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Happy Graduation, Granny!


J2, aka “Granny” – photo by Dave Eillifrit, from the Center for Whale Research

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of whales and dolphins. So the recent news of Granny Orca’s passing hit me close to home. For those not familiar with orcas, aka killer whales, they’re not actually whales, but the largest dolphins and the top predators in the ocean. They were originally named whale killers by coastal native american tribes, which was translated into English as killer whales.

There are three main groups of orcas near where I live: The largest group are primarily ocean-going ambush hunters of large fish and mammals. The Bigg’s or transient orcas travel between the ocean and the Northwestern coastal waters hunting mainly marine mammals. The Resident Killer Whales live year-round in the coastal waters off Washington State and British Columbia surviving mainly on salmon.

At an estimated 105 years old, Granny was the oldest known orca on record. She was the matriarch of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales J, K, and L pods. She was revered by naturalists, marine biologists, whale watchers and residents alike! Energetically, she was also a very high vibrational being whose consciousness transcended the orca population. Animal Communicator Mary Getten published a series of interviews with her in the book, Communicating with Orcas.

I’ve had the honor of connecting and working closely with Granny for the past two years. She regularly appeared in my energy sessions to assist with my clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual clearings, healings, and vibrational upgrades. I often felt her presence and called on her to join in the work I’m doing with human, animal and non-embodied beings. Her energy is loving, powerful and filled with light. I’ve come to love her, though we never met in physical form.


J2 aka “Granny” – photo by Janine Harles

On September 29-October 3, 2016 we held our Trinity Facilitator Retreat on Orcas Island (WA). When I connected with her spirit en route to the island, she and the orcas were thrilled that we were coming and supported our work there. Unbeknownst to me, the last official sighting and photos of Granny were dated October 12, 2016. I became increasingly aware of her waning physical presence in late October/November 2016. While she still participated etherically in my work, photos and reports of her sightings had ceased. I spent the last two months mourning her in advance. The thought of her no longer in the waters surrounding my home brought tears to my eyes.

In a joint session with Trinity Energy Pratitioner Christine Groenendaal on December 30th, I asked for clarification on her status. She appeared and let us know she’d gone into the mountains surrounding Puget Sound, but would continue to be present energetically to support the Ascension of humanity. On January 2nd, the Center for Whale Research declared Granny missing and assumed deceased.

Since her transition, she’s become an expression of infinite unconditional love for us and the planet. She’s delighted with her newfound freedom and potential, no longer struggling with near starvation, polution and military sonic blasts. Knowing Granny is liberated and yet still present has been a comfort to me. It’s helped me appreciate even more the concept of death as graduation, or my new catch phrase, an “exponential upgrade.” As we progress, I believe we’ll be seeing increasing numbers of transitions in both humans and animals. Amidst what may initially feel like a loss, I hope we can maintain the perspective of exponential upgrades, liberation and joy, both for them and ourselves!









Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Ecliptic Cycles of Birth and Death

NicoleEclipseThere is newness in the air… and I’d like to share some thoughts.

I love to follow the moon cycles and the eclipse cycles. They teach me birth and death in some way. I was born in the spring, so I always feel magically rejuvenated, full of creativity. In the summer, all I want to do is play and slow down. Come September, I am ready to start up again with all the ideas I dreamed about during the heat and then the winter strikes hibernation, a time when I truly go within and reflect about what the year has brought me. Birth, death, birth, death…

Setting intentions has become a way of life over the past five years, especially at the new moon and during eclipses. I birth new ideas, the old, bad habits come up for review, I creatively construct a new reality and then more gunk comes up to clear away… birth, death, birth, death…

Anyone reading this has undoubtedly been working at a soul level for some time. Even though the understanding of my awakening took place five years ago, I know I was born with the purpose of truly stepping into my soul this time around, to unite my divinity with my physical vehicle on earth. The theme of my life has been/is LOVE. At this moment, my goal is ASCENSION (vibrationally being in a state of unconditional LOVE, amongst other definitions… but that one is mine, for now).

Every nook and cranny of my being has been rattled this lifetime around; I’ve loved with passion; I’ve had many losses and cried oceans of tears; I’ve experienced bliss and beauty of bearing children, creating art, travelling and experiencing breathtaking nature; my physical body has encountered many earthquakes through emotional trauma. Birth, death, birth, death…

It is my understanding that we are being forced to “feel” again (birth) , particularly those who have been numbed by medication, addictions etc., (death) to overcome deep, burdened fear from the constructs of the ego… It is my understanding that everything has its purpose to awaken souls to allow the process of ascension to begin NOW for those unawakened (birth).

This summer was interesting. I went through a birth and death process daily, it seems! The energy has been electric! 2016 is a “9” year, which is an ending of a cycle. So much has come up again for review, and the clearings have been so swift for me. It has almost felt like being on a roller coaster 24/7! I’ve noticed that it comes and goes so quickly now and I truly have felt much relief because nothing lingers… NOTHING! It feels oddly fortuitous. It is just not as difficult as it used to be!

September will host the last eclipse season of the year as well as the fall equinox. The energy is exhilarating! For me, this is yet another birth.

What are you birthing, creating, intending? How are you spreading love? I would truly enjoy reading what you have to proclaim!

Thank you for reading!









Nicole Camilleri
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner