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Simple Acts of Spreading Kindness



Note: This was written by Colby Hall, Trinity Energy Progression Instructor, the day after the U.S. Presidential elections, Nov ’16… and being posted in mid-December, with the political landscape just as chaotic… and during the end-of-year holiday season, providing stress for many this year; so of course, perfect!)

I had intentionally put off writing this blog until after the election, figuring that I would have lots to write about once the election was over.  But as I was in the shower on Election Day, inspiration struck (as it does so often when I’m in the shower), and I knew I had to write.

There’s something wonderful about a shower. I think it’s the perfect combination of the sound of the rushing water, the white noise from the exhaust fan, and the warmth that the water against your skin provides. Whatever it is, I find that in the shower I often go into a place of stillness and calm where my thoughts flow as easily as the water. So what was the thought today that led to this blog post? It was that I should text my mother and tell her I loved her. It was as simple as that. I thought about how that simple text would make her feel special and cared about, and how I hoped it would warm her up all the way down to her toes. It’s no small thing on my part either; I tend to find love difficult to express and therefore don’t express it nearly enough.

This idea blossomed into another – as my ideas tend to do when I’m in the shower – and I wondered what it would be like if even a small percentage of the population sent a random text to someone they cared about to let them know. It could be something as simple as “Hope you have a great day” or “Thinking of you.” It doesn’t even have to be words. I received a virtual bouquet of flowers from a friend of mine the other day who used a lot of different flower Emoji’s and sent the “bouquet” to me in a text.  Think of how special the recipients of these texts would feel, and then how that might change the way they approached everyone else they encountered in their day.  By one simple, small act, many lives could be changed.

I choose to perpetuate happiness as much as I can, to generate it within myself, and to do what I can for others to find it. I hope that you will join me in this endeavor. Although I am not a big Twitter user, I would love to see this go viral and for lots and lots of people to send a random text of caring to another as often as they feel inspired to do so.   We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness, so I thought I would call this #RandomTextsOfKindness. If even a few lives are brightened, it will be well worth the effort.










Colby Hall
Trinity Energy Progression Instructor/Practitioner

Love and Light

loveandlightThe fastest way to be the light
First love yourself with all your might
Then you will know which way to go
Where rewards come from – your heart aglow
White light, pure love – it’s essential
Sweet as it is, pure potential
Feel it now – and then release it
If just for a moment –  what a difference it makes
To love another as we do ourselves
What a precious gift, first to give and then receive
Love and light, yes that’s the key
That’s the way, no You and Me
But to be free, we come to be.


Tammy Taylor









Tammy Taylor
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner