Trinity Practitioner and/or Facilitator Consciousness Deepening and Immersion Retreat (Mt. Shasta, CA 09/18)

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About this event:

Created by Angela Coulter

Mt. Shasta, CA
USD 1,111.00

Are you ready to do some concentrated, deep immersion work in a physical space that exists in the vibration of having little to no veils between dimensions, levels of consciousness, and versions of ourselves making it incredibly easy to focus on breaking through and going beyond what’s left of any blockages to embody WHAT’S NEXT as your Realized, 100% Divine Self… in a place where enjoying the overwhelming beauty and the voice of nature nourishes and supports you in every way?

Are you ready to look at yourself directly on in the mirror, to the deepest, darkest parts of you, to accept and love… while having fun in the process?

Come to this Consciousness Deepening and Immersion retreat in the magical vortex of Mt. Shasta, CA… in a space held just for Trinity Practitioners and Facilitators!

We’ll spend time looking deeply within, free of veils and disillusionments, in the space of the unconditional love of and as Divine Consciousness, with plenty of activities to support allowing the flowing through and resolution of all that holds us back… taking us to exponentially higher levels of consciousness, perception, creation, and magic!

There’s ALWAYS “higher level” purpose to us sharing such incredible space together… and we set the intention to really put a focused push on clearing the way ahead, individually and collectively.

FREE yourself from the distractions of day-to-day life and NOURISH yourself in Mt. Shasta, a place where “welcome home” takes on a completely different meaning. There will be outings with enchanting crystal bowls, Dr. Emoto-approved mineral springs, and hiking and outdoor activities to a variety of different “energy spots” as guided (including the sacred Panther Meadows). Take your Trinity practice – and your remembrance – to exponentially increased levels; NOTE that this experience is a precursor (and prerequisite) to becoming an instructor (if you aren’t already)! Ask your guidance if “it’s time to go” (or time to go again!) and join us for this incredible journey!

Personal invesment: $1111

Price includes guided retreat time by Angela Coulter, Trinity Originator, housing, in-town transportation, and listed events (including the crystal bowl night and mineral springs).
Not included: airfare to/from Medford, OR and food. 

To join, pay the full amount by clicking on the above YES button to attend (at the very top of the page), OR send a non-refundable deposit of $300 to by June 30th via PayPal to Call Angela at +919 605 0580 to discuss further and/or make specific payment arrangements.

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