Facilitator (Instructor) Training/Requirements

Have you benefited greatly from Trinity Energy Progression™, and would like to pass on the remembrance of this tool to others to help them remember how to access a more open highway to their Divine Consciousness? Become a Facilitator, to train more Practitioners!

Requirements (may change via guidance as progression continues):

  • At least six months as a trained, actively practicing Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner (It’s also highly recommended that the person regularly participates in energy shares with other Trinity Practitioners, whether in person or remotely).
  • The Practitioner assists a Trinity Instructor in at least one documented Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner class before the Facilitator class.*
  • The Practitioner sits in at least one Trinity One Self-Development class before instructing (including an update workshop that covers the self-development class).
  • The Practitioner’s guidance is that it’s highest and best to take the facilitator class this year.
  • Practitioner has a one-on-one phone discussion (typically 1 hour) confirming this with Originator.
  • Deposit is due for class upon agreement of participation.
  • The Practitioner writes all of the following and submits to the Originator for review, by the lifelines provided by Originator:
    • A case study essay on at least one person (other than the Practitioner) with whom the Practitioner has worked exclusively in Trinity Energy Progression for the recipient’s development. This can be for a specific physical, mental, emotional ailment/challenge, a life overhaul, or anything of the sort. The essay is to cover how the recipient originally presented; how many sessions the recipient received (it must be more than one session), over what period of time; what was noticed about the progression of the recipient as the sessions continued (symptoms, layers, other issues coming up to clear, etc.), and the recognized “shift” in the person’s situation from beginning to end. Recommended length: At least one typed page (a full case study will most likely be a bit longer).
    • An essay on how Trinity Energy Progression has changed the Practitioner’s life; in what way(s), how their personal world and individual journey has noticeably changed as a result. Also, how they perceive Trinity Energy Progression to be different from other energetic healing modalities… and why they are drawn to take the Instructor/Facilitator class.
    • An essay describing a way of utilizing Trinity Energy Progression not covered in class that the Practitioner has been guided to do; explanation of the practice, and the results of using Trinity Energy Progression in this way.

It is at this point that the Practitioners will be expected to pay for the remainder of the Facilitator class. Payment plans allowed, as agreed upon; whatever the arrangement, class cost must be fully paid prior to class participation.

*If Practitioner isn’t local to a situation that allows assisting in a class, then either a) Practitioner will need to travel to assist in a class, b) Practitioner will have the option of hosting a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner class local to them and have the Originator or a Facilitator come to teach it, or c) Practitioner will agree to not teach class until they assist in one practitioner class. The situation will have to be agreed upon (locale, number of students to justify the class, etc.) between the Practitioner and the Originator or Facilitator.

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