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Remembering the Peace Within

sun reflectionsI see the earth as a living being, Mother Earth. With all of her inhabitants being passengers…and even parasites at times. Our relationship with her is symbiotic: If one suffers, we all suffer. We all know this. Science explains this in minute details! Philosophers have talked about it for ages.

If I focus on this concept and allow the true meaning to flow forward, I can see the interconnectedness of everything. Every facet of my reality has meaning and messages for me. I designed it that way!  I see each person as a reflection of the world they have created for themselves with their messages and meanings. And then as we connect each person to the next and we have a bigger picture of this reality, it has meaning and messages for those contributing to its design. So as we move farther and farther out, bringing us a bigger and bigger picture, the meaning and messages are for a bigger and bigger audience. You get the picture I’m painting here!

So if I believe the above is true, the inverse must be true too. The messages and meanings from the bigger perspective must have meaning for me too. Appearing on a grand scale or up close and personal in my day-to-day life. Struggle and strife in the world reflects struggle and strife in the individuals. This is where I find the opportunity to remember. To remember I am all of this: beauty, ugly, weak and strong. Loved and unloved. In this remembering, there is a sense of peace that I haven’t found anywhere else. A peace that means the struggle and longing are over, we are done, we have it all. We are it all and it is perfect! As we remember the peace within each of us, it begins to reflect outward into the bigger picture, the bigger picture of the wholeness. Each of us is a reflection of the wholeness. Just as each drop of water reflects the sun after a rainstorm in the picture above, we reflect the wholeness.
Sarah Avignone, Trinity Instructor

Sarah Avignone
Trinity Energy Progression Instructor

Sifting Through the Stuff

ClothesI am inspired by a fellow Practitioner, who now lives across the pond and has reduced his life to the size of a suitcase. I would like to get around to something like that! The sentiment in itself promises freedom, adventure, limitlessness… and all possibilities. Though now, I feel so anxious with all my stuff. It feels like a paperweight weighing me down, preventing me from flying and being free to be my ultimate true wonderful self. Some days I just want to give it all away… but then I think I would be silly wearing the same thing every day. Not to mention having to do laundry naked would be interesting and a little terrifying!

And just thinking about all the stuff that owns me touches upon my mental hoarding mind that collects all the thoughts and attachments of how I relate and feel about stuff. I think I could be better at being a mindful momenteer if I could rid myself of all my lack luster items.

So with all my energy turned on this subject, I came across a nifty book called The Life – Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, who shares a process about how to get rid of stuff. I have to say I am overwhelmed by the process. I thought I made it through step one where you tackle all your clothes. The idea behind step one is to gather ALL your clothes, I mean every piece from every corner, nook, basket, crevice, and cranny and place them in a pile. Then pick up each piece one by one and ask simply if it gives you joy. If the answer is no, you simply thank it for its service and put it in an appreciation stack which will later be donated to a new caregiver. The pieces which resonate joy are placed in the second pile to keep. Well… I choked to some degree. I was feeling panicky that none of my clothes gave me joy, so I created a joy scale. It was my work around to shore up and prevent a catastrophe from occurring! I was afraid that I wouldn’t own a stitch of clothing, at the rate I was going. I also discovered that most the clothes I have are to please my job. Apparently, none of my joyful clothes are not allowed at my place of work; this makes me a little sad. What to do about that, I know not the answer, yet. However, I did pack up 3 bags for the GW.  So there was SOME progress there! The process has me stalled to move onto the next step; I feel that I should do the first step over again and just let go enough to put all those non-joy giving clothes in the rightful pile. That is my next bold brave step to take… and like all fears faced, it is best to breathe easy and take one step at time.

Just talking about via this post this has lessened the anxiety… and I feel there may be a hint of excitement taking its place. This could be an adventure in itself! Thanks for giving me space to share my “stuff-lightening” journey!

Deena Jones / Facilitator

Dee Jones
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner






Completion Within the Three-Fold Flame

3-fold-flameWhen I first learned about the Three-Fold Flame, which just so happens to be so very related to the original core understandings within Trinity Energy Progression, my heart responded immediately. My knowledge of the three flames – pink, blue and gold – represent the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Creation. The pink flame holds the vibration of Love, the blue flame holds the vibration of Power and the gold flame holds the vibration of Wisdom. A perfect mix to bring anyone into a state of Unconditional Love!

March 2016, during the spring Equinox (didn’t plan that, either!), I had the privilege of teaching Trinity to another incredible group. No class is ever the same and the material I add to my teaching is always colored by the timely energies and messages of the Universe. New information ALWAYS comes through and I am always in awe the week before and during class! One of the students, a very gifted Healing Practitioner with much skill, had an experience with the Three-Fold Flame that I would like to share.

My friend completely melded with the Divine Energies during a chair session when we were practicing. She saw the Three-Fold Flame blaze through me and go into every single cell of my body! Every cell of mine was lit up, and this glorious flame glowed like an activation sending energy through my whole being… Needless to say, we both realized that this was a powerful, new concept we had both been gifted!

I have since used this Three-Fold Flame on a daily basis. I begin by igniting in my heart center the blue flame and I actually imagine that it is blazing and moving like a flame in a fire. I take in that energy and spread it through my body. I follow through with the other flames in the same manner. Once all three flames have been activated and I “see” them moving and I feel my heart center vibrating, I send it into each cell taking into account my bones, organs, skin, etc. all the way through my chakras, inward, above and below into the earth and my whole body then feels like it is pulsating with magical energy.

Now, each time I am out in nature, I see the Three-Fold Flame in everything. I have connected with nature in a new and exciting way. During healing sessions with clients, I send this flame into their cells. I have also done this in my animals and also while I work out at the gym to anyone there… The possibilities are endless! The feeling is so wholesome and pure!

I hope that you will try it yourself. Spread the love! And please let me know what you learn or understand. It only keeps getting better and stronger!

I send you my heart-filled Three-Fold Flame Love!!!















Nicole Camilleri
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Messages… and Shedding Sacrifice

dryandcrackedBeing open to receive messages can be quite entertaining. As an intuitive, I give my guides carte blanche when it comes to assisting my personal self development for my highest good. Which is a fancy way of saying I give them permission to send messages loud and clear when I am clearly not getting them on my own.

I split my “jobs” between my spiritual intuitive/artistic life and my job as a design consultant at a local family owned furniture store. I have been immersed in the family owned furniture business for 35 years. I really love what I do. I love my customers , I love helping create beautiful environments and I love the lessons I learn every day in the world around me. My guides do not usually bust in on me with personal messages while I’m at the “office”, so I knew it was important to look at when heard, “The water is safe to drink…” for the second time that day.

“The water is safe to drink”? I thought on the way home from the store. Very interesting; I’ve always had an aversion to drinking water. I know…strange. I can’t  seem to get it down my throat. I have used various methods to tricking myself into enjoying water. Beautiful water pitchers, Essential oils, herbal decaf teas and lemon water. I usually remember for a little while and then my aversion creeps in and I forgot to drink again.

After I go home to meditate and connect in, I immediately see an indigenous view of a smallish village. I am in a small group of ravaged looking native Americans huddled and trapped inside of a cave. I am male. I am passing a skin holding water around to my wife, children, and others. They are taking small sips. I tell myself that I have no need to drink: I need no water to survive. We are surrounded by enemies. They have poisoned our water source. I refuse to feel thirsty.

Wow!.I ask my higher self, “What is the purpose of me seeing this now?”

Why the timing of the message? The answer is always inward. Intuition and inner knowing comes from the same place. My message was received so that I would surely take notice. It was time.

Dehydrating myself on a regular basis is no longer an option. I sat down to reclaim this singular knowing and really absorb it. I really let this sink in. Shedding layers of sacrifice, I allow the cool water to freely flow down the back of my throat. It tastes good.

