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Dec 21

Celebrate Life this Festive Season (and ALL the Time)!

How are you progressing through the end-of-year holiday season? Are you able to celebrate life, and enjoy every moment? Can you let go of that which doesn’t serve you? Look at the vibrancy… a perspective by Trinity Facilitator Sandy Anthony.

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Feb 05

We Are Limitless!!!

Starting anew can’t begin without the crumbling away of the old first. A reminder from Spirit to me this new year has been to recognize the beauty of rebirth from destruction. This includes the destruction of the negative patterns or beliefs we have held onto for perhaps many years. Old programmed beliefs that we fail to see in ourselves can come to light at any time within our consciousness to be released and healed … thereby ending our own suffering.

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Jan 20

Just look at it

I have been going through a very difficult time the last several months ….. perhaps it’s really I lost faith in myself.

I can’t say for sure why this is happening, but I’m resisting so hard. Or, at least I was. Many fears, many ego-driven emotions are driving this resistance. But, just my unwillingness to look at it was making it far worse. I didn’t want to let go of that part of me that pitied myself. I didn’t want to stop loathing myself. For whatever reason I wouldn’t stop, I cannot say why. I think it’s because it’s an addiction; it has been a huge part of my identity for a very long time. I have no idea who I am without it. It was also clear I didn’t want to look internally as I wasn’t reaching out for support.

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Aug 31

Love Is All You Need

So many of us are spiritually awake now. We are searching for ways to raise our frequency. Ways to strip away our partitions and to fully awaken our soul’s path. I think we can all agree that once you are spiritually awake to the truth, it is very hard to go back to who you …

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