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There’s Magic All Around… Do You See It?

Obstruction Pass, Orcas Island, WA

Obstruction Pass, Orcas Island, WA

How many times have you gone outside to see magic in your environment? The wonders and miracles of everyday life, that is. It’s really all around us all the time, yet so many people miss it. I can step outside my front door right now and find at least a dozen magical encounters at my fingertips. It could be a dragonfly flying around my head. It could be a grasshopper hopping around my feet. It could be a spirited child screaming playfully outside. Magic is fully in the eye of the beholder; we often miss it because of our expectations around what we believe it’s supposed to be. If you think magic has to be something extraordinary and grand, then so it must be. Most of the time, the magical encounters are weaved throughout the simplicity of everyday life. That’s the magic. 😉

What do you think of when you hear the word magic? Is it when a magician pulls out his magic wand and says, “Abracadabra” and proceeds with a magic trick? That is only one way. The dictionary defines it as: “any extraordinary or mystical influence, charm, or power.” It also says it is anything that is fascinating, captivating, charming, or enchanting. It’s often irresistible. It’s a mysterious phenomenon and it’s much more than words; it’s a feeling. Magical experiences happen every day and they can be very subtle. How often do we stop and recognize the beauty of what’s right in front of us? The birds chirping, the leaves blowing, the moon glimmering, the fireflies glowing? Are we too consumed with 3D day-to-day life to pay attention?

Are we lost in schedules, checklists, meetings, and appointments? The more we work and hyper focus on details, the more blindsided we become. The push, the pull, the pressures of life….do they take up all of our time? World events, politics, and family drama can consume us even more. It can seem like these are the only things that matter in the moment because they seem to affect us so much. We can become empty and exhausted. So, what’s the solution? Perhaps it’s looking at what truly matters and carving out time for it….the things that will help free us from stress and expectations. The things that matter are the things that rejuvenate one’s soul, expand one’s heart, and renew one’s energy. They are numerous and eternal! These are magical encounters that can free us from the mundane. It’s a kind of mystery and the beholder knows it when they see it/feel it— it’s the inner knowing of something Divine. It gives one peace and a sense of wonder. Magic doesn’t have an explanation, and if it did, it would no longer be magic. 😉

I recently went on a Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator retreat to Orcas Island. Orcas is part of the San Juan Islands off of the coast of Washington state, just south of the Canadian border. Soul family from all over gathered together to do energy work and to appreciate the island. Talk about magical experience….this place was amazing down to the core! We spent three solid days walking around and immersing ourselves in the incredible energy. Presence, stillness, tranquility, and gratitude filled the days. We hiked through mountains, wandered on the beach, paraded through trails, and climbed up rocks. All sorts of untainted nature surrounded us in any given moment—trees, rocks, waterfalls, sand, pebbles, labyrinth, flowers, sunshine, animals, insects, and fresh air. To me, this is the purest form of magic! We allowed ourselves to be immersed in the no-words-to-describe amazing experience and to “JUST BE.” Time melted away; we were free from all outside influences and distractions; totally out of our heads. This is where the heart is, in this “BEING” place! It’s magical because it’s not something we typically allow in our day-to-day lives. “ALLOWING” is key. For magic to captivate us, we must be willing participants. We became enraptured for hours.

Obstruction Pass, Orcas Island, WA

Obstruction Pass, Orcas Island, WA

SO many treasured memories were created on this trip: meditating in front of the Cascade Falls, traipsing through Obstruction Pass State Park, strolling along Pebble Beach, and gazing at the sparkling water that seemed to come to life right before our eyes. We admired the brilliant sunbursts high above that kissed the water below. We were visited by many delightful animals along the way, too, which added an extra enjoyable element. Seals and sea otters swam through the bay as we meditated along Pebble Beach. They popped their heads up out of the water as if to say, “Here I am, come play with me!” They were so adorable and cute! I just wanted to reach out and hug them. At one point, we saw a whole family of sea otters swimming together and creating a bundle of joy. The sea otter message is one of pure playfulness and fun. What a wonderful message on our retreat! And of course, we all felt the playful energy around us. Seals bring the message that it’s time for to allow creativity and imagination to soar and to follow through on one’s dreams! We also saw some squirrels while hiking through Moran State Park to get to Cascade Falls. They were playing peek-a-boo behind the trees as if to say, “Catch me if you can!” The squirrel is another animal all about fun. The message is not to take life too seriously. Yes! Life can be and ought to be fun and full of life. And yet another animal that showed up for us on this trip was the beautiful bald eagle. Some of our group saw them face to face and some saw them during meditation. The Bald Eagle is an alluring creature and it has a very powerful spiritual message. It’s one of healing, creation, and illumination of spirit. The eagle inspires you to reach higher and stretch your limits. It gives us courage and a desire to become more. It’s a message of rebirthing.

