Trinity Practitioner Update/Retreat (Dallas, TX 07/14/18)

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About this event:

Created by Angela Coulter

Spring Hill Retreat Center, 3991 E Renner Rd, Richardson, TX 75082
USD 100.00

Come one, come all!

Join Angela Coulter, Trinity Energy Progression Originator for this chock full, 1-day retreat of concentrated, expansive opening and increased remembrance in Richardson, TX, developed and being held SPECIFICALLY for existing Trinity Energy Progression practitioners!

There will be much a-buzz (literally LOL)… including:

– being a part of a focused, all-day, high vibration vortex and sessions as guided to help support the full acceptance, resolution, and completion of our shadow side into Wholeness, as well as opening, acceptance, trust, allowance, and alignment of ourselves in all ways to step 100% into our Divine Power and what ultimately we came here to do, individually and collectively (and whatever’s to be done so we get out of our own way);

– discussing recent shifts and new remembrance on where we are, what’s going on (why such urgency?), and what’s for us to do… in a new way;

– discussing, experiencing, and incorporating updates to the Trinity practice into your existing (Trinity) practice (self and others),

– “re-anchoring” and expanding your access of the Divine Consciousness within;

– asking any questions you have about your experiences and practice;

– playing across the fields of multi-dimensionality and discussing the conscious expansion into holographic communication;

– spending the day in Oneness with like-hearted soul tribe in love, joy, support, and FUN!

We will be having this event in the beautiful, open grounds of Springhill Retreat Center, so we can have plenty of room (the Conference Center holds 60) and focused time together in discussion and immersion interlaced with immediate access to nature, for alignment and integration time.

Hope you put aside the day and join us… it’s going to be a powerful experience! Note that WHENEVER a group of us join together in Oneness with a consolidated intention, MAGIC abounds in all ways!!!

Personal Investment: $100

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