The Art of Fishing… Bike Riding… and Pedestal Playing

“Give someone a fish, and you’ll feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish, and feed them for a lifetime.” ~Proverb

When I went through my Awakening into Remembrance, I realized (and have been reminded again and again) that I had signed up to “do things differently.” Boy… is THAT an understatement!

My job, as I understand it, is to “teach one to fish”… and in general, it’s very, very different than our traditional method of teaching. After all… Trinity Energy Progression™ IS the practice of remembering how to fully access the Divine Consciousness, of which we’re all a part; the key importance of this practice is the IN-dependence – to remember that we have access to ALL of the answers INSIDE of us, and that we need not depend on anyone or anything else to provide them.

This is SUCH a huge habit to break in this existence of duality and separation; one where we’ve excelled in the practice of disempowerment and giving away our power and getting answers from others, “outside” of ourselves! It’s so ingrained in this reality that I spend a LOT of time with students stripping away the habits of getting the answers from outside… from someone else, including me.

Sounds simple, right? Have you ever let go of a deeply ingrained limiting habit that you’ve perpetuated for a long time? How about one that’s been perpetuated for eons, lifetime after lifetime, lesson after lesson?

My first steps toward this began with becoming completely trusting in my own understanding and IN-dependent myself; also, to process remembrance via the higher, connected  consciousness from a state of love vs. the lower separation-based ego in the 3D (there are many levels to the ego, well beyond the 3D). My decisions and communications come from the higher perspective and guidance, and always with the understanding of what’s highest and best in every situation. This is far, far beyond the “old” paradigm in the 3D of teaching with the motivation of needing to be loved, adored, and/or put on a pedestal by the students, to be the one “with all of the answers,” and the one to whom the students go for those answers. In contrast, pushing others to accessing the answers themselves – flexing muscles that haven’t been flexed for a lonnnnnng time – isn’t always the most “popular” thing, and the ego doesn’t always perceive this as easy. However, the more I’ve remembered that helping someone from non-egoic love, with the true intention of accessing their own Divine Truth and understanding – even if their ego wants to kick and scream about it – the easier it’s become. I stand in love for the Self and, likewise, love for all I teach (because, by the way, they all teach me in different ways, as well).

Once we were having an online conversation via the Trinity Practitioners Facebook Group, and a practitioner was angry because I wouldn’t give them the answer to something they wanted; however, they noticed that I’d “given an answer” to another one of the students that had asked a question. I’d answered that it was because this particular student had just taken class weeks previous to the conversation, and that it’s a weaning process… that’s fairly short. Another practitioner commented that it was much like a parent teaching a child to ride a bicycle, and that was a GREAT metaphor! First there’s training wheels… then the parent (/teacher) holds the back of the bike while the child practices… and before you know it, the parent (/teacher) has let go, and the child/student doesn’t even realize it as they ride away, self sufficient!

That IS actually  a lot like teaching Trinity Energy Progression, and self-reliance.

My understanding is that part of this ascension process is fully taking back our power, standing in it, in full love for the Self and in full remembrance of the Divine beings we ALL are. We can only really do that when we become IN-dependent! I’ve had friends, students, and clients get angry with me, vilify me, stop talking to me because after a certain point, I won’t give them an answer they already have, or feed into something that’s come up for them to release. Sometimes my guidance is to withdraw from interacting altogether; typically, this is because it’s time for the student to “ride the bike on their own.”

Or… to get out there and fish!

What’s SO awesome to me is when the student does, in fact, begin to fish/ride on their own… they often realize what the “weaning” process was all about. Even better is when we begin to help each other to remember equally!

The new/original paradigm isn’t that no one is “special”; it’s that we’re ALL special, and we’re ALL Divine! Once, in conversation, I was talking about the disappointment of many “putting me on a pedestal”; a friend said, “Oh, come on… admit it… you like being on the pedestal!” I laughed and said, “It’s not that I don’t like being on the pedestal… it’s that I’m waiting for everyone else to remember that they’re already on there with me!”

Ultimately, it’s far more fun to fish together… bike together… and play together!

Much love,






Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progresion

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