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Feb 19

True In-Dependence and Healing: Listen, Listen, Listen…

Getting to a place of evolving to fully stand in our power can create a string of experiences through what the ego perceives as rather uncomfortable, and it will persist until remember how to we listen to what’s coming from the inside. Notes and personal experience (from poison ivy to hemorrhoid) from Trinity Energy Progression Originator Angela Coulter.

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Sep 12

The (In-)Equality of Pride and Humility

What about pride and humility? Is one really “better” than the other, when both are based in duality? A perspective…

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Jul 21

Seek the help.

I have “not been okay” for months now, and it has slowly gotten worse to the point where I could no longer deny that I needed help. I am posting this because it just seems to be the right thing to post at this time. Maybe someone else is having a hard time. Most of this advice is already out there, but sometimes the simplest advice is the best.

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Jul 16

An Ego’s Confession on the Spiritual Path

Even when we’re flowing on the “active spiritual path,” we can have ego-driven setbacks. Observations by Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Kevin Brown.

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Jul 07

The Magical Moment

A moment in time, is just a minute of magic. For this is where it all begins–all of creation—in this moment. It’s the inception point, the genesis of origination. Of a thought, an idea, a concept, a dream. It’s the platform of blastoff …to limitlessness and form. The moment leads to the beautiful dawn, and …

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