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True In-Dependence and Healing: Listen, Listen, Listen…

Divine-being2Getting to a place of fully standing in our power can definitely cause a path of flowing through what the ego perceives as discomfort… sometimes pretty extreme! And, though I don’t dwell on my experiential stories or wear them like an armband…believe me, I know.

As the originator of Trinity Energy Progression, in discussions with others, I often get the attitude of, “Well, what do YOU know about my challenges? It comes easy to you…”

I typically laugh when that comes up, because even the logic of that thinking doesn’t make sense! How does one most typically master anything in the 3D (or come into full remembrance of it), but with practical application? I’ve worked with many, many clients and students… first and foremost, I’ve flowed through some heavy duty stuff myself! Granted, part of my plan included walking a path of awakening and remembrance (gladly) without  the need for a huge, traumatic wake-up call, like a near-death experience (NDE) or a life-threatening disease or injury, as many have… but instead, I chose to flow through a LOT of typical, everyday challenges that many write off as unchangeable, and “something to manage” vs. something to change altogether. I just don’t live in the drama of any “stories” of situation… and only feel the need to discuss them when it’s an important relevant point to a conversation.

Early on in my practice, guidance came to me about the extreme importance of helping others to step in their own power fully, to help others realize that we all create our own reality… and that includes injury, sickness, and limitations of all kinds. My higher self (and those who I call my journey companions, as well) pushed on me and pushed on me for practical application… and to be able to fully walk THAT talk as I began to teach it.

This is because one of the most challenging practices in our spiritual “ascension” – aka “remembrance” – is to break some very deeply embedded beliefs and habits in the 3/4D; one of the most deeply embedded habits is that of giving away our power, and believing that someone or something outside of our Self has more information that we do. This is especially true in terms of doctors, authority figures of all types, teachers, parents, friends, Google… and others we consider as having “the answers” (including professional psychics, mediums, channelers, and healers) over ourselves. I always tell new clients and students – and teach the same – that ultimately, NO ONE heals us but ourselves! Not a doctor, a healer… not medicine, or anything of the sort. We can absolutely energetically support the “healing” part with great tools that help us physically align ourselves with the vibration of expressing health, to help ourselves get better. However, it’s ultimately our choice to heal, to energetically shift ourselves. If that wasn’t the case, then everyone would heal in the exact way, in the exact same time frame. That’s DEFINITELY not so!

My understanding for the past five years or so is that to better remember and recognize this, much of what we consider “standard” medicines/treatment will begin to stop working (which they have), along with anything else to which we’ve given away our power. All created here are absolutely tools! However, we’ve become so externalized that the tools we’ve created have become crutches… because we’ve given away our power to them. The Band-Aid has become the answer in the 3D, and we put one Band-Aid on top of another, often distracting ourselves with our attention and energy on the Band-Aid instead of simply looking at and shifting the original cause of the “wound” itself.

So, on my path, I was continuously pushed to learn to change my habits… and to listen, first and foremost, to know what to listen to, and secondly, what my guidance tells me is highest and best for MY progress! Over the doctors, others, and the Internet.

I was talking about this with someone recently, and they wanted to know some specifics on how I was required to do this. I had to think back to where the really active part of this journey began… what came to mind was one particular very annoying instance, and one that in retrospect is sort of a funny story:

  1. Back in the very beginning of saturating myself in the world of the spiritual/metaphysical, quantum physics, and healing and self-empowerment, one weekend, I’d decided to clear out an entire patch – probably about four feet by oh, twenty feet or so – of poison ivy that had grown on a secondary property we used to own. I’d never had a reaction to poison ivy, but thought I had it covered – I wore jeans, work boots, work gloves… and a t-shirt. After I finished this exercise, I took a hot shower and scrubbed down with the most astringent soap I could find (I know, I know… for you poison ivy aficionados, yes, I of course NOW see the issues there!). And then I moved on.Two days later, I woke up with the worst blistering rash I’ve ever had! It covered my wrists to just past my elbows (and thank goodness I’d had work gloves on!). Blisters upon blisters… upon blisters. My first habitual reaction was… remembering that we had prednisone in the house from the year before, when one of my dogs had died from lymphoma and had needed the steroid to help keep the swelling down in his last days. Several times, I’d head toward my bathroom, where the medicine cabinet is; every time I did that, I’d hear, “No.”Several times, I thought of going to urgent care to see if there was anything they could do… every time, I’d hear, “No.”I was to look at this, change this reality, and dissipate this myself.
    Say, what?!
    The first few days, I distracted myself with every home remedy I could find via Google and asking others via social media: apple cider vinegar and baking soda, calamine lotion… I can’t remember how many different things I tried. All I know is that I made a huge mess all over my house, and made myself even more miserable because none of them, in this severe case, did much to help for very long.That was the 3D mind, trying to distract with analysis and find the best Band-Aid, as quickly as possible.Finally, when I was equally miserable several days later, with the seeping nastiness that was my forearms (still with the argument going on in my mind over taking a steroid), I shut myself up in a room and began to meditate; I began to do energy healing on myself… and I finally turned to my guidance, my higher self… and/or my journey companions. What the ^*&!#? What’s this all about? What’s going to help already? This is misery!The first thing that popped into my head was someone I knew at the time, who had not too long before this been telling me about something called colloidal silver that he made at home; how it’s the basis for what hospitals use for the strongest antiseptics (including on burns), and how it’s great for a variety of things. I didn’t know why the recollection of this conversation suddenly popped into my head… so I reached out to him via an email. He responded that he had some he’d just made that he could bring over, because it works great on such skin situations.My guidance was that this would help.It did. (And an aside: Today, I use colloidal silver to support SO MUCH in the physical! My husband and kids, both as much of a fan of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding as I am, claim that colloidal silver is “my Windex” LOL!)

    While I was exploring this, I also understood that there was something for me to try that I could get at Whole Foods. So I wrapped up my arms, hid them in a long sleeved shirt, and in trudging to the store found out there was a homeopathic remedy I could take. I hesitated because of the nature of the homeopathy… but guidance was to get it, as wary as I was! It helped a lot. For several more days, I used these new tools (given to me via my guidance), I sat in meditation and self-focus utilizing all of the energy healing modalities I knew at the time, and looked at the cause and purpose of my physical reaction. The more I shifted within myself… the easier it became, the less it itched, and the faster the rash began to dissolve.The worst of it was the first several days… and once I started that internal focus, it seemed to progress in its dissolution more and more quickly.This was a HUGE lesson for me! In fact, up until this point, I’d had a number of allergic reactions (aka irritations) that manifested on my skin, to a number of different things, that had increased in manifestation over time. Once I’d gotten the whole (non-physical) point of the poison ivy reaction, and energetically what to look at to dissipate the situation… I applied it to my other skin issues. Wouldn’t you know that it became easier and easier to change and shift ALL of them… so that the irritation/allergic reaction didn’t happen anymore? Today, I’m SO glad to be able to use pretty much any of the ingredients that used to cause me hives and rashes, because I’ve changed the non-physical part of what caused them, within me.

  2. Here’s a (sort of) funny one! For the first time ever, I developed a hemorrhoid (seriously, I’m going there). It quickly became P-A-I-N-F-U-L! I started in the same vein as was typical: on the Internet, wondering 1) if I should get medical help, and 2) what was such a “pain in the butt” in my life that it was manifesting in this way!
    I heard, quite distinctly: You already have the answer.I remember hearing this in my master bathroom. My attention was directed over toward a jar sitting on the corner of my vanity, which contained a cream I’d gotten from a friend that was good for sunburns in the summertime; it was made of a collection of different ocean herbs.I thought, “Nah… that won’t work.” (Because it couldn’t be THAT easy… and who SAID this cream would help hemmorhoids?)

    It got worse and worse… until I was sitting on a pillow! Nothing over the counter from the drug store worked; nor did some of the remedies I tried. Yet, almost every day, when I was in my master bathroom, my attention would again get pulled to that jar of cream sitting in the corner… and every time, I would discount the idea and move on.One night, I woke up around 4am, I was SO frustrated… and my butt hurt! I again turned inward, and yelled inside, What can I do to get rid of this? Enough already!” Again… a pull toward the jar with the cream. At this point, I thought, What the heck? Worst that could happen is nothing, like everything else...So I used the cream, slathered my butt… and went back to bed.

    The hemorrhoid was about 80% deflated when I woke up in the morning, the pain was completely gone… the remainder dissipated within a few days, and it’s never come back!

The lesson: Listen to what comes from inside… because that’s where the answer lies. Always.

