Completion Within the Three-Fold Flame

3-fold-flameWhen I first learned about the Three-Fold Flame, which just so happens to be so very related to the original core understandings within Trinity Energy Progression, my heart responded immediately. My knowledge of the three flames – pink, blue and gold – represent the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Creation. The pink flame holds the vibration of Love, the blue flame holds the vibration of Power and the gold flame holds the vibration of Wisdom. A perfect mix to bring anyone into a state of Unconditional Love!

March 2016, during the spring Equinox (didn’t plan that, either!), I had the privilege of teaching Trinity to another incredible group. No class is ever the same and the material I add to my teaching is always colored by the timely energies and messages of the Universe. New information ALWAYS comes through and I am always in awe the week before and during class! One of the students, a very gifted Healing Practitioner with much skill, had an experience with the Three-Fold Flame that I would like to share.

My friend completely melded with the Divine Energies during a chair session when we were practicing. She saw the Three-Fold Flame blaze through me and go into every single cell of my body! Every cell of mine was lit up, and this glorious flame glowed like an activation sending energy through my whole being… Needless to say, we both realized that this was a powerful, new concept we had both been gifted!

I have since used this Three-Fold Flame on a daily basis. I begin by igniting in my heart center the blue flame and I actually imagine that it is blazing and moving like a flame in a fire. I take in that energy and spread it through my body. I follow through with the other flames in the same manner. Once all three flames have been activated and I “see” them moving and I feel my heart center vibrating, I send it into each cell taking into account my bones, organs, skin, etc. all the way through my chakras, inward, above and below into the earth and my whole body then feels like it is pulsating with magical energy.

Now, each time I am out in nature, I see the Three-Fold Flame in everything. I have connected with nature in a new and exciting way. During healing sessions with clients, I send this flame into their cells. I have also done this in my animals and also while I work out at the gym to anyone there… The possibilities are endless! The feeling is so wholesome and pure!

I hope that you will try it yourself. Spread the love! And please let me know what you learn or understand. It only keeps getting better and stronger!

I send you my heart-filled Three-Fold Flame Love!!!















Nicole Camilleri
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

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