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deeconnectthedotsMy brain feels heavy and it has been arduous in processing ideas. I cannot say what is causing this resistance in writing! In response, I sat down with pen and paper the other day in the middle of the floor nestled between my two dog friends. That action spurred on some idea brain mapping and thought bullet pointing and arrow drawing on a page that connected ideas. I warn you, this  may be a rough wild ride as the synaptic connections fired away and tagged a chain of ideas which connect to create an interesting path which leads to….well let’s just say; we will see where to we find ourselves!

I recently attended a Mind, body, Spirit Expo in Raleigh for a few hours. There are usually a few of these throughout the year to bebop into and engage and play with all sorts of perspectives of how to think, feel, be, experience, and do what perhaps may lead us on our path of finding our true and authentic self. I found myself in one of the rooms where learning sessions are available. These are usually one-hour talks given by a vendor who holds a space on the expo floor. I missed some of the talk, but a piece stuck out as interesting to me. The speaker was coming from the perspective of ayurvedic health. The notion that if our body vehicle is processing something causing imbalance, the internal organs are most important and will take all the energy, nutrients and anything possible to achieve a state of balance. The skin organ, however, is on its own. It is seen as insignificant when this process of re-balance is occurring. Our hair, nails and skin will suffer terribly in such an event. This is an interesting concept, as the idea of vanity popped into my head, and opened up to become something more positive than my feelings were for the concept I held moments before as being something along the shallow vein. Wow, a new perspective of being concerned with the quality of my hair, skin and nails became something of interest! Vanity became a quality of protection or a first alert of a potential crisis. If the skin is the first sign of a potential body imbalance, we get a visual signal outwardly on the surface that we can see and observe.  Our vanity kicks in and says this does not look good.  But rather going down the ego rooted path of what it means not to look good, instead it turns to going down the path of hey, something is going on within me which needs resolution. If not this sign, how far down the path would we go not knowing that something internally was running rampant within and potentially causing all kinds of havoc?

Ok, so the signal has been sent, the skin has erupted, we notice the alert, our vanity responds and now we are in protection mode. If not this signal we may not know how to respond to maintaining this vehicle, this vessel we have chosen to incorporate as part of our being of being here. This realization wowed me again. The brain zapped and fired and the question emerged, so where is “here”? And what is “here”? Basically, I asked, “What the heck am I doing here and what is the meaning of it all?”

Interesting enough, I have been in a group that meets once a week to discuss and talk and experience ideas and concepts of being. We just started looking into the work of Byron Katie. Based on a short introduction of her work, she has a method of short self -inquiry where we ask ourselves a series of questions when we experience something that rubs us. It’s all in effort to get the bottom of what irks us. One of the questions she encourages us to ask is, is this real? Followed by the question, how can we be sure that it is real? With these two questions, my mind is being kneaded like dough, and it twists and comes into contact with a conclusion that says, none of this is real.  This thinking says, hmm, interesting, if all that we see or experience is a collection of perspectives, how can any of this be real? If my perspective is one thing and if yours is yet another, then how can we be sure if either one of us is dabbling with the truth….maybe a variation of truth, but not reality or truth itself? I step way back and a notion surfaces. This notion says that this 3D experience cannot be real at all and is only an illusion. Another question surfaces, and asks where and what of here is real?

And more questions, such as so why are we held here in 3D illusion? Why are we influenced by unreality?  And, what is the purpose?

I have been influenced by the teachings of Abraham. On my car ride commute to work each day, I’ve been listening to YouTube play lists of Abraham’s topics of discussion. Many talks on the discussion of the purpose of being here have resonated with my consciousness. One has touched upon the idea of being here in 3D purpose is to play with it and create with it. I have been for many years a thinker; lately, all this thinking has brought these thoughts to discovering feeling.  Abraham reminds us that how we feel is the ingredient or fuel to what we create. Ultimately, we must choose how we want to feel. Now that I am dizzy with this windy and windy path of figuring it out, I ask myself so what, what is next?

Four points emerge and after being distilled, there, essence is as follows.

  1. Choose how we want to feel.
  2. Focus attention on the people, things, ideas, thought, emotions, feelings, and experiences which affirm that feeling we want to feel.
  3. From that outcome, an editing and redefining process occurs and all that does not support what we want to feel or do or be falls away.
  4. Continue to embrace all that is an expression of what we want to feel.

I go through in my mind for what it is I want to feel and loop back to the question, what is real? There seems to be only one feeling that stands out. David Parent in his blog about “This is SO Five Minutes Ago!” arrived to a similar conclusion that love is the persistent, everlasting, never changing, authentic and real emotion that is. Thankfully, there is one buoy in this 3D landscape that exists for us to hold onto as a place where truth resides.

Now, we possibly find ourselves at this point, a place where many have directed us. One way-giver, is The Beatles who sang it for the world.  In one line, they remind us that “love is all we need,”

It has been a wild ride as is life, but to sum it up, love to all of you! (the real thing!)


Deena Jones / Facilitator

Dee Jones
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

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