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A Divine Feminine Pilgrimage Opens My Heart

Sante Baumes

This past January I had the pleasure to walk in the footsteps of the Divine Feminine in Southern France. At the time of my travels it felt too sacred to share my experiences. I had yet to integrate the Energy Shift that happened there and opened my heart.

I felt so blessed to be able to visit this pilgrimage place, where the three Mary’s landed with their little boat in France, after expulsion by persecution from the holy land. They traversed the Mediterranean in a frail boat, and landed in Southern France, at a place called Sainte Maries de la Mer. They also honor Sainte Sara, patron saint of the gypsies, every year.

When I stepped into the Church in Sainte Maries de la Mer, I felt the peaceful Energy right away. Stepping down into the crypt, I saw a statue of Sainte Sara, the Sainte of the Gypsies.  I was overcome by a holy presence and felt such gratitude and a light all around. I shivered from the Energy in the room. It was a one of a kind experience.

After we left the church we we ran out of time to go on a Ferry to see the wild horses of the Camargue. I said jokingly to my fellow travelers, “I am not leaving until I see the wild horses!” A minute later, they showed up on the side of the road. Talking about instant manifestation! I stopped the car and we admired the wild horses. I thanked Sainte Sara, as I felt it was she, sending us the horses to see.

There are things in this world that cannot be explained, they have to be felt with an open heart. When we bought souvenirs in a little gift store next to the church, we were all gifted a hand drawn picture and a bracelet of Sainte Sara. It all felt very connected to the Divine Feminine.


On our trip we also visited, the Pope’s Palace in Avignon, then Lourdes. There in the Grotto of Massabielle, where the Virgin Mary appeared to a Young woman in the 1800’s, we collected Holy Water for my healings and house blessings.

The Grotto in Sainte Baumes, on the side of a mountain, where Mary Magdalene supposedly lived for thirty years in the cave, had an amazing hike up and view. Interestingly, the Church there displayed her skull as a sacred relic. But nothing matched the experience of Sainte Sara. I really connected with her essence and spirit. It was a very sacred journey and lots of divine Energy to integrate.  I anchored the light in most holy places where we visited and connected to the grid.

While traveling, we saw the “Yellow Jacket” movement every Saturday. People are protesting and standing up for their rights, and economic justice, in every major city in France. So, we almost got stuck in the middle of a demonstration in Nimes. People are waking up all over the world.

Since arriving back home, I feel another shift in my life, grateful to be alive and to experience the joys and pleasures of life. I had a truly a heart opening experience on this pilgrimage. I’m so grateful to my friend and her daughter to travel to these sacred places together. Because of this, I feel ready to manifest the next adventure with an open heart to connect to all there is.








Claudia Stevens
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Who Am I…?

       Sunrise at Wrightsville Beach, NC 11/18

There’s so much changing, so rapidly. We’re evolving at speeds beyond thought, and it can be breathless at times! More and more, we’re being called from Higher Consciousness (whatever one wants to call it) to step into our full Divine potential.

It’s overwhelming to many, and the ego often shies away from it, especially when we first glimpse the totality of our potential, of the huge shoes we’ve set out for ourselves in these times… to help us take huge leaps.

Why would we do it any other way?

Except, in general (with the exception of an infamous few), we’re not used to stretching ourselves and living to our potential. We’re used to – and have become accustomed to – “good enough.”

What’s “good enough”?

That’s different for each individual. In general, “good enough” implies that we have to strive to attain a sense of comfort that isn’t emergent. It comes from a sense of lack; that we are deficient, imperfect, and have to get something or create something outside of us to be “comfortable” (or happy).

For some, it’s being able to “pay the bills.” For others, it’s having someone present with them at home so they won’t be alone. And for yet others… it’s just coasting through life without anything major happening. No “bumps in the road.”


I always say that “being comfortable” is one of the biggest detriments to spiritual (and all kinds of) growth, because the ego will do everything it can to stay in that box of comfortable once it gets there, believing that if one leaves that box, the unknown is scarier than the known.

Yet, the Higher Self is calling… because there’s far more, and at some level, we know it.

It’s time to claim our natural state, which is the realization of our potential, in pure, ecstatic bliss. Living in a place where the heart feels like it’s going to explode from love in every minute, for the Self and for everything around us… because it’s all a reflection of the Self. Loving everything we do, everyone we see, completely and unconditionally in every moment to help hold a higher vibration of the planet as it shifts completely into a new realm.

We’re so unused to that that the ego finds allowing this, full throttle, as extremely uncomfortable for many reasons.

On the day I took the picture above, I was staying briefly with my daughter in Wilmington, NC (she’s in college there), before we headed back home for Thanksgiving. And, whenever I’m there and the sky is somewhat clear, I head to the beach 15 minutes away to watch the sunrise.

With almost every individual I’d spoken that week – client, student, friend, etc. – this discussion had come up. Remembrance and glimpses of potential, and one’s “purpose.” In almost every situation, instead of jumping for joy, the individual would become overwhelmed, come to me, and say, “Why me? Who am I to do that?” 

While I sat on the beach, meditating in the beauty, the perfection, of my surroundings, I pondered on that. It felt very familiar, and reminded me of when I first had what I deem my “Grand Awakening” in 2009; I’d had some visions, had been told by guides/guidance… and I felt more than overhwhelmed.

“Why me?” I remembered asking. “Who am I to do that?”

Then the rapid progression of Remembrance, more and more, being pushed to jump off the proverbial cliff, and doing so by going into this business, committing my life to this spiritual work, giving up another perfectly fine business in another field that had become quite profitable… and comfortable. 

Not even a year after I committed to this calling, this business, full time… I was gifted with the download of Remembrance that brought in the practice of Trinity Energy Progression. As I felt it, knew it, Remembered it, and felt it to be far, far more powerful than any of the practices in which I’d previously been trained… guidance was strong, loud, and clear: Teach this. Spread it. It wil help others to exponentially accelerate their Awakening and Remembrance process. And the guideline was very clear: To begin teaching it within a few months from when this came in to me.

Again, I asked, “Why me? Who am I to do this?” The ego was screaming. “After only doing this full time for less than a year? What will others think? How can I have credibility when I’ve only been doing this for a year?”

The Voice of the Higher Self said, DO IT. 

I asked again, “Who am I to do this?”

This time, I heard in reply, “Who are you NOT to?” 

So I did. The pull was too immense; everything lined up to support me doing it.

And thus began the practice of Trinity Energy Progression, in January of 2012… and it’s done nothing but blossom into itself. It’s helped me blossom into me… But that’s not what this is about.

Recently, this year, I’ve been guided that it’s time for “what’s next”… to go even further, that I’ve only done a portion of what I’ve committed to do in this life thus far, and I can feel the urgency of this “next step.” This time, I mostly accept, because I know better, and I trust that voice egging me forward far more than I did at first. (I also know that if I don’t listen, it will get louder and louder again, until there’s nothing else I can hear!)

No complacency allowed! LOL Though I will admit, there’s been a slight – very slight – bit of hesitation and resistance.

Since I have so many around me who are asking that question: “Why me? Who am I to…” loud and clear… obviously there was a piece of it still under the surface in some hidden crevice of mine, so that others had to reflect it back to me in this way. I pondered this as I sat on the beach this brisk, beautiful November morning.

I breathed deeply, closed my eyes, and expanded my energy out, as one with the sand, one with the ocean, the sky, the sun. These moments… are pure bliss.

As I flowed with the ocean, the breeze, traveled like light, solidified as the sand… I heard all of the pieces, all of us One as the Divine Consciousness of which we are a part.

Who would the piece of sand be to NOT be a piece of sand, as it formed itself in this reality in the whole of things, and reach its potential as it embodied itself? If it didn’t with the other facets of Divine that have chosen such form, there would be no beach.

Who would the drop of water be to NOT be a drop of water that has formed through constant alchemy in the perfectly interconnected ecosystem of the multidimensional Earth be to not fulfill it’s intended purpose, to be one of many drops that make up the ocean, that nourishes so much and so many?

Who would the atoms be to NOT be the atoms that create the energy of the sun in the perfect formation they’re in to create the constant furnace that heats this planet and the others in the solar system?

From the whole of the Multiverse… there is no “NOT”; the perception of “NOT” is an illusion created in the illusion of separation. So, in that perspective…

Who are any of us to NOT be the full potential of the Divine embodied in the note we’ve created as ourselves to play out and complete this amazing, Multiversal symphony? That’s all of what we are; anything that holds us back from being that full note are all ego-based limitations (fear, anxiety, anger, regret, etc., etc.) that are in the perception of separation. When we let go of these limitations, we are able to embrace the full potential of our Divine Self… because then that’s all we know how to be.

It was at the beach that morning that I let go yet again – to the water, the sun, the sky, and the land… and finally embraced the potential of what’s next for me, with gratitude, joy, and piece.

Because, after all, who am I NOT to?

Much love,









Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression


Taking Down the Pedestal

pedestal-carry-finalIt happens to everyone; people put others on a pedestal for various reasons. For me, it all comes down to one reason; I was looking for something outside of myself that I felt I could not be myself. Notice what I said: I could not BE myself. It happens all the time in the spiritual community. And it may not be one sided; the person on the pedestal, consciously or unconsciously, knows they are on it and some want to keep it that way.

I did this with girlfriends. Without someone who loves me, I wasn’t complete. I did this with my mother; she’s always right because she yells the loudest. That may not seem like a reason to put someone on a pedestal, but when you’re young, there are no requirements for this. It just happens. My mother was one of those where the person felt they should be on the pedestal. Why? “Because I’m the mother, that’s why!” That’s what I mean by yelling the loudest. Why did she yell loudly? Because she is exclusively externally validated.

