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Jul 31

Remembering What We Already Know

This year has been an amazing year for me. I have done so much as far as travel and friendships. I’ve been to some amazing places and spent time with some amazing people. I got to see the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights in Iceland in January. I also visited a small fishing village on …

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Mar 23

My Thoughts Create My Reality

We can choose gloom and doom and complaining about what we perceive is less than perfect in our lives… or we can be grateful for what we’ve created! A personal observation of Bonnie Butler on the negativity in the world around us, and shifting herself from allowing that negativity to conscious creation from a better place.

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Nov 02

Trepidation or Trust?

Do you live in trepidation or trust? Learning to trust on the spiritual journey… an individual perspective on the experience.

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Feb 15

My Story and the Universe

My life, though awesome, was extremely challenging and difficult. Every one of us has challenging lives but we all carry the baggage differently. I began working on myself with the help of my mentors and new-found soul family as well as all of my new energies that I now have as part of me. The tools are amazing and I learn new things about myself and my spiritual life every day. I started forgiving myself. and letting go of so much that I carried. These energies have allowed me to become more the spiritual person I am supposed to be. I still have a ways to go but am moving forward every day. I do trust that the Universe has my back and will guide me in all that I do; I always have even when I didn’t realize it, and that is an amazing thing to know now that I understand it so much better. The Spiritual and the Universe are amazing and will take care of us if we just trust and let it.

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