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Jul 29

The Energy of BEing

There has been much discussion of transcending the increasingly frenetic 3D, healing ourselves and the world, resolving the stories of this existence, etc. Recently, in the ethers, I got beyond all of these experiences to a level of pure BEing. I perceived my blissful opalescent Soul/Source Energy surrounded by soft clouds. This vision made me think of a …

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Dec 01

Have You Hit the Wall (of the Mind)?

Even those of us most adept at the creation of our reality “hit the wall” sometimes. Recognizing and shifting, perspective by Dee Jones, Trinity Facilitator.

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Nov 17

Who I Am?

Then it hit me…without all of the responsibility, stories, guilt, judgment, and roles, who am I now? What is left? I feel like my mind/ego successfully maintained a rigid maze that I was allowed to explore and occupy and even expand as needed. My light could fill and even overflow this maze without any issue. It was Me. I mindfully managed Me.

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