What I’ve realized about myself is I’ve taken people off of the pedestal, but the pedestal remained. When I’ve taken people off, there is a pull away from that person. Usually this has been precipitated by a blow up that confuses me. I try to figure out what is going on while my ego is also trying to grab the ground it feels is rightly its own. But I focus on the conversation and what’s being said because the other persons’ ego is doing the same thing. I ask honest questions and unwittingly aggravate the situation and feel more confused by it.

An unconscious message I received from my mother was that I am responsible for other peoples’ feelings. If I upset anyone, it’s my job to make them feel better along with fixing the situation. That’s where this all comes from. When this situation is happening, I am being the mirror to the other and the other is getting more and more upset with me for reflecting back what they’ve said and I get confused. That’s my part of keeping this going is the confusion because I keep asking questions based on what was said and what was said was ego based and doesn’t hold up under questioning.

I have been on the other side of this fence many times also. It’s not a pleasant experience when I calm down, and it would feed my big sense of unworthiness at that time. It said, “See? See what happens when you talk about how you feel and it’s upsetting to someone else?” How I felt was never taken into consideration at all… and what that can do is create someone who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings because the message is “emotions are too painful.”

This year (2016) I had some soreness in my left wrist and the top of my arm. Nothing happened to make it so, it just slowly showed up. I would do yoga and realize there were positions I had a harder time doing because of my wrist. I also realized my balance seemed to be worse than I remember it. Doing the Tree position was always a challenge, but I had gotten better at it. Suddenly, it seemed I really couldn’t hold it even for the brief time I had been able to. I couldn’t stop wobbling. The same with the Warrior Two movements; those I never had a balance issue until this time.

So, with all of the above in the background, I had another back-and-forth with a close friend. This wasn’t the first one, but it was a side I started to see more of with this person and the same scenario above played itself out. When this happens, I have the hardest time letting it go until I feel I understand the whole thing. I let myself get locked into a loop. A day later, after unplugging from it by doing something for myself, it came into focus; I had this person still on a pedestal. I say still because I was already aware I had done that, but I thought I had taken care of it. I hadn’t, so I did right then in meditation.

I realized not only did I have this person on a pedestal, but also I was holding the pedestal up. Why would I create a pedestal and not be the one to hold it up? It’s mine so I’m going to hold it. Picture that; there is someone on a pedestal, under them is the pedestal (I always pictured it as a solid marble Roman column), under that is me holding both up. Not only did I put myself under the person, but also I am under the pedestal, which is also my creation. I am below my own creation. The pedestal deserves more than I give myself because it holds the person who “makes” me feel better about myself. But the old patterns still apply; if that person “makes” me feel bad, it’s their responsibility to “make” me feel good, right? For me: yes and no. Yes because of the pattern, but no because I am unworthy to feel good because I have “made” people feel bad in the past, so, in the long run, no.

I have done this with women most throughout my life, and this case was no different. The next morning I put it together that maybe the soreness in my wrist and arm was because I was holding up a person and a pedestal and it made sense since the left is the feminine side. I went into meditation and removed the person and the pedestal. The next day I did a couple of exercises that used my wrist and upper arm and they were not sore at all. I did Tree and Warrior Two and my balance was like I remembered it.

What is striking about this is the soreness I had felt for months on and off. I felt it was telling me this is coming to the surface. By being aware of it for months, it would be in the forefront of my consciousness when the reason for it being there came up. It also pointed out to me what I was being shown all along but avoided seeing until now: The reason this kept happening was because I wasn’t fully aware I kept doing it. Each time it happened was a chance to change it and I never took it until now because I didn’t feel worthy enough to totally rely on myself for what I always looked for outside of me: completeness, wholeness and unconditional love of myself. I will say the soreness didn’t completely disappear initially, though it was less sore. It would come and go but not as much or often. Sometimes it can take a little time to work itself out while I’m still meditating on what came up. As I write this, I don’t think about it as much because I no longer vibrate at that frequency.

Things were sorted out between my friend and I. We each looked within ourselves and dealt with whatever was being shown to us. We didn’t need to talk about it afterwards. Now rather than having only two points marked ‘black’ and ‘white’, I’ve allowed the full color spectrum and relationship to exist anywhere on that line. The reason the only choices were black and white was because of the void I looked to be filled by someone else. Either you did it or you didn’t. And the reason it always failed was I never said to that person, “I am looking for someone to fill this. Will you be that person?” It was all internal and the other had no idea it was happening. Actually, they usually did have a feeling, all the way to a knowing it was happening, as did I except when I was submerged in it. I now live on an infinite continuum rather than two confined points. The only way I can achieve that is to allow myself to be anywhere on the continuum.

