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AcceptanceAre you asking, “What’s next?” “What can I do now?” and you’re READY to take a HUGE LEAP in the acceleration of your spiritual development, and redesign your life to YOUR specs, with power, grace, and ease (and FUN)?

The remembrance of Trinity Energy Progression™ has been gifted back to the Earth to help us open the pathways within to directly access the Divine Consciousness. Is it a practice? A tool? An energetic healing modality? Is it different than all the rest? Yes, yes, yes…. and YES!

If you’re looking for something DIFFERENT and POWERFUL, this might be for you! Practitioners range from VERY seasoned intuitives/spiritual practitioners who incorporate it into their practice with clients, to those who are wanting to “do the work” in a powerful way to use it only for their own personal spiritual development. Everyone who has taken it and used it has had amazing results!

Trinity Energy Progression can help you to

  • Release “all of the boxes” and change your ENTIRE experience to full empowerment, healing, creation, enlightenment, and *MAGIC*;
  • Look directly in the mirror to enable healing of all core underlying issues that cause physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages and limitations (thus eventually eliminating the need for you to manifest such issues in the physical world);
  • Allow, accept, and easily access the FULL spectrum of the energy of Divine Consciousness (this encompasses ALL OTHER Divine “frequencies” as are known and unknown, including energetic modality frequencies, rays, angelic/archangelic, ascended masters, “Fifth Dimension” – and above, all “light activations”/”light codes”… and everything that assists in whatever way on one’s journey, if one so chooses to access it in a particular way), with limitless direct access as the Higher Self knows is Highest and Best;
  • Heal/meld with your Twin Flame (if you have one), whether or not they are known in the physical (or even incarnate in the physical);
  • Exponentially increase your “Divine abilities” in the Highest/Best way on your expanded journey (psychic/intuition; “seeing”; “knowing”);
  • Much more!

As we become entrained to open our pathways and access the FULL Divine Consciousness, as we do the work, it greatly accelerates our spiritual development/remembrance, and many, many more partitions begin to melt away. The more they melt away, the more the pathways open up; the more the pathways open up, the more remembrance of access to the Divine Consciousness leapfrogs our growth in consciousness… etc.!

There are a range of Practitioner testimonials from those who are trained in other healing modalities to those who primarily are using Trinity Energy Progression for their own personal use.

Each class includes:

  • Entrainment to the pathways to the Divine Consciousness
  • Origins and understanding of Trinity Energy Progression
  • Table protocol
  • Chair protocol
  • Distance protocol
  • Ample practice time in class
  • Ethics and practice discussion
  • Certificate of Completion

Check for upcoming classes.

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