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Time to Let It ALL Go… (Punctuated at Pilot Mountain AND Mt. Shasta)

Can you feel it? The changes all around us?

Regardless of what we believe as individuals regarding big spiritual and PHYSICAL changes in our world, no one can deny that things are progressing and changing VERY rapidly! Those who choose to clear the slate and release their limitations are doing so… in leaps and bounds!

What’s amazing to me is the mix and number of clients that have shown up over the past few months, particularly… because on the surface, they might SEEM like a complete mess – moreso than those I’ve had ever before – because it’s ALL up there in a big pool of muck, for the world to see… and I’m talking a LOT of serious-seeming, long-term issues (abuse of all kinds, energetic issues of all kinds – including possession and attachments galore – draining/limiting relationships of all kinds, sickness – physical and mental – of all kinds, YOU NAME IT)… but you know what? They shift completely in 2 or 3, sometimes 6 sessions… COMPLETELY. What’s the shift,  you might ask? It’s because we’re at a time when so many of us are SO ready to just LET IT GO… and so they do; they sometimes just need a little bit of help to remember how to and that they can do it! This is HUGELY different than many I saw just six months, a year, or two years ago. It really seems miraculous, and I am in SUCH bliss every day watching them blossom! But you know why? Time is getting short… and they chose to really just wait to pull the Band-Aid off entirely, all in one proverbial shot!

Mary Hogan, a Trinity Energy Progression™ practitioner, just recently went to Pilot Mountain, a spiritual energy vortex that’s about two hours away from where I live in central North Carolina. It’s one of my FAVORITE places to visit when I just want to get away for an afternoon… because it’s quite the portal to other realms. It’s where I originally started receiving the Trinity Energy openings in 2010; there is some sort of tie-in to Mount Shasta from that point… some sort of “sister energy.” Anyway… Mary came back and had received some wonderful insights at Pilot Mountain:

“I watched a hawk circling within 12 feet of my head. It dawned on me that we’ve come full circle from our entry onto Planet Earth, our descent into density/polarity/karma, and our return to (the Trinity Energy of) completion. We’re now able to release our karma, embrace our Oneness with God/ the Universe/Everything, and ascend back up the dimensional ladder with our physical as well as our light bodies! I understood that this is more than just going back to the beginning, to correct our missteps. It’s adding the physical dimension to the formula, which is a whole new ballgame. That makes this where the action is. No need to look back, the party is here/now. We’re creating the “new Earth” with higher vibrational energy than has ever been here before! Yeah Us!!!”

This commentary prompted me to write about a similar TREMENDOUS insight that I received at Mount Shasta in June… I haven’t previously discussed it publicly, because it was so incredibly personal, and I had to take the time to process it. However, when I read Mary’s post, I heard, “It’s time…” and so here it is:

When I was up on Panther Meadows, I had one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Panther Meadows is THE most sacred spot on Mount Shasta… in fact, the Native Americans indigenous to that area have mythology that humans originally “bubbled from the springs” on Panther Meadows. Anyway, it had JUST opened – which was SO unusual, since they typically don’t open up the road until July – and I went up with a friend who had shown me around town there. Even though it was a 70-degree day, there was still a few feet of snow on the ground… so there really wasn’t much to see visually except a landscape of snow across the meadows!As my friend and I walked out onto the first part of the meadows, I was immediately overwhelmed with the presence of SO MANY beings there… literally, it felt like we were making our way across a crowded room… yet you’d never know it if you saw it with your eyes open! I even grabbed my friend’s arm and said, “WOW… there are SO MANY here!” A few moments later, I was guided to just stand there and close my eyes… and I realized through my heart that I knew ALL of them who were there… the “original soul family”… they were there to see me! It was quite overwhelming.

Panther Meadows, Mount Shasta, CA. See? Just a landscape of snow in June…

My friend asked if I wanted to see the springs… and she just started out ahead of me… there was so much snow still that soon we came upon the SOUND of running water, but all we could see in the snow was a depressed line with a little opening, where the water was running down on the mountain. That’s all there was to see – it was all otherwise covered with snow. We had run into one other woman on the way out there – a woman named Joy – and my friend happened to know her, so she had trekked over with us. At this point, I was just standing there… and she and Joy started talking. Suddenly, I felt this HUGE feeling of sanctity overcome me… I’ve been in MANY sacred sites and places, and NEVER had been this overcome before, where I’d wanted to just fall down on my knees right there in the snow! But I just stood there… quietly, while they talked… and I suddenly heard, clear as a bell, very strongly in my head, “Come and be anointed.”

I was like, “Hunh?” I knew what being anointed meant, but in looking around me, I looked down into that little line in the snow where the water was beneath, and saw a few feet of a drop. I was thinking… “Well… um… hmm… there’s just no way I can get to that water without falling in, through the snow…”

So I just stood there, and heard it again… actually a little louder, “Come and be anointed!”

The third time I heard it, I basically left the two women I was with and started following the line of water up the incline. I said out loud, “SHOW ME where to go, then!” I had gotten a ways away from them, and I looked up toward what looked like a collection of rocks… I was making my way to them. Suddenly I saw this woman – it was like she came out of nowhere (and I don’t think she turned out to be in the physical after all, but she seemed so NORMAL to be there at the time, because I looked at her straight on, eyes fully open). Funny that I wouldn’t have noticed her before this… because my friend, Joy, and me had been the ONLY ones on the meadows when we got there. Anyway, this woman was looking at me and smiling, and said, “Isn’t it beautiful?” I smiled back and said, “Breathtaking!” Then she asked, “Are you looking for water? There’s a place where you can collect some right over there, by the rocks…” Where I had been headed (and by the way, this was the last and only time I noticed that woman… she just disappeared just as quickly as she had appeared – which is what makes me think she wasn’t really in the physical, because my friend and Joy never mentioned seeing her, and it’s a wide open meadow!).

As soon as I got to the rocks, I could see where the water came out and flowed off of them into the spring under the snow. I found a small place in the mud… all of a sudden, I got the same feeling of being overwhelmed by the sacredness of the place… and I just dropped to my knees, in the mud, right there.

The presence of MANY others was suddenly MUCH stronger than it had been when I first walked onto the meadows. I closed my eyes, and before me stood Adama (who is the High Priest — the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta; he is the head of the Lemurian Council of Twelve in Telos, and holds many other roles during this time of Earth’s evolution) and St. Germain in these ceremonial-looking robes. I leaned forward and gathered water in my cupped hands as it fell off the rock, and washed it over my face. Then, Adama spoke… in a huge, booming, Divine voice; it was so loud, it was as if he were standing in the physical right before me. He formally addressed me by at least a half dozen names of identities I have taken through this existence – some of which I was already conscious of experiencing; others I hadn’t previously recalled, but did when he called me by those names.

He paused, then said, “You are absolved of all of the sins you think and feel you have committed.”

Even as he was finishing that sentence, I instantaneously started SOBBING right then and there… it came from the very depths of me and surprised me with its intensity; every inch of my physical body was shaking. As I just sobbed and sobbed, I could feel all of these bits and pieces of me just flowing away in the water being cleansed, many events from lifetimes and experiences that I hadn’t before remembered that I’d felt were hanging over my head, sitting on my shoulders; the release was SO GREAT, and yet so easy, and felt SO good… and I just let… it… all… go.

After a few minutes, Adama spoke again, “There is much gratitude for what you have done, and what you will do.” That brought back the sobbing in another huge wave, because at the same time, my heart connected with ALL of them… and it was this wordless exchange between me and all of this long lost – and much missed – part of my soul family… all I could feel was a collective sigh, “It has been SO LONG – and yet just a blip – and this has been SO MUCH HARDER than we ever thought it would be… we had NO IDEA what this would feel like… and yet, at this moment, we know we’re almost there, almost done… back to the bliss we started from…” I was sobbing because the relief and joy were SO, SO great!

At some point, my friend and Joy had followed me, circled around behind me, and sat in the dirt, wordlessly. I hadn’t even noticed through all of this… they just let me do what it was I apparently had gone there to do… and sat there in support.

And then it was done.

At the time, though I could FEEL that this event was HUGE in importance, I didn’t really understand why.

What I was shown and made to understand in the meantime is that in a sense, using the Trinity Energy within brings to us an Energy of Absolution… of clearing out what is considered the karma, of what we have to clear, in such a quick and efficient way. It’s the full realization that it’s what we THINK and FEEL we have done… and that we are without judgment. It has all just been the experience. I’ve been told a number of times since I came back from Mt. Shasta by others that they just feel better overall just by sitting and talking to me… without even being in a session or anything of the like! I was shown that I emanate this energy now… as Mary Hogan realized at Pilot Mountain, once we meld… we release the muck we THINK we have. And we CAN release ALL of it, if we so choose, in a big, huge, honkin’ release! Beyond that, the more we can sit in the energy of pure love and acceptance and and emanate it all the time, the better… because by doing so, we can helps others come to that realization in such a big way just by being around us!