographical area, and I would like to take Trinity Energy Progression. What are my options?

You can choose to travel to a class location that appeals to you, or is nearby.

Also, if you live in an area and are connected in your local spiritual community in a way that would fill a class, you could host a class! That’s how many classes are scheduled; email the Originator to discuss.

Can I eventually instruct people to become Trinity Energy Progression Practitioners?

Yes! The requirements are posted under Facilitator/Instructor Trinity Requirements, on this site.


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Uses for Trinity Energy Progression

Can Trinity be used on animals/pets?

Yes; it’s actually a very powerful and simple way to be able to communicate and work with animals and pets, just as easily as with other people.

Can it be used on children?

Absolutely (including in the womb), as long as you have permission from the child, either at this level of consciousness or at a higher level of consciousness.

Can it be used if I’m pregnant?

Yes, very effectively with the proper intentions/set up!

What else can Trinity Energy Progression be used for?

EVERYTHING… as to practice it, you’re completely stepping outside of “the illusion” of duality/separation and working directly within Divine Consciousness…

You can use it to work with all kinds of consciousness, situations, realities, experiences… it’s limitless! Once the Practitioner gets the hang of remembering how to exist in this way, everything simply because a part of “the play”… and we remember that we’re the writer, director, producer… and actor!

A very, very quick list of possibilities beyond the basic include crystal connecting/cleansing, house cleansing, paranormal resolution, water/food cleansing and shifting of vibration, situation resolution, plants, insects, psychic development, collective and oversoul healing… the list is endless…

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