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In this time of great change, it is more important than ever to go within to find our own personal truths. When we listen to our own hearts and get confirmation in messages, it is a powerful reminder indeed. Messages come to us in many ways. Are you listening?

How do you personally recognize the messages that you are constantly receiving? Do you get messages from animals, plants, feathers, airplanes, insects, clouds, books, music, art, or by physical sensations and vibrations. When we learn how to tune into our own higher knowing, we tune into the Universe and get our messages loudly, clearly, and beautifully.

Meditation allows a clear and open channel to hear such messages. It is vital to quiet the mind because only a quiet mind can actually hear the answers being received. When there is a bunch of chatter going on in our heads all the time, who can hear a thing?

Those of you who know me…know that I have been on an active path in service to the YOU-niverse for quite some time now. I have often been inspired to use many little phrases…my “Debi-isms” …some have called them…to help anchor a point home. One of my favorites is “No-Asky-No-Getty”. When we start ASKING…ASKING…ASKING….not wondering….guess what happens. We actually get ANSWERS! This remembrance to continually ask my higher self for clear answers was really anchored within after taking a Trinity Energy Progression™ class a few years ago. Ask for messages…ask for signs…ask for answers…..

I think back to the first time I learned this lesson which is the story of a particular “teacher” of mine, who I called my living animal totem, my dog “Daisy”. Our family had decided to get a dog. Even though I didn’t have spirituality as part of my life as I do now, I had started to communicate with angels when I was very ill. My husband Gene suggested that I go upstairs in meditation and “ASK where we were supposed to go to find our dog”. I immediately saw the color, size, and markings of “our” dog very clearly. I was told that her name was Daisy and what shelter we would find her in. I had never had a third eye vision before, so it was quite profound. When we got to the shelter, as I was guided, there was the dog I saw in my vision, exactly as I saw her; and when I asked for clarification, I heard this was our dog. I had also heard “In the beauty there will be ugliness” which made no sense to me until we got home to find she was covered in ticks; and over time found out she had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which she healed herself of. I got so many lessons from her including how to handle death, practicing patience, telepathic communication, and how to heal. Of course, one of the biggest gifts was her teaching me how to recognize signs and messages, and how to ASK for guidance and for what you want.

Now get on out there and remember to ASK what’s for your highest and best! No Asky, No-Getty …

Debi Weinstein





Debi Weinstein
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

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