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Jul 01

All That I Am

Silence In your stillness I surrender all things Light In your warm embrace I let go all shadows Heart In your space I give love all to feel Perception In your infinite gaze I see clearly all beauty Patience In your temperance I wait all to manifest Darkness In your depths I acknowledge all your …

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Jun 13

Time for the “L” Word… (Ready for REAL Progression?)

It’s time to look at it straight on: The role Archangel Lucifer has in resolution of the darkness and remembering our Divine Light.

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Aug 21

ALL is a Part of the Divine/Oneness

Can you accept, embrace, and love the Shadow inside of you? When we talk about “the Oneness” – what many call the Divine, Spirit, Source, God, Creator, etc. – it is inclusive of the total of EVERYTHING across the entire scope of creation, as part of infinite unconditional love. As the Divine Consciousness, we have created ALL …

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