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Jun 14

Are You Still ‘Spiritually Seeking’?

Are you still “spiritually seeking”? How often do we hear this term in spiritual circles? I hold a monthly “Consciousness Transformation” discussion group meetup local to me, with the intention of bringing together those who are established and have been active on their spiritual journeys… including professional practitioners. Guidance was that it’s time to bring …

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Mar 13

Messages and Channelings: Avoid Getting Lost in Translation

Before reading on, please take a minute and look at the image to the right. Really look at it, feel it. What does it mean to you? Then hold on to that perception and proceed… I am in love with the Sony Pictures’ movie Arrival, for so, so many reasons; mostly because the exact topic …

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Sep 21

2016: Transformational Warp Speed…

… and dare I say it? Boldly going where we haven’t gone before (in exactly this way, at least)… 2016 has been HUGE in ALL ways… and the exponential curve of change continues to climb! As the ego/separation-based mind is the creator of “Why?” (since we’ve forgotten), I could give you any of dozens of …

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Feb 19

True In-Dependence and Healing: Listen, Listen, Listen…

Getting to a place of evolving to fully stand in our power can create a string of experiences through what the ego perceives as rather uncomfortable, and it will persist until remember how to we listen to what’s coming from the inside. Notes and personal experience (from poison ivy to hemorrhoid) from Trinity Energy Progression Originator Angela Coulter.

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Sep 12

The (In-)Equality of Pride and Humility

What about pride and humility? Is one really “better” than the other, when both are based in duality? A perspective…

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