What brought these experiences to me was the energy of the pedestal. It brought people to me, not to fill the void I felt I had, but to make me aware of the pedestal itself so that I would consciously remove it. The whole process was agreed upon at a higher level. What’s important to me is my end of it and how I feel based on living my truth. As long as I know I am in that, that’s all there is. And it’s the same for the other person but their truth may not sync up with mine. How can truth not sync up with itself? The more you delve into details, the more ego is involved. But someone can still disagree with someone else about something and still be living their truth. On a higher level, the truth is about something more broad and expansive. Just because we disagree on something doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. That’s the bigger truth. It does sync up with someone else’s truth because it’s the same truth. The higher you go, the more truth syncs up with itself because there are fewer of them. The lower you go, the less it does. And what looks like a disagreement on the lower level may be a higher-level thing playing itself out. For me, it’s living my truth and allowing a disagreement to exist between another and myself and continuing to love that person and myself. That was baffling to me because the shock I absorbed when I was young was, “You agree with me on everything regardless of whatever else I do or say.” That’s where all the mirror questions would come from and they were scary to say because there was always ‘consequences.’ An intense energy coming at me in the form of “Accept what I am saying and stop questioning me,” which is merely showing the lack of self-worth from the other and myself because if it’s in my reality, I asked for it to be there for a reason.

It is an amazing lesson to finally learn. The more you resist becoming aware of the lessons you ask to learn before incarnating, the more intense they are going to come to you until you get it. It may make an exciting story, but it is not needed. We don’t need to learn lessons by intense situations. That energy can be better spent moving more freely and progressing your soul. At the end of your life, you could be at the 600-mile marker or have gone so far that you went off the planet and don’t need to come back. You achieved all. And that choice is unique to everyone.











David Parent
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

I Am

IAm2I am the Wholeness
The All, the One.

I am the Goddess
And God within.

I am Sophia,
Lilith, Magdalene.

I am eternal
And always have been.

I am Isis,
Pélé, Kali.

I am that am
And ever will be.

I am Jesus,
Buddha, Brahman.

I am the light,
The dark and between.

I am life,
Love, energy.

I am!











Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Magical Moment

A moment in time, is just a minute of magic.

For this is where it all begins–all of creation—in this moment.
It’s the inception point, the genesis of origination.
Of a thought, an idea, a concept, a dream.
It’s the platform of blastoff …to limitlessness and form.

The moment leads to the beautiful dawn, and something spectacular takes shape.
In advance of our dreams, in advance of our imagination.
There is formulating something new….the silent aurora of creativity.

Within our hopes, within our desires,
The invisible comes to life.
What lies within us also lies beyond us and around us,
and leads us to wakening the vibration of vision.

Creation begins with trust. With trusting this moment.
Surrendering to this moment and watching it unfold.
It may be invisible, it may seem intangible.
But what’s formulating is much, much more than what meets the eye.
What’s happening is magical and wondrous… for energy follows thought.
It may seem like a bubble, a fancy, it’s a pipe dream.
If we just let go and let be….the vibration will continue and it will take form.
The magic takes over….and a miracle occurs. Fantasy becomes reality.

For in our whims of creative thought, in our vagary of perceptions,
Lies a deeper truth, a hidden concept of infallibility.
It’s our true self waiting to emerge, wanting to unfold.
Our dream self–our higher self–which is actually our AUTHENTIC self,
Bursts out in joy and enthusiasm….in the revival of our IS-ness.
Awakening our truths, awakening our origins, awakening our Magic within.

From this awakening follows innate understanding.
Energy dances and energy glows.
Rainbows become gold…wishes become butterflies.
Sparks become waterfalls….dreams become castles.
It’s an inside job. From the inside out.
The vibration of vision….wow, what possibilities to the people.
Remarkable manifestations that began in a moment. A moment in time.

For what we discover, we knew all along……
We are Divine Creators and we are Divine Creation. This truth is in our heart of hearts and soul of souls.
It’s an infinite truth. We knew it all along, but chose to forget.
Now we choose to awaken….we choose to remember.
It’s a path of excitement and freedom….. imagination and flow.
There is magic on the path and we knew it all along! We felt it! It was Grand, it was Complete.

We accept, we embrace, and we allow…..all that is igniting within.
We own it, we become one with it. Now, it’s time for the next moment.
To spring into action. To live our new creation. It’s exciting, it’s invigorating, it’s amazing.
One moment leads to the next…a Conscious Creative Cycle…and it continues to flow….

Endless possibilities, hopes, and dreams.
We are the CREATORS. We are limitless. We are eternal.
The moment goes on and the magic is clear.
Awareness of the moment leads to the vibration of vision.
What will you do with YOUR Magical Moment?
A moment in time, a minute of MAGIC.


Sandy Anthony





Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™