Well, we certainly felt like we were being rebirthed on this retreat! Our group spent a lot of time together indoors as well, connecting, sharing our hearts, and doing energy work together. We laughed, we cried, we cheered. We felt a range of emotions and it was a magical time. We remembered our brilliance. We resolved negative energies, judgment, and things that no longer served us. We turned up our light, our brilliance, and accepted, embraced, and assimilated the dark energies with unconditional love and acceptance. We left our soul prints in the sand. We pledged that we would take the magic back home….hold the vibration of love, depth, unity, acceptance, and gratitude and take it back with us to keep forever. We would go home and “Just Glow.” That became our new tagline. 😉

So, all of these things are what I consider magic. And it’s so much more! They are the things that bring us joy, bliss, freedom, gratitude, and peace….and they can be found everywhere. They revitalize, restore, and rejuvenate. And the good news is that you don’t have to go all the way to Orcas Island, WA to experience it; it’s here in our own backyard, simple and profound. At any given moment, you can step away from the mundane to take notice of your wonderful world. Get out of your head and into your heart. Embrace it, accept it, allow it. Magic is where the heart is, and so is healing. We just have to have eyes to see it. It’s hidden in plain sight! ?











Sandy Anthony
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

2016: Transformational Warp Speed…

warpspeed… and dare I say it? Boldly going where we haven’t gone before (in exactly this way, at least)…

2016 has been HUGE in ALL ways… and the exponential curve of change continues to climb!

As the ego/separation-based mind is the creator of “Why?” (since we’ve forgotten), I could give you any of dozens of explanations to this, from the most vanilla to the most psychedelic and lusciously visual. There are many of them already out there in various spiritual discussions, forums, and messengers; you can consider all kinds of perspectives, from all kinds of practices… yet they’re all essentially different languages with the same messages that basically remind us what we already know, because we created it (and we’re LIVING it)! And, it’s different to every individual in the way they’re carrying it out; thus, different explanations will resonate with different individuals; it’s all about the filter of the individual journey.

However, we often spend so much time on the mind asking, “Why?” (a distraction) that we’ve forgotten what’s actually most important: our presence to the energy of NOW, and in whatever way works for us to remember how to navigate it from higher consciousness (rather than managing from the much, much more challenging ant’s view on the ground in 3D).

Are We There Yet? “Shifting Between” and “Stepping Through”… and HUGE Transformation

transformationsymbolsIf I could pick a symbolic mascot for the energy of this year, I wouldn’t be able to come up with one; I would say it’s a 4-way toss up between the snake, the butterfly, the dragon, and the phoenix. Get the picture? The intensity of the mascot would depend on the individual and their own level of resistance or acceptance.

2016 seems to the “shifting between” and “stepping through” year, in the biggest way I can remember! The extreme of shedding what we’ve been, of the old stories and roles that we used to prefer to define us and the old 3D-defined way of living, of the death hold grip on to the past in whatever doesn’t serve us in the highest and best way (which is a LOT).

This has gone on in a huge scale BOTH individually and through many levels of collectives (look at many of our political institutions, as one very fine example of this going on). Somewhere along the line, we jumped into Warp 9!

That’s a whole lot of transformation going on!

What this has manifested has been indicative (remember, everything’s a message) of anything left within that is holding us back from stepping unimpeded into “what’s next”… and that includes what we do the best to mask or hide, in the deepest recesses of our shadow side. Time to look at it, embrace it, love it… so it stops allowing us to limit ourselves.

There’s no avoiding it anymore.

If we haven’t been proactively doing this… then our Higher Self is doing it for us, in spades, telling us quite blatantly, “It’s time, NOW… for this to be done with!” Much of it is based in some deep form of self-loathing and beliefs of unworthiness in some way, shape, or form… all born from the experience of forgetting that we are ALWAYS Divine, ALWAYS whole, and never truly separate!

