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A Work in Progress

DebiW0117I am currently working on a painting that is evolving with every layer. It is a vibrant and messy work in progress that has changed and morphed in and out of chaos and subsequent order. I do not judge it; I let it evolve and flow out of me in perfect timing. I trust.

We are each a work in progress energetically, evolving in layers….as is the world around us. We can see ourselves now in a time of fear and failure, or trust our heart and know that the process is unfolding in the best way possible.

It is time that we really see ourselves as the amazing creators that we all truly are! The creators of our own works of art: our lives. Let’s be the change we wish to see in this world together….one layer at a time… a beautiful work in progress.

Does it speak to your soul to march for a cause, speak out on an issue, or leave anonymous uplifting art or poetry for strangers to find? Listen to your inner voice and honor your inner whispers. We are all a work in progress… let’s go with the flow and have some fun along the way!














Debi Weinstein
Trinity Energy Practitioner Practitioner/Facilitator

Let go, my Ego

Fasting, releasing, letting go, removing blocks which prevent our light to shine, removing masks and discarding our shadow lives and being in full bloom to show up as authentic self.  If I were unafraid, I would let go of all my masks, all props, costumes, scripts, all ego created beliefs and BE.

I am pondering why I have created such a tight grip to holding onto the show.  Even though I know that letting go leads to something a whole lot better than my ego can imagine, I still resist and I hold back.  I am watching this tennis match between my ego and a wall.  Watching and believing that my ego can champion over a wall.  A wall which only is the reflective action the ego imposes upon it.  Yet even knowing that this is not real, I am holding onto it as if it is.  There is still so much resistance upon letting go.

I want so much to remember, remember my true authentic being.  My prayers, meditations, readings, writings, healings, and thoughts all focus on this.  I remind myself daily or more often than that to “wake up” … to “remember” … to “let go and trust” … and to “be in faith”.  Some moments, many moments, my patience turns and annoyance and aggravation become me and questions of doubt and uncertainty pour out.  The questions spill, “why can’t I just wake up, why is this taking so long, what the heck” and so on and so forth.  Then snap, my mind pivots and I attend to “it is time to refocus, time to heal, time to sit with that and reveal what the hold up within myself is.”

An answer bubbles up to the surface and shows that I am in grief and misery and terribly miss knowing that I will forget all this.  When I wake up and step into my truth and being that I am, I will have no memory at all of this dream world of this enchanted, exotic, wild, exciting, ego trip that I have been experiencing since the apple was eaten and this hallucination begun.  That I hold onto.  I hold onto wanting to remember this and that. Something tells me that both cannot be remembered.  It feels like something of the flavor of “we cannot serve two masters.”  I am torn, as I know it is time to step into the fullness and all that I am, but darn it all I do not want to forget this wild story.  My sentimentality and love for this imagined creation is still strongly entrenched in my being.  I am hitting the snooze bar for 5 more minutes, I am enjoying this dream.

Along comes the siren with a lullaby and it sweetly sings that it does not have to be all or none, not right away.  This is a finely tuned web of beliefs after all; and here negotiating, the ego is at work and says, “you know you can have your cake and eat it too.”  But of course we can stall.  We can take an evolutionary step and yet still be present with this 3D dream.  The drum rolls, and the reveal is that we can BE AWAKE within the dream.  Interesting, this is a precarious position for the ego.  I am surprised it is willing to take a step in this presence.  For the ego, this is like standing on the ledge of a cliff and all of a sudden the other side of the earth falls away leaving the ego balancing itself on a pinnacle of land for support without much leeway or wiggle room for roaming or moving about. It looks bleak for the ego now with nowhere left to go.  It is reduced to its final frontier and left to dissolve into I…..

I am afraid to let my imaginary friend go is what it boils to, and in irony it is my imaginary friend who is afraid to be imagined, to be let go, as my imagined sense is making this so.  It is confusing to be insane. It is now time to let go of the insanity within.  Know now it is time to turn within and connect to source and release and heal and receive the Truth of that in which we are.

Peace and Love to all.  See ya on the other side where though there is no word for it, I believe it points way beyond awesomenesssss!


Deena Jones






Dee Jones
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

My Story and the Universe

These last several years of my life have probably been some of the most incredible times, other than the birth of my son, in my entire life. I have always been very spiritual but did not know what that meant nor did I understand the implications of it. Throughout my life I was presented with situations; I always knew what I needed to do and never questioned why or other possibilities. One of the most amazing things to come out of this type of lifestyle is that I ended up helping raise three beautiful young ladies that have made my life so much richer just by them letting me be a part of their lives. I was also gifted with an amazing son that challenged me every step of the way of him becoming an adult. We both survived; he is now a wonderful adult.

I was introduced to the Spiritual with one Reiki session. That was all it took. I had no knowledge what “being spiritual” was but I knew that was going to be my path in life. Like all of the other times I was presented with a new situation, I followed my guidance. I studied and became a Reiki Master; I learned more about the Spiritual. Then in 2012 it came to me that I would be leaving the West Palm Beach (WBP), FL area which I had lived in since I was about ten months old. I would be leaving three of my kids, two of my grandkids, my elderly mother, a sister, and a lot of very special friends. I did not have the financial means to move so I put out to the Universe that if I really was supposed to go, “they” would have to make it happen. In a totally unexpected way, the finances fell into place and I had the money to move. At first I was clueless as to what this meant but eventually the opportunity became available for me to move to the Raleigh, North Carolina area; I moved in July of 2013. I picked and rented a house in Apex, North Carolina via the internet without actually seeing the house, packed my stuff, and moved.

After moving up here one of the first things I did was find someone to get Reiki sessions from as that was very important to me at the time. I made several trips back to WPB a few times right after I moved for family events that were going on. I visited my Spiritual Mentor on one of the visits and she asked me if I had found a group to get involved with, and I told her no. She made me promise that I would find one. After returning home, I opened the local Spiritual Meetup listings and was scrolling down looking at the different groups that were having meetings. I was drawn to one that Angela (Coulter, Trinity Originator) was having at her house which I actually attended. This was so out of my box and personal comfort zone, by the way. That was the beginning of an amazing 2014 year for me. After attending the meeting, it came to me that I needed to get to know Angela better. I attended a Trinity Energy Progression™ Open House in November and then took the Trinity Energy Progression Practitioners Class in January 2014. My life was changed forever again.

While in the class I met many wonderful Trinity Energy Progression Practitioners and students. I found that I was part of a Spiritual family which is coming together again. At that class I met Linda Grimm; and was guided to find out more about what she did spiritually. In addition to being a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, Linda is a ThetaHealer and Teacher among many other spiritual gifts. So I was guided to take the ThetaHealing® Basic then Advanced program. Out of the blue, after I had registered for ThetaHealing classes Angela presented me with an opportunity to go to Mt. Shasta for the Facilitator’s class which was really unbelievable in so many ways. I did not meet the prerequisites to train for the Trinity Energy Progression Facilitators class. Angela briefly entertained the idea that she may take additional students. It came to me that I really needed to attend the Facilitators training so I just let her know that if she did decide to enlarge the group that I was interested. She told me a little while later that she had decided not to take additional students. I was disappointed; Again I sent it out to the Universe that if I was supposed to go, “they” had to make it happen. That is what is so amazing about just letting the Universe settle things for you.

In 2014, this is where my spiritual journey took me – January I trained as a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner; in May I trained in Theta Healing Basic; in June I trained in Theta Healing Advanced. Then, as it turned out in July I went to Mt. Shasta to train as a Trinity Facilitator. Somehow I had gotten on the spiritual fast track.   Man, what a ride it has been. Trinity Energy Progression and Theta Healing are both amazingly beautiful energies, and I knew I needed to train in both. I’m still not totally sure why or where it will all lead but I am just following my guidance and growing each day with the beauty of it all.

My life, though awesome, was extremely challenging and difficult. Every one of us has challenging lives but we all carry the baggage differently. I began working on myself with the help of my mentors and new-found soul family as well as all of my new energies that I now have as part of me. The tools are amazing; I learn new things about myself and my spiritual life every day. I started forgiving myself and letting go of so much that I carried. These energies have allowed me to become more of the spiritual person I am supposed to be. I have had several very important changes for the better in my physical health since I have been forgiving myself and others, and letting it all go. I still have a ways to go but am moving forward every day.  I do trust that the Universe has my back and will guide me in all that I do; I always have even when I didn’t realize it, and that is an amazing thing to know now that I understand it so much better. The Spiritual and the Universe are amazing and will take care of us if we just trust and let it.

Bonnie Butler, Facilitator





Bonnie Butler

Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

We Are Limitless!!!

Starting anew can’t begin without the crumbling away of the old first. A reminder from Spirit to me this new year has been to recognize the beauty of rebirth from destruction. This includes the destruction of the negative patterns or beliefs we have held onto for perhaps many years. Old programmed beliefs that we fail to see in ourselves can come to light at any time within our consciousness to be released and healed … thereby ending our own suffering.

After meditation this morning I realized something. I had felt guilty a good portion of my life for not suffering as much as my sister had while growing up and even into adulthood. This knowing had occurred to me before….. but now I saw it sooooo very clearly…and I was ready to clear it once and for all. Hello there, limiting belief! As I carefully traced my feelings and emotions back to my early childhood, I saw how I allowed my emotions to manipulate me. Do you remember the saying “misery loves company”? I felt guiltily for not suffering more: how strange, but how true of so many of us. We are so addicted to our suffering.

In the energy work that I do, self-work is the most important. The first step for me is recognizing a belief that may be holding me back from my highest potential. I shift into a higher perspective by first thanking it for serving me and teaching me what I needed to know. Then I observe how those beliefs dissipate when released.

