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Jul 07

The Magical Moment

A moment in time, is just a minute of magic. For this is where it all begins–all of creation—in this moment. It’s the inception point, the genesis of origination. Of a thought, an idea, a concept, a dream. It’s the platform of blastoff …to limitlessness and form. The moment leads to the beautiful dawn, and …

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May 25

You can see the Divine in yourself, mirrored in each other’s eyes!

Recently I went to a workshop at Vincent Genna’s and we did an awesome exercise, where we paired up with a stranger, someone we haven’t worked on before or didn’t know. There was beautiful spiritual music playing in the background. Our task was to sit across from each other and to look into each other’s …

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May 10

Remembering Our Inner Essence

I am the universe. I am the galaxies, the earth, the sun, the stars, the moon, the grass, the trees, the animals, the people, and beyond. We are all one consciousness. I believe that we all come on the earth and other planets that we do not consciously know of, lifetime after lifetime to live different experiences and to learn from them. I also believe that we exist for a reason. We all have something to offer the world and it is our goal to find out what that is.

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Mar 27

Dance in the Flow of Life

Freedom and creativity doesn’t always come easily for people. It hasn’t always been easy for me. There was a day when I didn’t allow myself to open up and play with the creative path. I was usually stuck in my mind and I didn’t pay attention to my inner needs. I was living more for others and the purposes of others. I lacked deep purpose and worthiness. This path was very unfulfilling because a BIG part of me was missing. I woke up one day realizing my emptiness and said “enough is enough.” I resolved to “Dance a new Dance”.

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Mar 23

Living Ascension

It all resonated with me. Little did I know that was the easy part of this journey. I realized that in order to truly step into who I am, I have to really know who I am. I have to put my self out there. Everywhere. Step out of the spiritual closet. All the way, not just with close friends and family, but with everyone. Facebook friends, Linked-in people, strangers, neighbors, and anyone who would stay and listen to what I had to say. Oh, then there’s what I have to say. What is it?

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