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May 30

Tending My Own Garden

I love gardens; always have.  To me, there’s something so fundamental to my own core being … so breath-inducing …. so beautiful …. so alive.  I always feel closer to myself, closer to inspiration, closer to All, connected to All. To me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a structured English-style garden …. Hakone Gardens which …

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May 23

Seeing the Miracles in Disappointment

Sometimes in life –  heck, a lot of times in life! – we get frustrated with the way things are going. We have it in our minds that life should be one way, and instead, life looks anything but that vision at our present moment in time. “What have I done wrong?” we wail at …

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May 15

Spirituality in Trips to the Grocery Store

One of the many ways that my Trinity Energy Progression practice has helped me change is how I experience my trips to the grocery store. I use to view these trips as another errand that I didn’t particularly enjoy. First, there would be the crowded parking lot, the initial glimpse of the extra time (I …

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May 05

Through the Eyes of Love (True Love)

Have you ever considered who in your life really loves you? Who loves and appreciates you for exactly who you are, with NO conditions and NO strings attached? Can you think of anyone? Many of us can think of a few people who at least partially fit this description, and yet not fully. Most love …

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Apr 25

The Last Time

If I had known it would be the last time I would have …. Held on longer and squeezed a little tighter Been present to the moment and let go of the fighter Looked deeply into your eyes to find the love that we had grown Taken your hand and stopped time as we have …

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