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TimeLots of people have felt this: Something happens, particularly emotional, and an hour later, it can feel like two hours ago. After becoming a Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner (Jan ’14), and then a Facilitator (July ’15), I noticed this phenomenon start to happen regularly; an hour ago could feel either like five minutes or a day ago. Lots of practitioners and facilitators I know have spoken about this and we all laugh about it. What I hear is that it’s timelines collapsing into one. I can’t say I fully grasp that, but I’ve heard it so much that I just accept it and live my life…or lives…which are all happening now…not in the past…or the future…despite that it really feels like time moves forward, I’m told it doesn’t…it’s all now…did you miss it? Here it is again…did you miss it? Here it is again…do you understand now? No? Don’t ask me…I just live here.

There is a rotating schedule for writing these blogs. I was happy with my previous ones. For the first one, a topic came to me while I was walking. Great. For this one I typed a title that I was feeling last week. It felt good, but I didn’t write anything at the time. I put it on my desktop so I’d see it and remember I had a blog to write. When I looked at that title, I felt, ‘That was last week. I’m not feeling that now.’ The thing is, I’m sitting here writing this all at once and by the end it may feel like…meh.

It can be difficult if every five minutes you are someone new! This is a good thing; you are constantly changing and shedding yourself. That’s a great example of being in the flow, which is one of the best lessons shown to me by Trinity. But it can be a pebble in your shoe when your trying to find a name for your Website or business and you keep changing every five minutes.

While this can be frustrating (if you are someone who allows that type of thing), what it’s really showing is how awesome life is and, especially, how much we have grown. If we don’t react to and accept when things like this happen, that is a sure sign you are doing very well, Young Padawan! You are the proverbial duck allowing water to roll off of its back. It is constant checking of yourself; ‘You did well in this moment…now how about this one?’ Constant, it never ends, just like you. You never end, so why would this? It’s constant inward awareness, which is what all of this is really about. And yet, that awareness from five minutes ago can seem like an hour ago, which can seem like a week ago to infinity…plus one.

I see this particular blog as more fun than a topic that I am bothered by at this moment (or this one). This doesn’t really bother me a lot. The reason for writing it at this point did come from someone saying about how limiting the word healing is to them now because it implies the past and we have moved past that. I didn’t have any doubt about my Website name (TSHealing) one second before that sentence. But when it was said, I could feel it. That made me want to look for a new name. But when I really check in if this is something I want to change, at this moment, the answer is yes, but it’s not too pressing although I am now getting myself out there more than I ever have so this is something I want to change. It’s just that when I chose the name, it was over a year ago. I’m not that person anymore. But if I chose a name now, I won’t be that person anymore either probably by the time I finish typing this sentence…now…period.

What I can remind myself is the Website is not for me, it’s for everyone else. And while I do want it to feel reflective of who I am, who I am doesn’t sit still long enough for GoDaddy to take the money out of my checking account when I buy a new domain name that I no longer feel represents me. What does that bring us to? No words. We are heading towards not using words anymore because we can feel the limitations of them. It doesn’t make them a bad thing, it just…how do I put this… … …

So here we are in what feels like the end of this blog. It started taking about how time no longer feels like what it used to and now is about words no longer being enough to relay the energy we now feel and are. I will say that I do not feel ‘meh’ here at the end of it. I actually feel very good because I didn’t know where this river was going when I started! I just allowed it to flow. While I can feel that I’ve let something go, I can also feel closer to something even five minutes later. This blog is both. I feel closer to my own divinity by just jumping in and allowing it to take me wherever it will.

However, one thing you will never hear said is, ‘That love is so five minutes ago’…











David Parent
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

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