The ASCENDED WORLD: 2015 New Year’s Online Spiritual/Metaphysical Kickoff!

If you missed this incredible event hosted by Trinity Energy Progression™, here are the links to each session below, along with the speakers and topics we covered.   It was a morning of GREAT energy and GREAT information … Plus, since the clearing at the end is offered outside of time and space, you will receive what is in your highest and best, no matter when you listen.

Give yourself a boost… listen in now:

Angela Coulter
Trinity Energy Progression Originator

Intro, what’s coming up, what’s new in 2015

Debi Weinstein
(starts at 27:24) Divine role perception shifts, Trinity angel readings

Sarah Avignone and Tammy Taylor
Sarah: Practitioner/Facilitator
Tammy: Practitioner/Facilitator
(starts at 58:39) The full integration of spiritual being; living inside AND outside of 3D all the time, new world child-rearing

Sandy Vaught Anthony with guest speaker Micheal A Callahan
Sandy: Practitioner/Facilitator
(starts at 1:54:37) Advanced spiritual living with freedom, flow AND fun (and the energy of the Fairy avatar)

Laurel Ley with Christina Corbisello
Laurel: Practitioner
(starts at 2:29:08) Awakening and awareness of animals/pets and different perspectives on helping them
Contact Christina

Sevi Miller (Costaras)

(starts at 2:58:08) Living the child within, Awakening/awareness of children

Julie Addario
(starts at 3:30:31) Working with dreams and 3D messages, Creating multi-dimensional awareness/living

Mary Hogan
(starts at 3:30:31) The uniqueness of everyone’s ascension path and what that means

Angela Coulter with Mary Hogan
(starts at 4:13:46) Twin flames/twin souls, oversouls, and the Collective: what they are, oversoul/collective/individual group, healing/clearing on the air.

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