Because these manifestations bring up what the ego deems as most uncomfortable into the light of conscious attention, there’s often initially a LOT of denial by the ego in these situations – “I can’t help that I got into a car accident!” or “I’m just victim to ________________” (you name it, anything that can be blamed on what’s “out there”… though here’s the joke: NOTHING is “out there”; it’s simply a projection of what’s inside).

How this has manifested in being brought to the surface:

  • All kinds of physical ailments, often including those that can be considered life-threatening (I said the deepest recesses, didn’t I?) – cancer of all kinds, immune system dysfunction, disorders showing up from an organ or organs shutting down (like diabetes), allergies, joint pain/degradation (very often hips, knees, and ankles), and all kinds of what’s considered chronic illness;
  • Physical ailments of all kinds that are undiagnosable via “standard methods,” including aches, pains, and “medical oddities” of all kinds, which I often attribute to the physical body transmuting to a different form altogether;
  • Injuries and “accidents,” which are messages to “WAKE UP!” and look at something right in front of or behind us;
  • Death of all kinds in our realities, including loved ones, pets, relationships, jobs, habits, and living situations.

With such abbreviated timelines of resolution now in this manifested reality, in this tremendous year of shifting from “past” to “now” (and ultimately “next), in a magnificent, Universal way, the Higher Self knows the message has to be LOUD AND CLEAR for rapid addressing and resolution. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to the ego… but it’s effective, and productive, that’s for sure! We can make it as colorful, illustrative, or complex as we want, but eventually, we’ve been forcing ourselves to face and embrace full self-responsibility for our journey.

This is phenomenal, because it IS us forcing ourselves into even more rapid and complete – and TRUE – transformation; it also assures we re-align ourselves to exist in love and Wholeness/Oneness in ALL of thought, word, and deed… to come back existing consciously as our Divine Self, and to remember that true creation is based from THAT.

The way to actually navigating all of this has nothing to do with astrology, runes, predictions, channellings, light grids, or ANYTHING we want to use to externalize it (I’ve heard all too often, “Oh, this is terrible… can’t wait until __________ is over!” Or, “It’s the energy of ___________ that’s causing this to manifest in my reality!”). We can do everything we can to blame and/or to give our power away to outside influences, but it’s VERY important to remember though all are fabulous tools and faces we’ve created to remind ourselves as they reflect back to us in a way that can help align the mind/ego, that they are just that: tools. They are the message; NOT the cause! All that is outside of us is a PRODUCT/PROJECTION of what’s inside. My understanding, and a foundation of how my practice (and the Trinity practice) works – and it does, very effectively – is that we, as the Divine, have created everything we planned to forget in the illusion of separation. It’s when we forget (or refuse) to go fully inside to find the answers that we already have that we, from the Higher Self, project the messages to reflect back to us from what presents itself as outside of us. The more we go inside… the less that have to “remind” us on the outside. The more we go inside – and remember how to be IN-dependent – the more efficient it all becomes, because there becomes no more “going outside to go inside”… an extra step in the process.

We stop looking to others and tools being the conduits, the catalysts… then realize and step into remembering that we are that ourselves. And note that once we DO shift all of this to inside of ourselves, to make ourselves and our IN-dependence priority in the process, that’s when the magic really happens! 

All of these tools are a great help… as long as they don’t become crutches! Trinity Energy Progression itself is a tool I volunteered to bring here and now that, when used, serves to help open an accelerated path to remember all of this! Any/all energy healing modalities (including Reiki), medicine, words, practices are tools that we created from our Divine Wholeness. In fact, in Glastonbury this past spring, I was given yet another tool to share with the world to aid in all of this, the Water Flame, which we’ve discussed with those within the Trinity practice, and I will openly share publicly in the very short term. We’ve put all of this here – so many high-vibrational tools and TOYS – to help us remember our own Divine consciousness, so as we go along, we realize that all of it is our Self, our Whole… and nothing is separate. We can create representations in any form we want, but eventually, it’s important to remember they are just representations. The pure creation and infinite magic comes from within.

