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May 10

Remembering Our Inner Essence

I am the universe. I am the galaxies, the earth, the sun, the stars, the moon, the grass, the trees, the animals, the people, and beyond. We are all one consciousness. I believe that we all come on the earth and other planets that we do not consciously know of, lifetime after lifetime to live different experiences and to learn from them. I also believe that we exist for a reason. We all have something to offer the world and it is our goal to find out what that is.

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Apr 12

Twelve sides to play with. Cut, tape, draw…

Letting go of the boxes seems like such a wonderful mantra these days, but if you are a packrat like me then you might be thinking “I can use this later”. Why toss out the baby with the bathwater, right? The stuff we learn and unlearn on a daily basis isn’t simply boxes though. Defining something as “limiting” is another box in its own right. Beliefs can be limiting when one’s perspective is narrow, and that is where the “box” actually comes in. When someone decides to believe that all ideas are boxes, this belief is a box. Think about it as trying to keep such an open mind that your brain (discernment) accidentally fell out.

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Apr 04

Sweet One

In the days that swept us
In the nights that kept us
Dreaming of things to come

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Mar 23

Living Ascension

It all resonated with me. Little did I know that was the easy part of this journey. I realized that in order to truly step into who I am, I have to really know who I am. I have to put my self out there. Everywhere. Step out of the spiritual closet. All the way, not just with close friends and family, but with everyone. Facebook friends, Linked-in people, strangers, neighbors, and anyone who would stay and listen to what I had to say. Oh, then there’s what I have to say. What is it?

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Jan 12

Up From the Ashes

My expectation was that I would drift off to sleep and not wake up. That somehow I would continue to depart my body and my spirit would exit this earthly existence.

What happened next was quite a surprise to me.

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