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WATCH/LISTEN to The Ascended World’s 2015 Summer Solstice Web Summit, the third event of its kind in 2015, was held on Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th.

Whether you had the opportunity to watch live or are watching the recording (Friday night and Saturday: links for each speaker posted below), this dynamic Web Summit invites everyone to “walk the spiritual walk” and LIVE from a different perspective, in a different, connection- and love-based way.  A range of topics support us in remembrance of who we each really are:

The Summer Solstice, a time of the longest day of the year representing the opening of the light, is the perfect time to host an event which supports us all in integrating our Higher Consciousness into our everyday lives… and into EVERYTHING we do.

As said by Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator Angela Coulter, “There’s so much information out there using these evasive, elusive words, and telling people to ‘do this,’ and ‘do that,’ and ‘what you need to get’ to ‘become enlightened’; however, the answers we seek are already within. It’s a matter of breaking the habit and remembering that we each have all of the answers, and we know the Truth. Once we do that… it’s a matter of creating a new reality of ultimate self-empowerment, connectedness, and equality. It’s not that no one is special; it’s that we’re ALL special, all Divine, and we can ALL do ALL of it – the difference is how we play it out in our very specific, perfect, Divine role as part of this amazing symphony!”

The event spanning two days featured a variety of advanced spiritual practitioners speaking about what’s going on energetically/metaphysically, how to consider things from an expansive perspective that is often different from “standard beliefs,” and ……. it includes all kinds of different clearings, practical exercises, downloads, readings, and activations along the way!  Plus, as clearings and activations work outside of time and space, if listeners can’t make the event, they can benefit later on when they listen to the recording.

If you registered to participate in the event, you were automatically entered into a drawing to win one of multiple free Trinity Energy Progression sessions gifted by various Trinity Practitioners and Facilitators!  The winners are listed below (coming on Sunday) and will receive an email.

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Topics and speakers include the following starting with Angela Coulter, Originator of Trinity Energy Progression:

FRIDAY, June 19, 2015 (at this link


Is It All Real?
Speaker: Angela Coulter, Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator
(starts at 1:00:57)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

Through so much change and transformation, many are experiencing the “unexplainable.” Often, as we begin to “remember” more, the first thing the mind/ego starts to ask is, “Is this REALLY REAL? How can that be?” Here we’ll be talking about taking focus off of the “shinies,” and instead considering ALL of the possibilities (including the topics covered throughout this event) to help us on our journey.

Sarah AvignonePainting the Physical Palette of Your Spirit
Speaker: Sarah Avignone, Facilitator
(starts at 1:30:51)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

Bring all your senses to the conversation! Join Sarah and explore the limitlessness of painting the physical palette of your Spirit. How do you envision your essence? Is that what you see in the mirror? Let’s talk about bringing those two images into alignment!

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 Debi WeinsteinLey Lines and Dragon Lines
Speakers: Debi Weinstein, Facilitator with special guests Facilitator Mary Hogan, Facilitator  and Practitioner Debbie O’Rly, Practitioner
(starts at 1:54:55)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

The earth is speaking to you. Are you listening? A look at what ley lines and dragon lines are, and the connection between those and our human meridian points and our individual journeys.

DavidParent Walk-ins and Walk-alongs
Speakers: David Parent, Practitioner with Angela Coulter, Originator and Facilitator
(starts 2:27:44)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

I didn’t even know what a walk-along was and then I found out I had one. A week later, it became a walk-in. Join me, along with Angela,  as we talk about my experience of the revolving door in the soul department and how this all translates into the bigger picture.

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SATURDAY, June 20, 2015 (at this link)

JulieAddarioShifting Frequencies and ‘Going Ghost’
Speaker: Julie Addario, Practitioner
(starts at 0:00)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

Your frequency creates your reality and by understanding how shifting frequencies can alter your life experience, you can access a tool I like to call, ‘Going Ghost’. When expanding your perception of the current moment broad enough, you begin to walk the earth in new form.

AnnMcKenzieMessage and Dream Interpretation
Speaker: Ann McKenzie, Practitioner
(starts at 29:16)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

Ever wonder about the significance of your dreams? What about the reoccurring numbers or things you see in nature? Are they trying to help you connect with your “inner spirit”? Come learn how to interpret your messages and dreams and how to use them as an aid to greater spiritual awareness.

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Sandy Anthony The Sky’s the Limit in Creating Your Ultimate Career
Speaker: Sandy Anthony, Facilitator
(starts at 55:43)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

Have you been getting a nudge to explore a brand new career path?  Is your current position no longer fulfilling or bringing you the happiness and joy that you are looking for?  Are you trying to find your way back to your true calling, while embracing freedom and honoring your ultimate purpose?   Join me for an enlightening talk on giving birth to the career of your dreams, and learning how to tap into creative life force energy to formulate your future….all while stepping fully into your expressed power, with optimal freedom, joy, and bliss.


We strive to balance ourselves in order to achieve clearer and more meaningful communication with the divine. Yet many are uncomfortable with listening to the feminine and the masculine sides of every message. When we are fully integrated and whole we can easily hear and understand both sides. We are all feminine and masculine, learning to balance between the two allows us to understand deeper, balance ourselves as well as receive the remembrance of this in an amazing new way!

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LaurelLeyTNPresence and the Beauty of the Now
Speaker: Laurel Ley, Practitioner
(starts at 2:19:37)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

Come join Laurel as she shares her path and tips to living life fully present, fully conscious, and engaging the “beauty of the now” … and the next now … and the next …. While we still plan for the future, by living life present and conscious and in the NOW, we have the opportunity to more fully enjoy life, regardless of the specific circumstances.

Freeing Our Inner Child from Limitations
Speaker: Marie Georgopulos, Practitioner
(starts 2:50:45)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

If your childhood was filled with struggles and dysfunction or you just never felt like you “fit in”, then you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to integrate your Inner Child into the whole of who you are as a Limitless Being of Light!

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The Art of Living in (Im)Possibility
Speaker: Angela Coulter, Originator and Facilitator
(starts 3:34:53)
Winner of the gifted session: coming on Sunday

How can we live in limitlessness until we accept that EVERYTHING is possible? Some insights in how to shift our limiting perceptions to a place of possibility… what to consider… and why that’s REALLY important on the journey right now.



Want a recharge for the year? Check out the recording of The Ascended World’s 2015 New Year’s Day Kickoff Event and the 2015 Spring Equinox Web Summit held on Saturday, March 21, 2015 found here. Lots of great information AND clearings always relevant to whoever is guided to listen.

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