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Nov 30

Taking Down the Pedestal

It happens to everyone; people put others on a pedestal for various reasons. For me, it all comes down to one reason; I was looking for something outside of myself that I felt I could not be myself. Notice what I said: I could not BE myself. It happens all the time in the spiritual …

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Jun 09

This Blog is SO Five Minutes Ago!

Now, five minutes from now, or an hour ago: Where are we? Changing at the speed of thought… and keeping up with it! A perspective from David Parent, Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator…

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Jan 12

Lowering Your Own Vibration for Others

It’s quite a different experience to be consciously aware of interactions with family and friends from “back home” when visiting; this includes lowering our vibration for multiple reason…

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Aug 08

Balancing Hunting and Having (and Do I Deserve It?)

© Mikaelmales | Dreamstime.com - Silhouetted Wolf Hunting At Sunrise Photo

The things I like (mostly music, a few TV series), I like to collect. I’m a moderate completist. I like to have everything by a band and listen to their creative arc over and over. I have a few friends who are just as nutty as I am about this and we can talk about …

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