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Jan 15

How Can I Love You?

Five words that could change the way you think about how we communicate and listen to the ones we love. This past summer I had the privilege of attending a PSI (personal development) seminar. It was a wonderful experience that I was fortunate enough to attend with my spouse. There were interesting break-out exercises .that …

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Jan 08


Swirling at 10,000 feet, The golden soup of Be-ing Twirls ad infinitum, Whirling, creating, Magnetizing, energizing, Drawing out the most Optimal realities, Releasing the dross, In-joying, enlivening Each moment unfolds, Celebrating Is-ness In effervescent tones. A captivating sunset A heart-wrenching embrace, Intoxicating beauty, Hilarious displays Of life-affirming spirit Bursting through the dark, Manifesting magnificence, An …

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Dec 31

BEFORE Looking Forward: How Are You Seeing the Present?

Thank you, 2017. Though I know time is completely an illusion of measurement, there are some things it assists in giving us opportunity for perspective. As the marker we call 2017 comes to a close, BEFORE I look forward into 2018 – as many are already doing – I choose to be present in this …

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Dec 20

Setting the Tone for 2018 (and Guidance)

At the beginning of 2017, I selected a word that would set the tone for my upcoming year. It took only seconds for me to determine what my word was going to be. My word turned out to be guidance. (And no, the fact that I was guided to use the word guidance was not …

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Dec 08

Shining Your Light for Others

(Reposted with permission from Ann’s Website, You always give love to others and try to support them,  but one of the most important things you can do for others is to love yourself. When you totally accept who you are and forgive yourself for perceived wrongdoings in the past, you can truly start loving …

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