From this page, you’ll find a listing of Practitioners as well as Facilitators, those who can also train Practitioners.  Plus you will find what resources and support are available for Practitioners if you choose to join others who have participated in the Trinity Energy Progression™ training:

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Find a Practitioner

Regardless of which state you live in, any Practitioner can support your process as Trinity Energy Progression™ sessions are easily facilitated remotely via Skype, Google+, Facetime, and/or phone; and are conducted “outside of time and space”. You’ll find that each experience with a session will be different, depending on what issues are up for you …

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For Trinity Practitioners

For the Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner: Practitioner: Clearings and Intentions Facilitator training: Guidelines/Requirements Facilitator (Instructor) Class in Mt. Shasta, CA (July ’14) Upcoming Retreats

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