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If Nothing Else on Your Spiritual Journey, Do Just ONE THING…

“Just ONE Thing…” from City Slickers, 1991, by Castle Rock Entertainment

In the movie “City Slickers,” the character Curly holds up one finger and tells Mitch that the secret of life is “one thing”… So, on that note… I’m going to tell you that on our individual spiritual journey, all that really, really matters is JUST ONE THING.

What is that, you ask? Chanting, dancing, hanging upside down facing north on a full moon? Wearing foil antennae on your head during a thunderstorm?

Well, those are options, if you so choose; but there really is only ONE requirement: looking within, to the heart of your Being, to find the Divine… because that’s the ONLY place where you will truly find it and KNOW it.

It truly IS that simple. However, our Earth-bound, 3D-level egos have done a great job at convincing us otherwise; part of the purpose of this existence has been to explore the illusion of duality as a rule – in its simplest form, the perception of “me” and “not me.” With that, we’ve had an exemplary run of it… so much so, that we have completely disempowered ourselves via externalizing the idea of “God” (or Source, Creator, Spirit… any one of a number of terms we use for the ultimate Divine) into a figurehead that, opposite to how many belief systems claim, we have created in our physical, 3D image, vs. the other way around! By choice, we’ve allowed the self-consciousness of our Divinity to be taken from us by the ego; beyond that, in many instances, we’ve even fooled ourselves (as part of the experience) into believing that only a “very special” select few of us can even speak directly with that figurehead.

Yet, many of those in written history who were considered prophets and/or the enlightened – including Jesus Christ, and many others –  spoke openly about how the key to finding the Divine is actually by going within ourselves.

From the very beginning of my active spiritual journey, when I “fell open like a book,” I instinctively began to meditate. I didn’t really know much about what I was doing in the beginning; somehow I just KNEW that was a way to become more clear. And, as I worked with those teachers I’d strategically placed in my life to be there when I needed them, all that was repeated to me was, meditate, meditate, meditate! Clear the chatter of the mind to get the TRUE answers! As I did, I was able to do that… and then what I call the “Expanded Universe” came through, loud and clear. And the key message? Look within, through the heart, for ALL of the answers… because we not only know all of it, but we’re a PART of it. We have so many levels of our own consciousness that are able to see/remember the whole playing field, the whole plan, and what we’ve aspired to accomplish that we’re falling short by limiting ourselves listening only to the ego (while it runs the mind), which pretty much makes its decisions based on what it can see, here on the physical, 3D “playing board”… via many resistant, ego-based emotions such as fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, anger, guilt, doubt, pain, and sorrow.

When I start working with someone who wants to tap in to their intuition and their Divine abilities – which, as a reminder, since we are ALL part of the Divine, we ALL have (no more excuses of “I’m about as psychic as a rock…”) – the very first thing we work on is the exploration of what method(s) of quieting the mind works for them. It doesn’t have to be four hours of sitting in lotus position and facing a wall; everyone has their own tendencies and preferences. So, it’s not as important to dictate a specific way of doing so as it is to find what works! The second step is to help teach discernment of the voice of the ego, the voice of the Higher Self, the voice of the ultimate I AM/Divine, and the voice of others, such as spirits, guides, etc. At the very, very, VERY least, we work on being able to ask the Higher Self/Divine, via the Highest Divine Truth, if ________________ is THEIR Truth, and if it is the highest and best for them at the time of asking. That alone is crucial!

Why, you might ask? Well… look at the multitude of different channelings and perspectives out there about what’s going on in the evolution process, about what’s going on in the world, what’s important spiritually… and you know what? No matter WHO provides the information, it’s important to be able to discern if it is the Highest Divine Truth, and if it is the Highest and Best for the individual. What’s important for you and your journey might not be so important for me and mine, and vice versa. If we can simply ask and trust that we get a clear, unbiased answer without the ego intervening, we’ve now empowered ourselves to trust in the connection  to our own Divinity within. And that’s all we really need… REALLY!

As I’ve said, there are many, many ways to open the door. What’s most awesome about Trinity Energy Progression™ is that it helps the individual leap-frog into opening the internal channel to the Divine voice within, because entrainment to its remembrance starts to quickly clear the path to our own Christ Consciousness. In using it regularly, it  melds all of the energies we’ve segregated within us throughout this existence, as well as the different versions of us and levels of our consciousness. Using Trinity regularly in meditation dissolves all of the partitions we’ve created within ourselves – including the realization and full balance of our own masculine, feminine, and creation energies – so we’re always strongly connected to the Higher Self.

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