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Twelve sides to play with. Cut, tape, draw…

Letting go of the boxes seems like such a wonderful mantra these days, but if you are a packrat like me then you might be thinking “I can use this later”. Why toss out the baby with the bath water, right? The stuff we learn and unlearn on a daily basis isn’t simply boxes though. Defining something as “limiting” is another box in its own right. Beliefs can be limiting when one’s perspective is narrow, and that is where the “box” actually comes in. When someone decides to believe that all ideas are boxes, this belief is a box. Think about it as trying to keep such an open mind that your brain (discernment) accidentally fell out.

Why are boxes/categories so bad? They’re not! That’s “judgment”. When you narrow your perspective based on an idea, you are heading towards the danger zone. So maybe we should just define what a box is.  In this context, it is a self-limiting belief; but in the new age circles we have this “box” epidemic of people conflating words and ideas and ignoring context. What we get next is any word that is used to categorize, compartmentalize, or “box” an idea in order to describe it falls on deaf ears because it is a “box”. No longer are we talking about self-limiting beliefs, but rather anything that is being fit into a category for conveying an idea. To put it bluntly, I feel this is a castration of the divine masculine, while putting blinders and earmuffs on the divine feminine, and the divine child is running amuck. (As if we even need those boxes anymore, right?)

Take for instance the words “judge” or “judgment”. They are words with so much meaning, but new agers have decided that any use of them is taboo. So when someone uses the word judgment not in the context of a negative subjective opinion, there is this knee-jerk reaction to the word automatically invalidating everything they have said. Take a look at this list of synonyms for judgment: discernment, acumen, shrewdness, astuteness, sense, common sense, perception, perspicacity, percipience, acuity, discrimination, reckoning, wisdom, wit, judiciousness, prudence, canniness, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, powers of reasoning, reason, logic. Context is important, and words mean nothing without it.

Now back to the boxes. When someone says the sky is blue, is this a box, an observation, or a fact? First we have to agree what the sky is and what blue is. Is this agreement a box? I have heard that words are limiting and, thus, boxes, but I would have to disagree. They are tools with a deep wealth of meaning, but if someone ignores context they become meaningless and limiting. So when the sky is blue, are we describing the color or are we describing the sky’s mood? The magic of context! There are no boxes inherent in the words; the only boxes that exist are the ones we place around them; these boxes can be quite useful so we can convey meaning to one another.

Boxes are everywhere! But they are only self-limiting if they are based on beliefs with narrow perspective. So when someone describes our ideas or words as “being in a box”, just remember that it is not our box that they are talking about. It is their own box that they have closed up around our words. If you have the need to point out someone’s box, just make sure you didn’t initially build the box, to which they are trying to conform. That’s pulling the rug out from under them after inviting them in.

So there you have it. If you like your boxes, have fun with them. If you want to dismantle boxes, just make sure they are your own. [Insert analogy about bully messing up a sandcastle here.] Boxes are limiting only if we don’t have the imagination to play with them, and if we do have the imagination, they cease to be boxes. I’m going to use my boxes to build a clubhouse and maybe even a rocket ship!

Kevin Brown





Kevin Brown

Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

The Power Behind Fun & Freedom

Did you ever think that spirituality could be FUN?? Meaning really fun and really exciting?? Well, it certainly can be; and I am here as living proof to tell you how. I used to be a very rigid person; and I always followed the rulebook. I created boxes around every experience I came into contact with, which became a way of life for me. I would only allow myself to carry out what “I had to do” in life–work , chores, and family/community obligations. I wouldn’t allow myself to have any fun because I always felt I didn’t have enough time for it; and that it simply wasn’t important. I couldn’t see outside of these boxes to save my life. I was VERY comfortable with this way of being. In my mind, it kept me “safe” and predictable….and feeling worthy and loved.

Just a few years ago, I had a huge spiritual awakening during which I became fascinated by what I was learning.  I was guided to look deeper and to see that there is more to life than my seemingly safe, predictable boxes.  I began to see that life really COULD be fun and that’s what life is really all about .. enjoying life and having fun with whatever I am experiencing.