Debi Weinstein









Debi Weinstein
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

My Thoughts Create My Reality

ThoughtsRealityI’ve been reading, following and listening to all of the posts on Facebook, on TV, the radio, and to what people are saying and feeling these days… it’s like a runaway train! All this doom and gloom seems to make almost everyone jump on board and explain their less than positive lives. It seems that there is chaos everywhere!

Over the last year and a half, I’ve experienced some very intense personal spiritual growth. The process has made me look at myself, my life, my beliefs, and this 3D life as a whole. More and more I have come to realize that I’m responsible for all of it… and that my thoughts and vibrations create my world.

Where I choose to dwell in my thoughts will determine the reality I create for myself. If my thoughts are about doom and gloom and how bad life, friends, work, etc are, that is where my reality will be. My vibrations will lower to meet those thoughts, and that is exactly what I will create for myself.

The news is full of doom and gloom. The world is in chaos. Politics are in total chaos. The politicians are spewing vile energy against one another. I found that if I follow it too closely I feel my vibrations lowering. I have decided that I am going to sit the primaries out and wait until there are at least 2 final candidates from which to choose, and then see if they can at least be civil to each other and explain what they would like to do for us if they are elected. I used this as an example of what I am feeling right now and how I am setting my vibrations for my highest and best.

I have also chosen not to be on Facebook very much lately. I just don’t want to read a lot of the posts that are talking about all the sludge, grime, and negative stuff that people seem to be experiencing. I feel that if our thoughts create our reality, taking the time to put those thoughts into written words just amplifies and solidifies those thoughts, then creating our reality even quicker and more solidly based on those vibrations.

I decided to take a step back and think about what all of that negativity means and is it for me and do I want to take it all on. I quickly realized that I do not. And I can change my thoughts to more positive thoughts and actions. This choice brings my vibrations up and changes my reality to what I really want and need in my life.

Things are not yet perfect in my life but it is a work in progress. I do have bad days… but instead of dwelling on them constantly, I try to find all that I am grateful for, and there are so many things. I do not always succeed right away, but even then, I keep working on getting past it and on changing my reality.

This story happened to me in late January through early February this year and shows the process of getting from the negative to the positive:

I’ve been going through a difficult personal issue and there has been one person that I have been extremely angry with, and I have had some very dark emotions involving this person. I have bird feeders out my back door that have a lot of birds that visit and they brings me such joy and love even on my dark days. Well during this difficult time a pretty large mockingbird showed up at the feeders and started chasing all the other birds away. It would sit in a huge willow tree just over the feeders and not let any of the birds feed. They would be attacked by the mockingbird. I did everything I could to shoo the bad bird away. I even got so angry at one point that I thought if I had a BB gun I would just shoot it and make the problem go away. (I would not have actually shot the mockingbird).

Then I realized that the mockingbird was symbolic of my anger towards this person. So I asked for guidance and decided to send as much love to that person and to the mockingbird as I could possibly send and to change my thoughts from anger to love. I did this off and on for most of that day. The tension started to lessen and the vibrations began to rise. The next morning the birds were feeding and only occasionally the mockingbird would chase them away. Over time the mockingbird was not bothering the other birds. I even saw the mockingbird on a feeder with some of the other birds. I also noticed that when I would start letting myself become angry again the mockingbird would return and harass the other birds. I just turned up the love again. Now I haven’t seen the mockingbird in a very long time.

I am still dealing with the situation involving the person that I was so angry with but now I feel love. I laugh when I think about the mockingbird and wanting to shoot it. I still send it love too.

My thoughts are my reality. So I am trying to have a very conscience awareness of what I am thinking. If I am in a bad place, I now I try to start looking for what I need to change to move away from that energy.

I’m also so very grateful for my soul family! Each and every one has assisted in some way or another in my getting to where I am today.








Bonnie Butler
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner