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Oct 26

Love – Outside of Space and Time

I hear it all the time…outside of space and time. Indicating that if you can’t be present at the appointed time, you still can achieve the same results. But I have never really thought about what it means other than whenever it works for me in my timeline. But that still involves time. And I …

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Oct 19

Lost in Translation: Living Frequency (and Light Language)

Before we move into the topic at hand, and before you read on, take a deep breath… close your eyes… and allow yourself to FEEL. Do you feel that? It was only a few moments, and yet, as soon as I asked the question above, chances are your mind/ego did one of two things: It …

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Aug 15

Agelessness, Purpose, and Love

This year, I wrestled with the thought of getting older the weeks before my birthday, freaking myself out for a little bit! I ask myself now, what was that all about? I’m still here, the same person I was yesterday, but with a renewed sense of purpose.I am still experiencing life fully, I love myself, …

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Jul 31

Remembering What We Already Know

This year has been an amazing year for me. I have done so much as far as travel and friendships. I’ve been to some amazing places and spent time with some amazing people. I got to see the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights in Iceland in January. I also visited a small fishing village on …

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Jul 13

Follow Your Guidance, Wherever it Leads!

We all know the importance of following guidance…wherever, whenever, whatever the cost, because you just have a feeling you’re supposed to. I got that opportunity last month when Trinity Facilitator, Debi Weinstein invited me to join her and her husband/Trinity Practitioner, Gene Weinstein, in Arizona after their training course in Lake Havasu. With less than …

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