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Feb 26

Bored? Detached? Consciously (Un)Familiar Territory

I am inspired about a conversation we had in a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Share the other nigt.  Conversation came up about how we are tired of the game, and that there is a reluctance within us to respond, engage or feel anything toward the 3D stage and all the absurdity that is being played …

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Feb 28

Creation Reminders as Spring Begins to Bud

The other morning I was on the front porch, sitting comfortably on the hanging wicker chair. I was gently swinging and nestled on a thick cushion, surrounded by and propped up with pillows. The sky was clear and blue and the sun was peeking through the pine trees. Bright bands of light touched my skin, …

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Sep 14

Connecting the Dots

My brain feels heavy and it has been arduous in processing ideas. I cannot say what is causing this resistance in writing! In response, I sat down with pen and paper the other day in the middle of the floor nestled between my two dog friends. That action spurred on some idea brain mapping and …

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Apr 14

Sifting Through the Stuff

Knowing about the benefits of energetic clearing by letting go of the material “stuff” we hold on to is one thing… actually letting go of it can be quite the process! Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Dee Jones’ experience of sifting through “the stuff” on her own journey…

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Dec 01

Have You Hit the Wall (of the Mind)?

Even those of us most adept at the creation of our reality “hit the wall” sometimes. Recognizing and shifting, perspective by Dee Jones, Trinity Facilitator.

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