InnerGuidanceThere are so, so many other situations I could list that were “self test” after “self test”… and every time, I became more and more confident in my own inner answer. After both incidents in such consciousness those years ago, I began to listen to the answer when it comes to me in the way of my higher self… even (actually, especially) if the answer is against “standard practice” or “standard knowledge.” And I’ve never been steered wrong! This is what I teach others to remember, in all facets of their existence… as more and more, the “standard resolutions/answers” don’t apply anymore. My understanding is that we set it up that way so we would force ourselves to remember; worst comes to worst, we put our back up against the wall and give ourselves no other choice! We CAN be and often ARE that much in refusal, in a habit of disempowerment and accepting the opinions of others over our own knowing, that we put those experiences in our way so we can remember and stand in our Divine awesomeness! I have so many other examples and situations that have transpired, for me and for clients/students… time and time again, resolution comes when the individual stops drowning the mind with the answers of others that they step back and remember the answer themselves. This has to do with everything in one’s existence… from the physical, mental, emotional, environmental… all of it!

It’s when we accept the responsibility that we create our entire reality that we remember that we alone can change it. That why so many are surprised in the use of Trinity Energy Progression… because eventually, it helps the individual surpass the “mind,” the need for rituals, standards, and guidance from another – leapfrogging over “analysis paralysis” – and on to living by and trusting inner guidance, completely, while standing completely in the power of our own Divine truth! The more quickly we do that… the more adept we become at shifting and changing, so much so that something that plagues us one minute can literally be completely out of our reality the next, in a way that one even mostly forgets about it (seriously… this is SO COOL to experience AND to watch!).

Yes, it IS that easy… separation/duality and its liaison, the ego, has developed to complete a long set of lessons through the beliefs that tell us the answer comes from the outside. We created the game; we can change it!

Is it a multi-step process to get there? Typically. We’ve fully explored being ruled by the mind, ego, and disempowerment that it takes a bit of practice; in the past, when an individual has wanted such an experience of remembrance, they’ve given themselves many changes to do so, until the situation becomes dire and/or near-fatal (a great example of the instantaneous realization of full creation and self-empowerment via a NDE is the book Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani). However, it IS our choice: The sooner we remember how to listen to the higher consciousness (vs. the ego and others),  the faster and more graceful and easy – and fun – our experience becomes!

If you’re ready for this, and want some help along the way… that’s what Trinity is all about! Whether you’d like to focus on your own self-development (which, of course, is MOST important for ALL of us), or do a combination of self-development and helping others to do the same, see the Events/Classes page to get started.











Angela Coulter
Orginator, Trinity Energy Progression

The (In-)Equality of Pride and Humility

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????One night, at an open spiritual discussion meetup group I used to run, I was talking about my understanding of the Divine being completely within us (which is the premise of Trinity Energy Progression), existing in a state beyond ego and in unconditional love and acceptance. One of the attendees asked me, “What about pride and humility?”

I asked, “What about it?”

The person continued with, “Isn’t it more important to be humble than full of pride?”

This topic comes up repeatedly, in different forums. We perpetuate SO MUCH culturally and via belief systems (including general spirituality), around the importance of showing humility! I see so many others in the public spiritual forum talk about their own humility, how important it is to them, how important it is for others to show. The inflection: That it’s better to be humble than it is to have pride. We’ve decided, collectively, that humility is a virtue and pride isn’t.

Actually, we’ve decided – or rather, the ego has decided – that it’s BETTER and MORE VIRTUOUS to be humble than it is to have pride… and really, that it’s ok to have pride in being humble. Oh, the irony of that!

Here are definitions, from the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary:

humility: Having or showing a low estimate of one’s own importance.

pride: A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

Here’s what’s important to consider when looking at this, and with any other judgment about ourselves and others, at all: They’re all formed in duality and separation. My understanding is that the ego was created with the “job” of exploring the perception/experience of duality and separation, so all of the energies and emotions around such are ego-based: fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, guilt, doubt, sorrow, pain, judgment, shame, etc. And yes, judgment is created only in duality and separation… so it’s based in the ego, and judging anything as “more than” OR “less than” is… you got it… based in the ego, as well. Therefore, BOTH pride and humility are ego-based perceptions, regardless of the individual’s use of them.

When we begin to remember the perspective that EVERYONE is the Divine expressed as who they are, when we see the Universe through the eyes of Oneness, what happens is that we start seeing through the eyes of acceptance and unconditional love. Likewise, we start seeing everyone and everything as equally magnificent, beautiful, amazing, awesome, and Divine. In unity, it’s not that “no one’s special”; it’s that we ALL are! Even what the ego considers (judges) most depraved, most in lack, what we perceive as “dark” or “evil.” It ALL has a higher purpose in this symphony that we’ve created. BOTH pride and humility are based on a scale of separation and comparison; once we accept all as Divine, we remember how to just BE, free of the need of hierarchy or importance, standing in the truth and full expanse of our wholeness. It’s simply achieving a state of full IS-ness… knowing that we are all.

I remember once a conversation I had with a friend about my frustration with some seeing me up on a pedestal beyond them; my friend replied, “Oh, come on, admit it… you like being on the pedestal…”

I laughed and said, “Of course, I LOVE it! However… I’m ready for everyone around me to realize that THEY’RE up on the pedestal with me, for the awesomeness that THEY are, so we can all just PLAY!”

“Well, then, there is no pedestal, is there?”

“Of course not… ”  But that’s a conversation for another day…  🙂

When we say “Namaste,” we’re essentially saying, “The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you“…








Angela C
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression

Seek the help.

It’s okay to feel the way you feel. You need no justification to feel that way. You need no explanation to give to others. Sometimes, there is no logical reasoning. It is okay. You are allowed to feel what you feel. You don’t have to view it as right or wrong. It just is. Be okay with it. If you want to change it, that is okay, too. It is okay to not be okay. It is okay to not understand why you feel the way you do.

But, if you do want to change it, don’t be hesitant to seek help. Don’t be too afraid to reach out and tell the people that love you that you need help. Some of them may not know how, but they won’t know unless you tell them. Ask other beings out there that have a vibration matching or higher than yours, which have your best and highest good as their intention, for help. They are there.

If you find that what you are dealing with is too much to bear, too big of a boulder to take on, then it’s okay to seek traditional means of help. In this case, I mean pharmaceuticals or non-holistic. Most pharmaceuticals are not meant to cure, only treat the symptoms. But, that may be enough to help you deal with what you need to. It is enough to allow you to function so that you can work on that boulder, one tiny piece at a time. You don’t need to take it on all at once. You are never alone, and you never have to take on anything alone.

I know my last blog was about something similar. It’s okay to not be okay. Well, I have “not been okay” for months now, and it has slowly gotten worse to the point where I could no longer deny that I needed help. I am posting this because it just seems to be the right thing to post at this time. Maybe someone else is having a hard time. Most of this advice is already out there, but sometimes the simplest advice is the best; and, we often forget of how easy it can be to reach out and what help we have available to us. I have had crippling depression and mild to medium anxiety for months now. I went as long as I could before I had to admit that I needed to go back  on my pharmaceutical medication. This is something that I did not want to do. But it is needed at this time. I am unable to take on the boulders in my life alone.

I’ve slowly been finding what makes me happy (outside of relationships). But I was trying too hard to not rely on anyone, that I neglected my relationships. It is okay to seek love and support from those you love and who love you.

Although, I have been successful in finding new things and hobbies that make me happy. I definitely understand that I can’t go over a week without exercising. If I do, I get depressed and anxious. I suggest light to medium exercise for anyone that is dealing with anger/depression/anxiety. It has helped me a great deal.

I also am painting more again. I was slacking for a bit there. My heart is in it when I do paint. I suppose I was just angry that “That” was my talent. Like, really? I just do art well? Why couldn’t I have been smart enough to be a scientist that works on solar panels or cleaning up the ocean? But, I am who I am. I do art, I create art. It makes me happy when I simply allow it to do so. It makes others happy. It’s all beautiful when I focus on what I have rather than what I do not.

I’ve also been stepping forward in doing what I felt I wasn’t ready for. But, I realize, if you wait around to be ready, you will never be truly ready.
That’s why I started a website for my business. I certainly didn’t feel like I knew enough to do so, but I knew I would get up and learn if I took that first step.

My most recent leap was to sign up for a vendor booth at the next One Tribe Festival. I don’t think I’m ready, but hey, I’ll be pushing to be ready when it comes. I am also trying out something very new. I will be creating paintings with powdered crystals and gem stones mixed in with the paint. My business website is “The Dragons Butterfly” for anyone that is interested; although, it is still under construction.

Love yourself, pamper yourself. You deserve it. Do stuff that makes you happy. If you don’t know what makes you happy, look for what does. You are perfectly imperfect. You are where you need to be. You are on your own journey in which you choose the paths you take. The Journey is the destination and you don’t need to worry about trying to be something or get somewhere.

I hope this advice helps someone.

With LOVE,
Ashley Warren





Ashley Warren
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

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An Ego’s Confession on the Spiritual Path

I must confess that I feel like I don’t know anything anymore. Everything that I thought I knew just does not seem right. I have lost certainty. I used to think that I had answers, but that feeling is so foreign to me currently. Discussions that were once riveting have started to fade into mindless uninteresting banter. When I listen to other people express their ideas, I am unable to find them interesting. It goes in, and all I think is that they have nothing new to share with me. Even when they are so adamant that this is the newest thing, my mind says we’ve been here before; nothing new here. When I try to listen with my heart, I get the warm feelings of “Yay! They’re coming around!” but hearing age-old ideas being presented as “new” when this information has been so easily accessible for years does not captivate my novelty-seeking mind. I try to let go of judgment when it comes to these situations, but I also find it disingenuous to rebrand concepts that were rejected earlier based on their associations.

I am feeling a bit lost and disillusioned. In order to save and liberate myself, it is time for me to be honest with others and myself. Why must I force myself to feel like I have no voice in order to protect relationships that appear to be one-sided? What am I to do when my ideas are met with accusations of proselytizing or spinning semantics? How should I feel when someone else presents the same ideas later and is met later with glorious applause? Is it my ego that is making me feel like this? I tried to convince myself of this, but this approach is leading to apathy. My ego is also responsible for my thinking that I have to check my ego so that I don’t fall out of line. My present feelings of knowing nothing anymore are a product of “turning the other cheek” over and over again.

After some introspection, the following is how I understand the relationship with the ego. Integrating the ego is not about dissolving it so that you lose your personal feelings and individuality in order to become a listless member of the hive-mind. Integrating the ego with your spiritual being means that you won’t measure your self-worth against others. It means that you will create your reality instead of reacting to the reality that is around you. It is about liberating yourself from self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. Checking your ego doesn’t mean that you cannot assert yourself while another person is leading a diatribe at your expense! A healthy ego will not let another person’s words and actions diminish your feelings of self-worth, and having a healthy ego does not mean capitulating to the other person’s ego. It’s ok to call someone out on their BS; it just may require more tact than it really should in some cases.

But what the hell do I know? I know nothing… That’s ok… Somehow I still feel like I am on my way.

Kevin Brown






Kevin Brown
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Magical Moment

A moment in time, is just a minute of magic.

For this is where it all begins–all of creation—in this moment.
It’s the inception point, the genesis of origination.
Of a thought, an idea, a concept, a dream.
It’s the platform of blastoff …to limitlessness and form.

The moment leads to the beautiful dawn, and something spectacular takes shape.
In advance of our dreams, in advance of our imagination.
There is formulating something new….the silent aurora of creativity.

Within our hopes, within our desires,
The invisible comes to life.
What lies within us also lies beyond us and around us,
and leads us to wakening the vibration of vision.

Creation begins with trust. With trusting this moment.
Surrendering to this moment and watching it unfold.
It may be invisible, it may seem intangible.
But what’s formulating is much, much more than what meets the eye.
What’s happening is magical and wondrous… for energy follows thought.
It may seem like a bubble, a fancy, it’s a pipe dream.
If we just let go and let be….the vibration will continue and it will take form.
The magic takes over….and a miracle occurs. Fantasy becomes reality.

For in our whims of creative thought, in our vagary of perceptions,
Lies a deeper truth, a hidden concept of infallibility.
It’s our true self waiting to emerge, wanting to unfold.
Our dream self–our higher self–which is actually our AUTHENTIC self,
Bursts out in joy and enthusiasm….in the revival of our IS-ness.
Awakening our truths, awakening our origins, awakening our Magic within.

From this awakening follows innate understanding.
Energy dances and energy glows.
Rainbows become gold…wishes become butterflies.
Sparks become waterfalls….dreams become castles.
It’s an inside job. From the inside out.
The vibration of vision….wow, what possibilities to the people.
Remarkable manifestations that began in a moment. A moment in time.

For what we discover, we knew all along……
We are Divine Creators and we are Divine Creation. This truth is in our heart of hearts and soul of souls.
It’s an infinite truth. We knew it all along, but chose to forget.
Now we choose to awaken….we choose to remember.
It’s a path of excitement and freedom….. imagination and flow.
There is magic on the path and we knew it all along! We felt it! It was Grand, it was Complete.

We accept, we embrace, and we allow…..all that is igniting within.
We own it, we become one with it. Now, it’s time for the next moment.
To spring into action. To live our new creation. It’s exciting, it’s invigorating, it’s amazing.
One moment leads to the next…a Conscious Creative Cycle…and it continues to flow….

Endless possibilities, hopes, and dreams.
We are the CREATORS. We are limitless. We are eternal.
The moment goes on and the magic is clear.
Awareness of the moment leads to the vibration of vision.
What will you do with YOUR Magical Moment?
A moment in time, a minute of MAGIC.


Sandy Anthony





Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™