The Ascended World: 2015 Spring Equinox (free) Web Summit!

Trinity Energy Progression, LLC  hosted The Ascended World’s Spring Equinox Web Summit (VIEW BELOW), the second event of its kind in 2015. The event was held on Saturday, March 21, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

Whether you had the opportunity to watch live or are watching the recording (BELOW), this dynamic online web summit invites everyone to “walk the spiritual walk” and LIVE from a different perspective, in a different, connection- and love-based way.

The six-hour event features a variety of advanced spiritual practitioners speaking about what’s going on energetically/metaphysically, how to consider things from an expansive perspective that is often different from “standard beliefs,” –  included are all kinds of different clearings, practical exercises, downloads, readings, and activations along the way!

In addition to offering their insights on various topics, each Trinity Energy Progression speaker offered a free session to one registrant, for a total of ELEVEN gifted sessions; the randomly-picked winner of each gifted session is listed by speaker in red below; with contact information for the Practitioner or Facilitator immediately below.  Topics and speakers included the following, and starts with Originator Angela Coulter, Originator of Trinity Energy Progression:

The Evolved Role of the “Teacher” and “Student”
Speaker: Angela Coulter
Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator

Advanced Spirituality with Fun and Joy (starts at 32:25) 
Speakers: Debi Weinstein with special guest Debbie O’Reilly
Debi: Practitioner/Facilitator; guest Debbie: Practitioner
WINNER of the gifted session with Debi: N. Joy, Dallas, TX
email Debi; or call her at +973 919 002

Integrating Spirit as a Way of Life (starts at 53:38)
Speaker: Sarah Avignone
WINNER of the gifted session with Sarah: L. Pyeatt, Rowlett, TX
email Sarah

Releasing the Inner Victim (starts at 1:27:27)
Speaker: Marie Georgopulos
WINNER of the gifted session with Marie: D. Miled; Fort Worth, TX
email Marie; or call Marie at +214 773 3128

Changing the Relationship Dynamic with Higher Consciousness (starts at 2:00:57)
Speaker: Tammy Taylor
WINNER of the gifted session with Tammy: M. Kern; Denton, TX
email Tammy

Sexuality and Spirituality – the Higher Perspective (starts at 2:31:25)
Speaker: Sandy Anthony
WINNER of the gifted session with Sandy: J. Shenkir; Fort Worth, TX
email Sandy
; or call her at +972 658 9068

Living in Higher Consciousness WITHOUT Drama (starts at 3:03:33)
Speaker: Laurel Ley
WINNER of the gifted session with Laurel: T. Cheek; Allen, TX
email Laurel; or call her at +650 276 0735

Star Beings (formerly known as “Aliens”) (starts at 3:35:48)
Speaker: Julie Addario
WINNER of the gifted session with Julie: C. Atkin; Vancouver, WA
email Julie; or call her at +416 301 5595

Releasing Categories and Limitations (starts at 4:05:01)
Speaker: Mary Hogan
WINNER of the gifted session with Mary: S. McCullagh; Weaverville, NC
email Mary; or call her at +919 247 6495

Releasing Judgment, Letting Go of the Ego – Remembering How to See Everything Through the Eyes of Unconditional Love (starts at 4:26:29 )
Speaker: Kevin Brown
WINNER of the gifted session with Kevin: John Manders; Heemstede, Netherlands
email Kevin

Singularity in Creation: A Shift from Releasing to Creating (starts at 4:57:34)
Speaker: Angela Coulter
Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator
WINNER of the gifted session with Angela: A. Champagne; Cary, NC
email Angela; or call her at +919 605 0580

David Parent and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing (starts at 5:32:41 )
Speaker: David Parent
WINNER of the gifted session with David: E. T.; Pinehurst, NC
email David; or call him at +919 307 7370

Hungering for some more inspiration?  Check out the recording of The Ascended World’s 2015 New Year’s Day Kickoff Event!


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