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FearWhen did I first know fear?

– Was I afraid of being born into this world while I was still in the womb?

– Was I afraid to be separated when the umbilical cord was cut?

– Did my mother pass along fears she may have had during my birth as a result of her miscarriage before her pregnancy with me?

– Was I afraid of moving from the protective darkness of the womb into the light of the world?

I continue to wonder if fear is innate to the human experience, and if so, if fear is something we need to learn to live with so that it empowers rather than impedes us. Maybe security blankets and night lights are just the beginning of ways we learn to live with it when we are babies. And then what?

Throughout my life, I have experienced the duality of fear:

– Fear of not knowing; fear of knowing

– Fear of being lost and alone; fear of losing myself in others

– Fear of looking at my authentic self in the mirror; fear of not recognizing who I see

– Fear of being too smart; fear of not being smart enough

– Fear of the unknown; fear of the known

– Fear of the dark; fear of the light

– Fear of making the wrong move; being frozen with fear

– Fear of failure; fear of success

– Fear that happiness is temporary; fear that sadness isn’t

– Fear of loving too much; fear of loving too little

– Fear of feeling smothered by love; fear of starving for love

– Fear of being in a relationship where my authentic self isn’t flourishing; fear of being alone

– Fear of knowing myself; fear of not knowing who I am

My journey has enabled me to realize that my fears are based on not fully loving myself unconditionally. Fear may live in our past. But I have realized that in each moment of our present, we have a choice to love ourselves unconditionally, and in doing so, to say no to living in fear.

I am still learning how to:

– Live with fears that arise by observing them and seeing how they could serve and empower me rather than sabotage and impede me.

– Open my heart and let unconditional love and light lift me out of fear

– Transform fear into something I can live with and not in, so that my authentic self can flourish

RejoiceAs I reframe my perspective on fear, I am reframing/transforming acronyms for F.E.A.R. into:

– Forget Everything And Remember

– Face Everything And Rejoice

– Feel Excited And Ready

– Forget Everything And Relax

– Face Everything And Remember

– Fortunately Everything is All Right

– Feel Entirely Absolutely Resourceful

What does F.E.A.R. stand for to you?










Sandi Newton
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Have You Hit the Wall (of the Mind)?

brickwallI have to admit, I feel up against a wall. I have been rushing toward opening up and allowing myself to feel free flowing happiness, love, laughter, content, joy, bliss, sheer BEingness and then…WOMP. I found myself pressed against the wall. All those wondrous feelings, states of being, mind satisfying vibrations seem to be on the other side of the wall. I know they are all there. I feel so close…a breath, a hair, an instant away, but this darn block is preventing me from melting, joining, receiving, transforming to it.

I do not feel disappointed that it is not so. I feel confused. I look upon it as a dog cocking its head in puzzled confusion. I am engaged with this mystery in a sense of loving wonderment. I sense a strangeness or a weirdness as to why this is so. It feels like typing a password into the computer and nothing happens. So we type it in again expecting it allow us entrance, and then nope, nothing. Nothing changed. It may have been awhile since last tapping in. Is it possible we forgot? No, we wrote it down. Questions surface, did I change it? Did it expire? Is something wrong? I know I know this.  What is going on? And there it is.  It is the questioning of what is really going on and why is this so. The thinking part of the mind so at grip to this.

The softer side, emerges and says let it go, let it just be. Remove the force of the thought against it.  Lay back and drift with it. Let go and allow it to just become one with us.

This translates to me as taking a step away and allowing it to come from the peripheral. I have been focusing too hard on the need, the desire, and willfulness to make it so. So it is time to step away from the wall for a moment to allow the necessary space. I allow the natural connection with the other side and to become one with it. That feels right. That feels so.

Meditation and energy work is such an important part of my day, my life and experience. It works so delicately and without confines. It reminds me that I do not have to direct or do anything in the how to make it so. Remembering and practicing this is all I need do. All is well with this.

Namaste, happiness and joy to all,

Deena Jones










Dee Jones
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner