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Have You Hit the Wall (of the Mind)?

brickwallI have to admit, I feel up against a wall. I have been rushing toward opening up and allowing myself to feel free flowing happiness, love, laughter, content, joy, bliss, sheer BEingness and then…WOMP. I found myself pressed against the wall. All those wondrous feelings, states of being, mind satisfying vibrations seem to be on the other side of the wall. I know they are all there. I feel so close…a breath, a hair, an instant away, but this darn block is preventing me from melting, joining, receiving, transforming to it.

I do not feel disappointed that it is not so. I feel confused. I look upon it as a dog cocking its head in puzzled confusion. I am engaged with this mystery in a sense of loving wonderment. I sense a strangeness or a weirdness as to why this is so. It feels like typing a password into the computer and nothing happens. So we type it in again expecting it allow us entrance, and then nope, nothing. Nothing changed. It may have been awhile since last tapping in. Is it possible we forgot? No, we wrote it down. Questions surface, did I change it? Did it expire? Is something wrong? I know I know this.  What is going on? And there it is.  It is the questioning of what is really going on and why is this so. The thinking part of the mind so at grip to this.

The softer side, emerges and says let it go, let it just be. Remove the force of the thought against it.  Lay back and drift with it. Let go and allow it to just become one with us.

This translates to me as taking a step away and allowing it to come from the peripheral. I have been focusing too hard on the need, the desire, and willfulness to make it so. So it is time to step away from the wall for a moment to allow the necessary space. I allow the natural connection with the other side and to become one with it. That feels right. That feels so.

Meditation and energy work is such an important part of my day, my life and experience. It works so delicately and without confines. It reminds me that I do not have to direct or do anything in the how to make it so. Remembering and practicing this is all I need do. All is well with this.

Namaste, happiness and joy to all,

Deena Jones










Dee Jones
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

We Are Limitless!!!

Starting anew can’t begin without the crumbling away of the old first. A reminder from Spirit to me this new year has been to recognize the beauty of rebirth from destruction. This includes the destruction of the negative patterns or beliefs we have held onto for perhaps many years. Old programmed beliefs that we fail to see in ourselves can come to light at any time within our consciousness to be released and healed … thereby ending our own suffering.

After meditation this morning I realized something. I had felt guilty a good portion of my life for not suffering as much as my sister had while growing up and even into adulthood. This knowing had occurred to me before….. but now I saw it sooooo very clearly…and I was ready to clear it once and for all. Hello there, limiting belief! As I carefully traced my feelings and emotions back to my early childhood, I saw how I allowed my emotions to manipulate me. Do you remember the saying “misery loves company”? I felt guiltily for not suffering more: how strange, but how true of so many of us. We are so addicted to our suffering.

In the energy work that I do, self-work is the most important. The first step for me is recognizing a belief that may be holding me back from my highest potential. I shift into a higher perspective by first thanking it for serving me and teaching me what I needed to know. Then I observe how those beliefs dissipate when released.

We are in charge…remember that the power is always inside of us. No need to reclaim it…it’s already there! No need for any more suffering….It’s my understanding that it’s a core limiting belief to believe otherwise. So, you want I should suffer? No thank you, I think not. We are limitless!

Debi Weinstein





Debi Weinstein
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

Ascending the Throne

The title I use for what I do is Transformation Coach. When people ask what that entails, I say high vibrational energy work. Most people associate energy work with physical healing, which is one aspect of it. However, I prefer to describe my work as the energy of liberation; both for others and myself! This liberation results from resolving and releasing soul agreements/contracts (what many believe to be karmic patterns) that keep us trapped in limiting “scripts,” such as dysfunctional roles, unhealthy relationships, physical pain, etc. By taking full responsibility for the circumstances in our lives, we can embrace the lessons they present, release ourselves from the unhealthy dynamics, and choose more harmonious experiences.

It’s so gratifying to see the dramatic transformations in our lives as a result of releasing soul agreements. Personally, one of the big ones I was able to identify and release was with my Twin Soul, freeing both of us to proceed along our individual life paths while remaining on loving terms.

I’ve also assisted a number of others in their release of this kind of energy in a variety of related areas, including:

  • looking at and taking responsibility for (and clearing) the major medical conditions manifested in an attempt to get the attention of their Twin Flame;
  • clearing the feeling of obligation in carrying other people’s burdens (which had caused excruciating back pain and spinal cysts);
  • clearing ancestral responsibility;
  • freeing children from having to take on the role of caregivers;
  • releasing of caretaking agreements between spouses (which relieved one spouse from having to sacrifice his/her life to care for the other);
  • … the list goes on!

As for myself, one area in which I’ve experienced success is in releasing my own patterns of assuming unnecessary responsibility in relationships, which allows me to focus on my work while the other person remains in charge of his/her growth.

Most recently, I’ve received the message that it’s time to start living without soul agreements. I’ve understood that once we conclude our soul lessons we can move beyond the limitation of agreements altogether. We have the freedom to “make it up as we go along,” creating the reality we desire. When asked about a client’s new relationship contract, I was told there was none. I was shown a throne, and heard, “Ascend the throne.” I understood that what we choose is less important than the process of creative self-determination.

When we ascend the throne, we become kings and queens of all that we observe and experience. This new approach applies to more than just relationships. It’s a tectonic shift from the traditional approach of self-compromise, reactivity, over-compensation, unhappiness, and lack that have characterized many peoples’ experience of life, work, relationships, finances, etc. We start by looking into our own hearts and listening to our truth, desires, and guidance.

Based on this inner wisdom, we affirm that the elements we wish to manifest in our lives are already present in the best/highest form for us. For example, “I am abundantly supported for simply being who I am. As I resonate at the level of pure unconditional love, all my financial, emotional, and physical needs are met; I am free to follow my inspiration in joy and bliss.” This may sound like a re-packaging of the power of affirmation – “Gosh darn it, people like me.” The difference is that we’ve done the karmic excavation to remove anything that holds us back from existing at the vibrational level necessary to create from our heart’s desire.

As I see it, we’re embarking on a truly limitless adventure of pure potential. Ladies and gentlemen, please take your thrones, we’re about to take off!





Mary Hogan
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

Photo credit:  http://www.streetpsds.com/kings-throne-psd