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About this event:

Created by Angela Coulter

7/19, 7/23, 7/30, 8/6 - Online; 8/18-8/19 Raleigh, NC
USD 880.00

Are you ready to

  • GO BEYOND in all aspects of your existence (including advanced healing and doing the “impossible”)?
  • find out how TANGIBLE empowerment, consciousness, fulfillment, and love can be in your existence?
  • “upgrade your entire operating system” to exist in conscious creation and realization?

Becoming a Trinity Energy Practitioner provides a plethora of benefits along with your quantum leap in consciousness:

  • Greatly enhanced meditation practice, meaning much easier to connect within and help minimize distracting thoughts while also consciously creating your existence;
  • Accelerated self-development tool that helps one open the way to their enlightened spiritual journey;
  • Easy-to-use yet infinitely powerful “next level” energy healing modality (beyond where most others go) to use on self and all others, either in person or remotely;
  • Accessing guidance, higher consciousness, and increasing spiritual awareness to become completely “IN-dependent” in realizing we ALL have ALL the answers within;
  • A full life practice – incorporation of thought, word, and deed with practical and vibrational application – in support of one remembering and realizing the infinite, powerful, and divine being we all are;
  • Helps one to access intuition and enhance spiritual gifts;
  • Provides a loving and supportive community to get help, “speak the same language,” and practice with, while also having continuous updates and expansions available to support the individual’s growth;
  • Enables one to do advanced energy healing/psychic work with family, friends, clients, the collective, the world, and beyond;
  • Enables one to easily access ALL frequencies, vibrations (including those used in various modality “attunements” and “activations”);
  • Provides an easy and powerful format and structure for a variety of activities, including (but not limited to) house/space clearings, mediumship, channelling, pet/animal psychic communication and healing work, past life regression, resolution of physical and physiological injury and illness, and much more;
  • Helps one resolve and complete emotional and other energetic blocks to unlock the ability to realize manifestations and intentions… change your life to be exactly what allows you to live your bliss! Prosperity, relationships, living situations, physical well-being; 
  • Helps one to align with the truth of who they are and why they’re here;

This is a five-week class; the first four weeks are online, two hours each week, and the last week is two full days, in person. At the completion of class, students will receive a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner certificate, be qualified to utilize this practice on the self and with others, be added to a private Facebook community that provides continuous support, and listed on the Website as a practitioner with contact information (and Website, if applicable).

One must attend ALL classes to complete course and become a certified practitioner.


  • Thursday, 7/19 7:30-9:30pm ET (Online)
  • Monday, 7/23 7:30-9:30pm ET (Online)
  • Monday, 7/30 7:30-9:30pm ET (Online)
  • Monday, 8/6 7:30-9:30pm ET (Online)
  • Saturday, 8/18 9:30am-5:30pm, Raleigh, NC (In Person)
  • Sunday, 8/19 9:30am-5:30pm, Raleigh, NC (In Person)

LInks to online class and address will be provided upon registration/payment.

See the Testimonials page for personal experiences from practitioners and clients.

Payment plans available; contact, +919 605 0580 with request.

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