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Using Trinity Energy Progression™

This energy was introduced as an energy of “completion” – and that though not specifically a healing modality, healing is a side effect of its use and “turning it up”. The difference between Trinity Energy Progression and that of other modalities that have traditionally tapped into from the ethers is that this energy doesn’t feel like it’s “coming through” the Practitioner – it comes from within, at whatever level of “brightness” the person can handle it. The Practitioner “plugs in” and melds with the recipient to give them a boost. Important to note is that the experience of Trinity Energy Progression is different for everyone. For the Practitioner, it is even moreso for their own spiritual development, entrainment/remembrance of a very high vibration as it is for “turning up the light” in others. It also naturally opens up the Practitioner to easily “tune in to” the variety of “new energies” that are coming in. It is extremely powerful, yet extremely simple. Main uses for Trinity Energy Progression:

  • It helps with “fusion of all versions of the self”;
  • Helps to enable us to truly see the light in everyone;
  • Helps us to truly begin to understand and feel “the illusion” via Christ Consciousness;
  • Helps us to bring deeply ingrained negative energy we have buried to the surface to release quickly and efficiently – regardless of the cause (from the inside out);
  • Helps us to become a “beacon of light” to help raise the vibration of others;
  • Helps us to resolve and heal personal history;
  • …and more…

Becoming a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner The message that has come through loud and clear is to pass this forward; however, there ARE some prerequisites that are required of someone who would like to become a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner:

  • A regular practice, in some way or form, of “tapping in,” via meditation, yoga, or some other form. Much comes up to clear, quickly, in the use of Trinity Energy Progression; it’s because of this that it’s obviously most advantageous for the practitioner to be able to hear and understand the voice of Creator and the Higher Self;
  • Experience with “clearing out the muck,” for yourself and others. This can be via another energy modality(ies) (such as ThetaHealing, Reiki, Arcing Radial Light, or a number of others), or any sort of practice where the Practitioner is comfortable with processing, clearing, and releasing that which comes up to clear away. The reason for this requirement is because Trinity Energy Progression causes things to come up so quickly that at first, it might be disconcerting to the Practitioner… and though one can simply clear it all out with Trinity Energy Progression, it might take a little time before the Practitioner is comfortable doing that, since this works a lot differently than other energy modalities;
  • A regular practice of working on clearing yourself. Many energy/healing modality Practitioners work a lot on others, and leave themselves by the wayside. Trinity Energy Progression is a powerful energy that comes from within… and it WILL clear out the remaining muck, whether it’s comfortable for you or not!  The main use for using Trinity Energy Progression is for yourself; for raising your vibration, “turning up your Light”… which means cleaning out house from the inside, out.

Interested in becoming a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner? Check out “Become a Practitioner” as well as upcoming classes… Currently, there are a number of Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner classes scheduled with more being added with Originator Angela Coulter as the Facilitator and some with other Facilitators.

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