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Jan 15

How Can I Love You?

Five words that could change the way you think about how we communicate and listen to the ones we love. This past summer I had the privilege of attending a PSI (personal development) seminar. It was a wonderful experience that I was fortunate enough to attend with my spouse. There were interesting break-out exercises .that …

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Jan 31

A Work in Progress

I am currently working on a painting that is evolving with every layer. It is a vibrant and messy work in progress that has changed and morphed in and out of chaos and subsequent order. I do not judge it; I let it evolve and flow out of me in perfect timing. I trust. We …

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Aug 17

Mystic Artist

With Joy I return To that which makes me happy Creation at my fingertips In that space where I become one with all Flowing colors transporting me to other worlds In a zone that holds no time and space Fully immersed in the moment Bursting with hues that sing to me the light language of …

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Apr 01

Messages… and Shedding Sacrifice

Messages are everywhere, including in our day-to-day likes and dislikes, and what we avoid and attract; sometimes we need to hear it loud and clear – out of context – to finally listen! A personal experience by Trinity Facilitator Debi Weinstein…

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Nov 11

Putting the Pieces Together – I’m Worth It!

Are you worth taking note of and acting upon what your Higher Self/the Universe is telling you? Are you listening? There really are SO many messages!

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