As I cleared away my limiting beliefs with Trinity Energy Progression™— starting with my beliefs around having to feel safe, as well as around having to feel loved and worthy by following the rules and by DOING things for others all of the time. I discovered a new way to be. I allowed myself to look at what truly makes my heart sing and I discovered that it was DANCING. Yet, I hadn’t allowed myself to dance. Why not? My negative self-talk talked me out of it; yet none of those excuses came from divine truth. After several clearings with Trinity Energy Progression, I became free and I allowed myself to explore the possibilities of dance again. I decided to venture out by getting involved in a big community service project. I learned a popular dance routine, rounded up some people, taught them the routine, and then we performed it in front of a live audience. Talk about exhilarating and fun!!! I felt so connected to Creator each time I danced to the music– even though it wasn’t a spiritual song. At first I wondered how that was possible; but I just trusted and followed the flow …. and the flow said to “Keep On Dancing.”  It was so exciting and FUN to reconnect with dance in this way!!! Furthermore, I was connecting with my higher self each time I did it and it became a spiritual experience. It helped me to move stuck energy and I was letting go. I allowed myself a new sense of freedom.

Soon after, I took the next step and signed up for Zumba classes. I found that I LOVED this dance style SO much ….and a year later I became a Zumba instructor. I LOVED to teach and to share my joy with others! In Zumba, it’s all about the fun and excitement and connecting with the music, not the perfection of the steps. It’s a big dance PARTY and it’s so liberating! Every time I taught a class, I felt a huge energetic shift and a release of negative energy. Sometimes I couldn’t get myself to meditate or sit in a silent space, but I could get myself to dance any day of the week. Dance IS a form of meditation, by the way.  Movement is an extraordinary way to allow the freedom inside to blossom. It’s an expression of self… of creativity and flow. I went with the flow, and the freedom I felt was immeasurable. The movement was magical.

Ahhhh….how refreshing to know that it’s OKAY to have fun and freedom in my life, as well as to know that it was all part of my spiritual development. I once believed that spirituality had to be daunting and boring; but I cleared out those beliefs. I’m still dancing and I still use dance to connect to my higher self. I also combine Trinity Energy Progression with dancing to get healing energy in the room. It’s simply divine. I have endless ideas flowing through me in my next steps of dance evolution and the healing arts…. and it all started by making the decision to NOT to stay stuck and to STOP denying myself the FUN and FREEDOM of dance.

This is called transcendence. We are here for the party and it’s time to “Dance Away!!” But dance is not the only way to move stuck energy through fun and freedom. Laughter and humor are also powerful ways. Watch a funny movie, tell jokes, go to a comedy show, read a funny story. Share the humor with a friend and now you’ve really got an amusing snowball rolling….and it will be hard to stop it. Laughter in a group is even more powerful because you will feed off of each other; and you will keep laughing and laughing in a space that feels timeless. You can stay in a high vibrational state for hours after the laughter stops.

Fun can come in a lot of different packages. Don’t put expectations around how it has to look in order for it to be a spiritual experience. It can be transformational no matter how you define it. If you feel stuck and can’t move beyond the blockage… if you feel like it’s difficult to slow down enough to get into a quiet space….if you can’t get the mind chatter out of the way enough to meditate….try an exciting adventure. Break out and be FREE! Be open-minded and embrace new experiences. Discover your inner child of joy and wonder….anything that will raise YOUR vibration. There are endless ways to do this and the key is to ALLOW yourself to enjoy it …. to get the full experience from it; and to be grateful for it. You can catapult forward in amazing ways and you’ll have endless opportunities for releasing and clearing. Now that you have the gist of how liberating FUN and FREEDOM can be, go out there and get it! Move your way to energetic freedom. Find your inner child….as this is the MAGIC of everyday living. Don’t say no, just GO!!

Sandy Anthony





Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression