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Following Guidance, Living a Dream!

ClaudiaKoalaRecently, I took a 5-week excursion to Australia and New Zealand; my decision to go came from pure guidance. The time was now. I’d waited for this my whole life! I planned my life long dream to experience this journey with my son. Since I was a little girl, I always felt a connection, a magnetic pull to travel there one day, and this year I finally made my dream come true. The whole trip was beyond my dreams, just pure magic and beauty. It took my breath away, taking in the beautiful ever changing landscapes! It felt very safe everywhere and we weren’t afraid of all the “deadly critters” we’ve been warned about. We did encounter some beautiful exotic animals; we even had a chance to hug and pet a few koalas. That was such an amazing and sweet experience!

Seeing kangaroos, wombats, and so many more one-of-a-kind creatures has been so eye and heart opening. What a beautiful world we live in! I was driving on the left side of the road like I have been doing it all my life; it felt very familiar to me.

ClaudiaAUS3-bFrom the exciting and modern city of Sydney, with its iconic Opera House, to Uluru where we experienced the energy of the Big Rock and also Aborigine culture and art, to the Great Barrier Reef, where we drove more than 1800 Miles along the coast and through the Outback… we had a wonderful time! Sometimes we didn’t know where we’d sleep at night. We would just drive and enjoy the landscape and we always found a place before it got dark. We trusted that all was well and we are taken care of, no matter what… and we were! We tasted the freedom of a beautiful continent. In certain areas where we wanted to spend some more time, we made reservations with AirBnB; when we did that, we had the best time and connected with people and their lives. We spent my birthday in Byron Bay, hanging out at the beach watching the waves, surfers, and flower children and even some whales migrating out in the ocean. It was very peaceful, it felt like I was coming home to a place I haven’t seen in lifetimes.

ClaudiaAU-bWe even found some soul family Down Under, where we were welcomed with open arms; it was like we known each other for a long time! (In fact, just this week, I received an email from one of them, telling me that if the US implodes because of whoever wins the presidency this year, we would always be welcome and that they would have a bed for us. How sweet is that?) These heartfelt connections are amazing; it’s so comforting of a feeling that when you hug someone you’ve “just met,” it feels like coming home.

When I was planning our trip, I found an awesome Tesla energy device, I knew I had to go there and try it out. We only had a very short window to visit this awesome place in the mountains, and meet the inventor and creator of the magical Tesla Transcender devices. When I tried the two different energy devices, I felt so completely at peace. I saw energy moving and iridescent colors, I have never seen before. Some of my pain in my shoulders and in my body disappeared, I felt energy moving and working on me and around me. The vortex energy was out of this world! It felt like heaven. After the sessions, I had no worries and I felt balanced and happy; I was so fortunate to be able to bring the small portable prototype back to the US.  I have had wonderful experiences, also in healing sessions with others, too; what a wonderful discovery with this awesome device!

ClaudiaNZ3-bI’m so glad I found so many magical places in Australia and I that I brought a piece of that home with me (which I guess makes up for not being able to bring a cuddly Koala home!). Though there’s always another time to return… but right now, I’m ecstatic that I took the leap of faith and had such an amazing experience!

Dreams do come true… when we let them. We are the creators of our reality; carpe diem!

Cheers to that, Mates!

















Claudia Stevens
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner