Authentically Me!

What does it mean to be authentic? To me, it’s to be true to myself, to allow the expression of who I am in this moment to be freely expressed with true divine resonance. When I come upon resistance within myself or a lack of rapport with others, it is due to feeling, sensing or believing that I am not being heard, seen or perceived as my true essence. When I am in accord with my true self; loving, accepting and embracing all the dimensions and aspects that make me who I am, in this moment, my purpose is being fulfilled in the easiest and most graceful way, The friction effortlessly falls away!

When resistance arises, I am usually trying to adapt my or your paradigm. I am attempting to understand, equalize, harmonize and be at peace with a vibration that feels discordant to me. I relinquish the notion that I need to try and affect or change your perception of me, of yourself, of the Universe. The natural order is shifting, and will continue to do so. I can embrace, or I can resist.  I allow this moment to be the perfection that it truly is. I fully embrace and exude what it means on all levels, dimensions through the electric multi-verse to be me in this moment. I embrace and welcome you to be you.  As I embrace my authentic self completely, it allows me to experience the truth that we are all one, that we are love.












Heather Smothers
Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner/Facilitator

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