I Am

IAm2I am the Wholeness
The All, the One.

I am the Goddess
And God within.

I am Sophia,
Lilith, Magdalene.

I am eternal
And always have been.

I am Isis,
Pélé, Kali.

I am that am
And ever will be.

I am Jesus,
Buddha, Brahman.

I am the light,
The dark and between.

I am life,
Love, energy.

I am!











Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

8 Comments to I Am

  1. Gloria Chedraue says:

    Thank you Mary, beautifully said.

  2. Billy Lucious says:

    Thank you

  3. Billy Lucious says:


  4. Beautiful poem and image, Mary! You are a bright light…thanks for helping me in my spiritual journey. It’s been quite an interesting ride since we first met, and I have no doubt we’ve been brought together to help one another embrace the wholeness, the oneness that exists within each of us. Thank you for helping me acknowledge the darkness that is both within me and all around me and happily stamp it out, so that I can move on and freely follow this inner wisdom that’s guiding me Home.

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