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Jul 01

All That I Am

Silence In your stillness I surrender all things Light In your warm embrace I let go all shadows Heart In your space I give love all to feel Perception In your infinite gaze I see clearly all beauty Patience In your temperance I wait all to manifest Darkness In your depths I acknowledge all your …

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Apr 04

Sweet One

In the days that swept us
In the nights that kept us
Dreaming of things to come

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Feb 28

Learning to Trust the Signs

I recently read a beautiful blog about a healing facilitator who connected with sea turtles and I was fascinated! She explained the messages she received from the animal, and it was quite unexpected. The sea turtle gave her a distinct message about a human malady we are currently experiencing and why it is happening. A morning soon thereafter, while sitting on my magic couch, I suddenly got pulled into my dog’s energy. I was not surprised, because this happens often, but this time it was different. I realized that the information I was getting was for canines and their role on earth and I got a message! The message was that we need to “GO TO THE HEART.” I heard it loud and clear!

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