Allowing Ourselves to Feel… and to Love

LettingLoveInLove is my favorite topic! Love is the utmost balance. We can accomplish anything when we are in this state of being.

Over the past year, most of my clients have been suffering from some type of fear, isolation and/or anger issues, obviously preventing them from feeling the blissful state of love. Through much reflection, I have come to understand that it is time for people to “feel” again. We have spent so much of our lives blocking out our feelings and emotions. I see all that is happening in this world right now, which is allowing so much fear, isolation and/or anger to arise, as a tool to allow us to process these old pent-up emotions and non-expressed feelings. It is easy to see where people have suffered the most depending on what topic enrages them the most…

It may be difficult to see how we could possibly feel love when all of this pain arises in our consciousness. So my advice to everyone who comes to me with these issues at this time is this: FEEL each emotion. ALLOW yourselves to be angry and sad. Take the time to cry, scream, weep, protest or whatever it takes to get it out of your system and take the time you need to do that. Then: CHOOSE to be done with it all; TRANSCEND what is going on and NEUTRALIZE your emotions; TRUST in the process of life.

Giving yourself this allowance is the perfect step in honoring YOU and your feelings. We can choose love but in order to get there, we must allow ourselves to feel in order to neutralize and transcend. We cannot talk the talk if we don’t walk the walk. I have experienced this first hand and I understand the difficulty!

I know there are many spiritual practitioners and well-seasoned instructors who have gone through this and are still working through a lot of deep emotional issues. We cannot get to that state of love without going through the trenches of emotions. The light shows us the darkness. I have found that I get through it easier if I talk with someone and have a session. I encourage everyone to do the same. We can sometimes get through certain issues on our own, but we are in a new paradigm of working together now. I am truly grateful to all who listen to me and help me see what I am so blind to!

There may not be many in your close entourage who understand you, especially when you first begin your awakened path. There are many healing practitioners and facilitators who can help you just by listening to you and allowing you to unload your heavy heart while holding a space of unconditional love. This is “processing” and it is the biggest gift of love you can give to yourself! You will open up and it will help you realize that everyone is going through similar forms of processing now or will be in the near future, no matter WHO they are! You will become more open to others and be non-affected and feel peace within which will allow you to be in a state of love for everyone and everything no matter what.

I also love using light and color, especially when I feel imbalanced in the love department. My experience has been that pink is the best frequency color to help me heal and feel joy. Try it! Breathe it into your heart and spread it through your body and out beyond what you believe your aura is. This way, you affect everything with love! Blanket yourself in pink and allow yourselves to feel!














Lovingly yours,
Nicole Camilleri
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

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