We are in charge…remember that the power is always inside of us. No need to reclaim it…it’s already there! No need for any more suffering….It’s my understanding that it’s a core limiting belief to believe otherwise. So, you want I should suffer? No thank you, I think not. We are limitless!

Debi Weinstein





Debi Weinstein
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

The Power Behind Fun & Freedom

Did you ever think that spirituality could be FUN?? Meaning really fun and really exciting?? Well, it certainly can be; and I am here as living proof to tell you how. I used to be a very rigid person; and I always followed the rulebook. I created boxes around every experience I came into contact with, which became a way of life for me. I would only allow myself to carry out what “I had to do” in life–work , chores, and family/community obligations. I wouldn’t allow myself to have any fun because I always felt I didn’t have enough time for it; and that it simply wasn’t important. I couldn’t see outside of these boxes to save my life. I was VERY comfortable with this way of being. In my mind, it kept me “safe” and predictable….and feeling worthy and loved.

Just a few years ago, I had a huge spiritual awakening during which I became fascinated by what I was learning.  I was guided to look deeper and to see that there is more to life than my seemingly safe, predictable boxes.  I began to see that life really COULD be fun and that’s what life is really all about .. enjoying life and having fun with whatever I am experiencing.

As I cleared away my limiting beliefs with Trinity Energy Progression™— starting with my beliefs around having to feel safe, as well as around having to feel loved and worthy by following the rules and by DOING things for others all of the time. I discovered a new way to be. I allowed myself to look at what truly makes my heart sing and I discovered that it was DANCING. Yet, I hadn’t allowed myself to dance. Why not? My negative self-talk talked me out of it; yet none of those excuses came from divine truth. After several clearings with Trinity Energy Progression, I became free and I allowed myself to explore the possibilities of dance again. I decided to venture out by getting involved in a big community service project. I learned a popular dance routine, rounded up some people, taught them the routine, and then we performed it in front of a live audience. Talk about exhilarating and fun!!! I felt so connected to Creator each time I danced to the music– even though it wasn’t a spiritual song. At first I wondered how that was possible; but I just trusted and followed the flow …. and the flow said to “Keep On Dancing.”  It was so exciting and FUN to reconnect with dance in this way!!! Furthermore, I was connecting with my higher self each time I did it and it became a spiritual experience. It helped me to move stuck energy and I was letting go. I allowed myself a new sense of freedom.

Soon after, I took the next step and signed up for Zumba classes. I found that I LOVED this dance style SO much ….and a year later I became a Zumba instructor. I LOVED to teach and to share my joy with others! In Zumba, it’s all about the fun and excitement and connecting with the music, not the perfection of the steps. It’s a big dance PARTY and it’s so liberating! Every time I taught a class, I felt a huge energetic shift and a release of negative energy. Sometimes I couldn’t get myself to meditate or sit in a silent space, but I could get myself to dance any day of the week. Dance IS a form of meditation, by the way.  Movement is an extraordinary way to allow the freedom inside to blossom. It’s an expression of self… of creativity and flow. I went with the flow, and the freedom I felt was immeasurable. The movement was magical.

Ahhhh….how refreshing to know that it’s OKAY to have fun and freedom in my life, as well as to know that it was all part of my spiritual development. I once believed that spirituality had to be daunting and boring; but I cleared out those beliefs. I’m still dancing and I still use dance to connect to my higher self. I also combine Trinity Energy Progression with dancing to get healing energy in the room. It’s simply divine. I have endless ideas flowing through me in my next steps of dance evolution and the healing arts…. and it all started by making the decision to NOT to stay stuck and to STOP denying myself the FUN and FREEDOM of dance.

This is called transcendence. We are here for the party and it’s time to “Dance Away!!” But dance is not the only way to move stuck energy through fun and freedom. Laughter and humor are also powerful ways. Watch a funny movie, tell jokes, go to a comedy show, read a funny story. Share the humor with a friend and now you’ve really got an amusing snowball rolling….and it will be hard to stop it. Laughter in a group is even more powerful because you will feed off of each other; and you will keep laughing and laughing in a space that feels timeless. You can stay in a high vibrational state for hours after the laughter stops.

Fun can come in a lot of different packages. Don’t put expectations around how it has to look in order for it to be a spiritual experience. It can be transformational no matter how you define it. If you feel stuck and can’t move beyond the blockage… if you feel like it’s difficult to slow down enough to get into a quiet space….if you can’t get the mind chatter out of the way enough to meditate….try an exciting adventure. Break out and be FREE! Be open-minded and embrace new experiences. Discover your inner child of joy and wonder….anything that will raise YOUR vibration. There are endless ways to do this and the key is to ALLOW yourself to enjoy it …. to get the full experience from it; and to be grateful for it. You can catapult forward in amazing ways and you’ll have endless opportunities for releasing and clearing. Now that you have the gist of how liberating FUN and FREEDOM can be, go out there and get it! Move your way to energetic freedom. Find your inner child….as this is the MAGIC of everyday living. Don’t say no, just GO!!

Sandy Anthony





Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression