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Sep 21

2016: Transformational Warp Speed…

… and dare I say it? Boldly going where we haven’t gone before (in exactly this way, at least)… 2016 has been HUGE in ALL ways… and the exponential curve of change continues to climb! As the ego/separation-based mind is the creator of “Why?” (since we’ve forgotten), I could give you any of dozens of …

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Jun 09

This Blog is SO Five Minutes Ago!

Now, five minutes from now, or an hour ago: Where are we? Changing at the speed of thought… and keeping up with it! A perspective from David Parent, Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator…

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Apr 25

Remembering the Peace Within

As we remember the peace within each of us, it begins to reflect outward into the bigger picture, the bigger picture of the wholeness. Each of us is a reflection of the wholeness. Just as each drop of water reflects the sun after a rainstorm, we reflect the wholeness.

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Mar 14

Endings and Beginnings: Progressing Unencumbered

As we’re all aware, life is accelerating. In the past several weeks alone, we’ve had Leap Day, a total solar eclipse in Pisces, and watched the Downton Abbey finale. The same energies are pervading all representations around us; Trinity Facilitator Mary Hogan connects some dots to see the bigger picture.

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Mar 03

Priority #1: LOVE YOURSELF

The saying goes, “we are our own worst critic,” and it is so true! Now, more than ever, it’s REALLY important to shift such negativity to remember the place where we LOVE ourselves… a discussion on rediscovering self-love.

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