2016 and My Magical Journey

The Tor, Glastonbury, England (aka Avalon)

This year has been a huge evolution in presence for me! I’ve been guided to so many different places, here in the 3D – Glastonbury, UK; the Florida Keys; Mount Shasta, CA; shortly to Orcas Island, WA, along with many road trips that have come up via guidance – and what has come through to me throughout the year, in these experiences and more, has been so big that I’m just starting to be able to pull it together to share with others. AND.. I’ve been very actively focusing my consciousness throughout many other realms. I know that my remembrance has continued to open up exponentially this year (definitely Warp 9+ LOL), and it’s been a constant push by my Higher Self to step out of the freneticism of this dimension and physicality to observe and see the larger perspective from a larger inclusion level. There have been periods of time within this time/space continuum where I know I’ve functioned, and yet, I remember much, much more that has no words… and very little of the 3D functioning… though my client sessions, teachings, and tool production to help others on their journey have been phenomenal! (And, a side note: I’m SO blessed to have such a supportive and conscious husband who takes note of this, and “welcomes me back” warmly when I again shift my focus!)

2016 has been punctuation on the importance of releasing the belief that we “need to ground” and instead allow ourselves to remember the simultaneously full connection at ALL levels of consciousness, in all dimensions, including this one, without shutting out any of it. This allows us to consciously function beyond limitation of any dimension or any level of consciousness! Yes, we connect this part of our consciousness to the Earth, AND we allow constant multi-dimensional consciousness which also helps us to see the bigger picture from much more than our 3D mind. The reason for this importance is resolution at so many levels of consciousness, so much separation created throughout the Universe… and remembrance that we are ALWAYS part of the Wholeness, Oneness, or whatever you’d like to call the Universal Consciousness. And it’s when we can look through all of these levels simultaneously that we can allow them to resolve together, liberated from the partitions we’ve created to the nth degree… and exist consciously in completion.

waterflame400x400While I’ve been in quite an advanced mode of remembering how to do this and how to do it consciously and continuously… there are periods of no words and no identity; this is something I’ve (and we’ve) been VERY unused to here in the 3D! As I’ve watched from the Higher Consciousness of this resolution within me and within the collectives of which I’ve held specific roles, I’ve noted the dissolution of so much of the ego’s identities and roles… not just the 3D identities and roles, but also those at much, much higher levels of consciousness, including identities held within avatars, within collectives. And, because of this, there have been periods when I haven’t had any pull to do or be ANYTHING this year, which was a really new experience… where the ego kept on trying to insert a feeling of uncertainty and being lost as its “old job” was dying away. My guidance, during those continuous, energetically huge periods, has been to float in the bliss of remembering BEingness and trust that I’m supported in all ways, at all times! It caused me to pull back from many of my previous business activities and efforts, to let go of what I was doing before… so I could create the space that allows for “what’s now” and “what’s next” without any filter of identity, which ultimately limits us.

For quite awhile, I had no idea what that was… and instead, just sat in and remembered how to be comfortable in this Divine BEingness… and ENJOY my existence! When I did, lo and behold, the Universe provided abundantly, in more of an effortless manner than I’ve ever experienced and in many unexpected ways. Even with no identity, with no drive, no pull… things have all just happened in a way that flowed together, almost completely beneath my conscious radar.


Mt. Shasta, CA from Lake Siskiyou (photo courtesy of Suzanne Hubbard)

All of this simply prepared me for what was to come next: The challenge of conscious reassimilation of all separated parts. For an example, it’s like looking at myself here and myself in another timeline, another level of consciousness… and everything gets overlaid together, because, in essence, that’s the Whole. For simplicity’s sake, I might have, say only 2 lessons that cause small bumps in the road in one version of me… what happens when I overlay all of those pieces and parts of me, if each of them have 2 different bumps? It suddenly feels like a huge, overwhelming task as we set the intention to flow through, unimpeded, easily.

It’s sudden, and it’s fast. The Higher Self says, “OK, let’s finish this off… but free from distraction…” So, I get exactly what I choose… once the bumps are all cleared out of the way. This is the importance from managing from higher consciousness… as that has become my norm, I’ve more and more become unattached to the “bumps,” and then they just flow through and away, more and more easily… and I’ve simply flowed on.

Eventually, clarity comes in as what’s now and what’s next from the much, much higher consciousness.

As I said, there are very few words to describe a lot of this. I’ve embedded this post with far more understanding that the words can encapsulate! All I can explain is that I know I exist completely differently than I did coming into 2016… which is a lot to say! I’d say it’s been an attainment… but it’s really been further remembrance that’s become exponential as the illusion further strips away.

acceptanceMy result: I love this existence and the 3D part of my experience even more than I ever have! Even with all of what’s considered “the ugliness” of what’s around us, of the huge changes that continue in every day, of the metaphorical tower crumbling because the infrastructure doesn’t work for us anymore, what’s beautiful is the symphony of completion we’re conducting, and what we’re creating beyond that, of what’s starting to show as the rubble falls away. Don’t get me wrong… there’s a LOT more to go, but the Class 5 rapids have already begun; we can be obliterated by trying to stop in fear or resistance of any kind… or we can LET GO, flow with it, listen to and 100% trust the inner voice to navigate us through… and watch how we create as we go.

Are there challenging moments? Only when I/we choose to experience them that way…and when we forget to listen what’s within! When our mantra and conscious practice becomes aligning all thought word and deed in unity and unconditional love (which is what I and other Trinity instructors teach in the Self-Development via Divine Consciousness class as well as the Practitioner class), it changes the world even faster… and even more smoothly. So choose to let go of what’s crumbling and enjoy the ride into what’s now and what’s next!

As for me… next week, I’m off to a blissful annual retreat with the Trinity instructors – my amazing, beautiful, conscious soul family – tucked away in the remote Washington San Juan islands in the furthest northwest corner of the United States, where I KNOW we will join in pure love, other-dimensionality, play, and MAGIC, as we always do together! That’s all there is… carpe diem!











Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression


Ecliptic Cycles of Birth and Death

NicoleEclipseThere is newness in the air… and I’d like to share some thoughts.

I love to follow the moon cycles and the eclipse cycles. They teach me birth and death in some way. I was born in the spring, so I always feel magically rejuvenated, full of creativity. In the summer, all I want to do is play and slow down. Come September, I am ready to start up again with all the ideas I dreamed about during the heat and then the winter strikes hibernation, a time when I truly go within and reflect about what the year has brought me. Birth, death, birth, death…

Setting intentions has become a way of life over the past five years, especially at the new moon and during eclipses. I birth new ideas, the old, bad habits come up for review, I creatively construct a new reality and then more gunk comes up to clear away… birth, death, birth, death…

Anyone reading this has undoubtedly been working at a soul level for some time. Even though the understanding of my awakening took place five years ago, I know I was born with the purpose of truly stepping into my soul this time around, to unite my divinity with my physical vehicle on earth. The theme of my life has been/is LOVE. At this moment, my goal is ASCENSION (vibrationally being in a state of unconditional LOVE, amongst other definitions… but that one is mine, for now).

Every nook and cranny of my being has been rattled this lifetime around; I’ve loved with passion; I’ve had many losses and cried oceans of tears; I’ve experienced bliss and beauty of bearing children, creating art, travelling and experiencing breathtaking nature; my physical body has encountered many earthquakes through emotional trauma. Birth, death, birth, death…

It is my understanding that we are being forced to “feel” again (birth) , particularly those who have been numbed by medication, addictions etc., (death) to overcome deep, burdened fear from the constructs of the ego… It is my understanding that everything has its purpose to awaken souls to allow the process of ascension to begin NOW for those unawakened (birth).

This summer was interesting. I went through a birth and death process daily, it seems! The energy has been electric! 2016 is a “9” year, which is an ending of a cycle. So much has come up again for review, and the clearings have been so swift for me. It has almost felt like being on a roller coaster 24/7! I’ve noticed that it comes and goes so quickly now and I truly have felt much relief because nothing lingers… NOTHING! It feels oddly fortuitous. It is just not as difficult as it used to be!

September will host the last eclipse season of the year as well as the fall equinox. The energy is exhilarating! For me, this is yet another birth.

What are you birthing, creating, intending? How are you spreading love? I would truly enjoy reading what you have to proclaim!

Thank you for reading!









Nicole Camilleri
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner


It’s that time of the year when the caps, gowns, and tassels come out and the academic world advances another group of minds to their next level. I, personally, am watching my third child graduate from high school this month. Talk about a sense of completion. For both of us. She never missed a day in 13 years and I never missed making a lunch! Lots of days; lots of lunches!

I overheard her friends talk about how “special” this time is in life and how it is so important to have no regrets, do it all. The world is your oyster. You can do anything! Last year Is done and over, completed, finished. A fresh start. No missing assignments, no less than stellar grades to recover from. I started thinking well if it takes graduating to be special, what’s the rest of our lives – not special? Un-special? So I decided to take a closer look at this concept of graduating.

I was recently ordained into the Order of Melchizedek by Dan Chesbro. He referred to death as simply a graduation. I like that analogy. So when I began this analysis of the graduation concept, I thought why wait until you are done here in this physical plane to wipe the slate clean, when we can graduate anytime we choose?

Why not apply “graduation” to everything? I graduated from yesterday to today. I’m going to celebrate and make today all it can be so I’ll have no regrets. My slate is wiped clean and I am starting fresh. Yes, that feels good! Actually awesome. What shall I create for myself today knowing that I will again graduate to tomorrow? Something perfect and complete because I will never have today again. Taken further, I am graduating from awake to asleep…what do I want to create there too? Or I am graduating from these angry emotions to ones of peace…what do I want to create there?

You get the picture. The concept of “graduating” fuels our cycle of conscious creation. It allows and supports completion, the clean slate many long for to begin anew. Woohoo! Now that’s something to celebrate!

So in conclusion, I am graduating from this blog post knowing I created something special out of the seemingly un-special. I am graduating from the un-special way of life to a life of creation.

Congratulations to everyone for graduating from yesterday to today! I look forward to what we will create today!

Sarah Avignone






Sarah Avignone
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

Time for the “L” Word… (Ready for REAL Progression?)


Lord Voldemort image from imgkid.com, giova94

Lucifer, that is. Yep… that’s right. “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,” I guess some would say (outside of the Harry Potter world, LOL)… ESPECIALLY in spiritual circles!

Did that make you squirm? It’s DEFINITELY something to look at, then…

It’s quite an interesting observation that so, so many who consider themselves “lightworkers” never, ever, EVER align or connect themselves in any way to what we’ve created as the personification of darkness. So many claim to have ALWAYS been a “lightworker,” ALWAYS helped other people, ALWAYS been a healer. in ALL of their many, many lives…  you get the idea.

Let me interject here, first, on this topic alone… because I’m calling it. Not so!

It’s actually rather limiting (and simply convenient to the judgement-based ego) to only ever want to look at the “light” side of ourselves. We did, as the Divine expressing ourselves individually, create the perception of separation. What we consider darkness is simply different levels of separation; the darker something is considered, the more based in separation the energy of it is. All of the energies of separation – also, all of the energies and emotions of the ego – are also a part of what we consider the darkness. Resistance, fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, guilt, doubt, sorrow, pain, anger/rage, shame… anything that has anything but the complete energy of Oneness is based in separation. And, the more extreme, the more “dark” we consider it. So the “darkness” and every part of those emotions/energies… are one and the same. And we’ve carried them out in every which way, whether a little or a lot.

It’s so, so easy for us to say, “I’m the embodiment of _______” – whether it’s the Divine Mother, Archangel Raphael, Ascended Master St. Germain (or countless others) – and in that, we typically stop the searching for our experience. However, these are also masks behind which we hide… even the brightest, most enlightened individuals in existence. Because, by the way… it is my understanding that anything with an individual identity has an ego… and it is also my understanding that the ego was created to explore individuality and separation.

Why would we have created an entire existence of the perception of separation – the infinite, Divine beings that we are – without exploring it to all depths, all possibilities?

We’ve ALL explored, ALL of it.

Our traditional stance on “the battle of good vs. evil,” in the energy of fighting/resistance – simply creates more separation… and darkness… and simply perpetuates its existence. It’s time to remember that in the perception of separation that we created, we created the darkness, and it’s that part of ourselves (often called Shadow Work in spiritual circles) that it’s most, MOST important to look at straight on, accept… and LOVE, if we’re really ready to dissolve it once and for all.

Enter Lucifer. Or, rather, as I call him as I’ve experienced, Archangel Lucifer.

Image from TheGoldenAgeofAquarius.com

Image from TheGoldenAgeofAquarius.com

My active discovery, acceptance, and discussion of this topic – and the representation of this persona – started in a really, really unexpected way. Years ago, I was listening to a series of guided meditations that were put out by a group of lightworkers focused on helping all raise the vibration of the Earth for this “next phase.” I resonated with some of their meditations… I didn’t with some others. They had one called “The Resolution of Darkness”, and my guidance was to go through that particular one. So, I put my headphones on… and the guiding of the meditation took the participant to a cave, in which there was a burdened archangel in the darkness; one who had volunteered to take on the personification of the darkness, to be the reminder of what we have ALL created within ourselves, in creating ourselves. It’s been a huge job… and he was tired. The guided meditation went on – surprisingly, at the time – to thank Archangel Lucifer for taking on that role, and to release him of this duty, to bask in the light again.

Even more surprisingly – midway through this, I started sobbing uncontrollably. I felt this down to my very core… the gratitude, the love, and the wonderment of taking on the externalization of that which we have conveniently repressed away inside of ourselves.

What a healing that was!

Fast forward, a few years later, after I had been gifted with the remembrance of this amazing practice of Trinity Energy Progression™ – coming back to the remembrance of our Divine Self – to pass on and help with the resolution of duality, separation, and externalization of the Divine. This was well underway. I was contentedly on my way to acupuncture one morning, looking forward to my “out there” time on the table. I was sitting at a traffic light on the way to my acupuncturist’s office, when I heard the voice of my Higher Self say to me, “Call upon Archangel Lucifer, and ask to do a Trinity session with him.”

My first response to that was, “Say, WHAT?”

I listened for more… but all I heard was the repeat of the pretty solid direction from the Higher Consciousness. So, I tried it on for size – and then “put it on the shelf” as I continued on.  I tried to just let that go.

When I was on the acupuncture table, on my “way out” (trying to ignore the request), the voice came in even louder and more insistent.

And so I did.

I remember asking permission, asking if we could do such a session in Divine Consciousness. And, though I felt what for lack of a better word felt like a little hesitation, I did get acquiescence. I remember the session… and the melding… and it was the equivalent of feeling like I was literally weighed down with tons of weights underneath craggy, hard, cold rock. And yet, once we were “there,” even with the heaviness, we became one in the light… and as the light was “turned up,” it felt like an innumerable number of rivers of light started flowing through the rock, first in little veins, and then expanding throughout, even if it was still a bit heavy. The amazing part: At the end of this, when I was guided to stop, I felt a wave of gratitude, coming from and to me!

Shortly after this experience, I was guided to do the same a number of times, and each time, it became easier and easier, brighter and brighter.

At some point, I started “seeing” Archangel Lucifer in “light form” on occasion. In fact, there have been a handful of times that this persona has shown himself to me – in his light form – in the middle of a session, typically when a client if ready, willing, and able to look at and finally embrace/love even the darkest depths of themselves. He has explained in these sessions the purpose of the creation of “the darkness,” and separation – and how with that, we’ve created feelings, textures, colors (like the prism), everything we’ve loved experiencing through this existence. To me, he has also become the representation of the acceptance of the whole – the Oneness – regardless of what that looks like. ALL is within the Light; ALL is part of the Divine.

I know some of the most light-emanating individuals who have discovered in their self-focused development a very personal, historical relationship with Lucifer (from very different levels of consciousness)… and, though typically starting out as a VERY heavy realization, it has allowed them the core of some of their MOST accelerated spiritual growth!


Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel

If we look around, there are some interesting personifications of the resolution of the darkness. Not too long ago, in discussing this experience in a class I was teaching, I was provided with a reminder of the persona of Melek Ta’us (pictured here, with a name translated as the “Peacock Angel”); a prominent deity of the Yazidi pantheon. He is considered to be the redeemed/forgiven Lucifer.The story is that he cried and collected his tears for 7,000 years, and the tears were used to douse the fires of hell.

There is SO much more to share here… when you look closely throughout history, we have embedded within much of our mythology (including that within all belief systems) hints that this vital remembrance is crucial to our progresion, ascension… or whatever you want to call it. I’ll save that discussion for another day…

The point is this: As in Harry Potter… the fear of anything ebbs when we look at it and accept it straight on. Say the name out loud; remember that Archangel Lucifer is actually “He Who MUST Be Named” – accepting the whole of ourselves – as a part of our ascension, and  include just as much gratitude for this persona in the collection of those we’ve created for the whole of this experience! If there’s resistance and judgment on that… well, then you know what’s to be focused on within YOU. Because, when we begin to REALLY “walk the walk,” and TRULY live in the remembrance that we are all One, we are ALL Light and love – even the darkest parts of us and what we’ve created – we remember that we’re ALL just as connected with and a part of Lucifer as with Jeshua or any of the other personifications of pure, Divine Consciousness… and it’s time for us to remember, accept, and love that WHOLE within ourselves, so we can “game up”!

Much love and many hugs,








Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression