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Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Class – Apex, NC



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Nov 4,2016 - Nov 6,2016    Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Friday, 4 November 2016  1-6pm Saturday, 5 November 2016  9:30am-4:30pm Sunday, 6 November 2016  9:30am-4:00pm Are you ready to SOAR into the next leap in consciousness in the most powerful way….with grace, ease, and effortless flow? Are you ready to live in true, limitless MAGIC? Trinity Energy Progression™ is a rapidly emerging national energy modality and practice that is here to help you "take it to the next level," helping to:

  • truly accelerate the progression of our individual and collective journeys in all ways – physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and spiritual – and to remember and accept ascension/enlightenment;
  • shift from a fear-based existence to full self-empowerment and trust;
  • shift from outside dependency, projection, and a history-/“healing”-based focus to IN-dependence, presence and conscious creation at the highest levels, from the Oneness (and why that’s important right now more than ever);
  • create reality DIFFERENTLY - regardless of what others tell you (what you "can" and "can't do) - in the highest and best way for YOU, and with the most grace and ease for YOUR journey;
  • constantly evolve one’s practice as he/she continually evolves.
This practice and energy modality is for BOTH those who are wanting to use it for their own spiritual development AND for seasoned intuitives/spiritual practitioners who want to truly amplify their practice. This full weekend practitioner class provides students with many, many openings that have previously prevented individuals from consciously and fully accessing Divine Consciousness free of boundaries and limitations. Learn how to live and create your reality completely differently, for yourself, for others, and for everything! Learn how to enhance your other practices (and/or leap into the “next phase” of your Divine access), work with others – family, friends, clients – in a variety of situations (in a chair, table, remotely, and in pretty much any situation) to help THEM access the Divine Consciousness to create the reality they desire, as well. At the conclusion of class, one is a certified Practitioner, is listed on the Trinity Website, and is included in the Practitioner community (a private Facebook group) that provides support and camaraderie as well as individual and group continual growth and expansion, as well as shares. (Note: Anyone who is guided and manifests the resources can take the class – whether a “newbie” or advanced spiritual practitioner – may do so. Though it is advantageous to take the Self-Development via Divine Consciousness class for self-focus and growth, it is not a prerequisite for this class; however, those who have taken the Self-Development class and then later take the Practitioner class will get a discount for the Practitioner class when they register.) Instructor: Angela Coulter, Trinity Energy Progression Originator Personal Investment: $435 (Payment plans available)



4613 Aviary Circle
Apex, NC 27539

Registration is closed for this event.
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