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Transitional Reflections

At Little Glass Mountain, with black obsidian and lava rock everywhere, near Mt. Shasta, CA

I sit here to write this blog, wondering what to share and how to share this amazing awakening that has come to me and all the continuous transitions that continue as well! It seems there’s so many ways to explain, but very few words to put to it. I continue to run into and stumble over the words, and then have nothing to follow in explanation that adequately describes it…

I’ve been asked many times about my trip in September to Mount Shasta, CA for the Trinity Energy Progression Instructor class. All I can say is, it was unbelievable; just WOW on the gratitude and appreciation, love, joy, and peace that I was able to feel and bring back with me! Yet, that’s still not enough to explain the depth of how it really was… and then again, it leaves me speechless.

I sit back and continue to reflect as I continue on my remembrance through this journey. My journey and every experience I have is my own creation. As I continue to look within and ask guidance for assistance, sometimes I need to ask for that light bulb or that neon sign… but in the end I know I have what is within me to get the answers that I need, and continue to trust and have faith that everything is and will come in the flow as long as I allow the flow to happen without resistance. I love this path, I love this journey, and I love the ability of knowing it is all about attaining complete remembrance!








Amanda Lee-Cassise
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner