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The Gift of Consciousness…Now and Beyond the Holiday Season

As I’ve spent a lot of time culling down my practices and focus areas over the end-of-year holidays… I tend to really love them, from both the 3D and the higher consciousness levels.

However, unexpectedly, this holiday season has been pretty challenging for me, and for awhile, I hadn’t received the conscious understanding as to why that was. It made no sense; overall; this year has been stupendous, lots of fun, lots of flow, lots of growth… and I figured I would just transition easily and effortlessly into an enjoyable holiday season.

For awhile, I couldn’t figure out why that wasn’t so.

I’ve done all of this energetic healing around abundance, around letting go of the past we tend to hold on to during the end-of-year holidays, since we tend to abide so tightly to tradition, ceremony, and rituals. We’ve culled our holiday decorations in our house, we’ve gotten new ones… and started some new traditions. The last several years have been phenomenal! However… from the beginning, I just couldn’t get myself to engage in the season this year.

Simultaneously, we’ve just been going through bigger and bigger metaphysical doorways of transition, growth, and HUGE expansion. That’s been GREAT… and yet, it started to trip me up around the end of November. I realize that my situations are far from being as challenging as many others, and I also realize I do a lot of energetic work at the “infrastructure” levels – oversouls/collectives/etc. that sometimes cause a “heavier flow” energetically, if only very temporarily.

doorwayWhile continuously releasing, expanding, and evolving on that front, I noticed more and more friction and irritation inside of me around the holidays, around some of the most minute things: so much I was observing in the interactions of others felt contrived; I noticed I had very little patience for holiday music, noticing that the entire season is generally built off of about 20 songs (and their hundreds of renditions); even unhappiness with the beautiful and simple tree we chose to bring home and decorate. During a season when I typically feel SO in the flow of it… I felt nothing, and actually, a little bit lost! And I pondered about that…  while also noticing that the flow had slowed down quite a bit. In fact, there were many unusual “stop and go” moments throughout that felt like I was riding in a stick shift car with a screwed up clutch! I was having a challenging time synching up my spiritual self and my 3D self… and that alone frustrated me.

The realization came together for me early this week (just in time LOL)… and now, looking back on the eve of the season, I do remember hearing Jeshua’s voice when I first noticed this, telling me all that matters is simply the way that I LIVE now. I sort of brushed that comment aside. I should’ve known better (being that it’s Jeshua LOL) and looked at it from this perspective earlier!

In the past years, I’ve shifted to a place far more centered from a place of love… all year round. I connect with others from the heart, and those with whom I’m drawn to connect are those I feel guided to have in my life. Whether I speak with someone once during the year or daily, whether I interact with them on social media or in person… if they’re there, it’s because my HEART knows they belong there; we serve a purpose in each other’s realities in some way. If we’re not… then we’re not. There’s no regrets; there are many with whom I have a connection that doesn’t necessitate our regular connection here in the 3D… though they’re just as important as others, just in a different way. There are others with whom I’ve fulfilled our interaction “agreements”… and we are free to go along our separate individual journeys. Again… I still have a huge amount of gratitude and love I have for them…this includes friends and biological family alike!! I also allow relationships to exist outside of any predetermined box, vs. based on 3D’s societal expectations – whatever they look like, and however it serves us as the involved parties is PERFECT as we choose for our journeys.

It’s SO freeing and pure to be able to live this way!

However, this year, I’ve noticed the feeling, which I realize now has been largely from the collective level – which exacerbated the volume of it in my consciousness  – that though there are many who do truly love the holidays for the connection to others, there’s far more of the collective creating the constant energy of frenetic obligation. So often, we spend so much time focusing on – and often fretting over – who we “have to” get gifts for, how much money we have (or don’t have) to spend, who we “have to” see, what we “have to” do… that on a larger level, so many speed through the holidays to finish off the checklist and get to the finish line! We’ve forgotten the real reason for the season, which is love in the highest vibration… Divine, unconditional love.

With Divine love, it just IS. We just ARE. This is all that is needed, except that remembrance, and that PRACTICE!

Often, even when we profess to be the MOST focused on that via our practices (often within a belief system) we tend to be held up in rituals and ceremony of obligation… vs. acting from the heart. There are many, many lessons for releasing the ego embedded in all of this! So often, one does a “good deed” largely for the purpose of telling others about the good deed (thus, proving value as a “good person”), vs. just because of guidance from the heart, without needing external validation. So many activities, so many practices are carried out because that’s what’s been passed down or influenced by others… without the individual considering if it’s truly heart felt, or just going through the moves. So many turn the season into a “keeping up with the Joneses” or making someone else happy for the sake of proving “what a good person they are” vs. just doing what feels right.

Time to change all of that!

What I realize I was feeling was a great incongruency between who I am now and what I do from the heart, without the additional need to “package it in a box” the way the season tends to be dictated in our 3D world. Though I’ve changed much of that, and have been living it this year more purely than ever before, at some level I felt like I needed to fit myself back into “the box” – no matter how subtly – to fulfill a certain role and practice during the season. It was THAT feeling – the collective reflecting back to me the amplification of whatever crumbs were left of that box within – that was causing such a disconnection (and in some cases, outright friction/resistance).

When we remember how to exist from that place of Divine love, for the Self and all around us, we simply hold our relationships and our Earth experience in the utmost gratitude and acceptance of the perfection of everything… regardless of what it “looks like” to others. When we start living that way day to day, a feeling of joviality and happiness is an everyday occurrence… and we incorporate that into all parts of our lives, all the time, all year round. We become more open and free about our love and joy, and therefore, the need to package it in a box simply goes away… because it becomes Christmas (or fill in the blank with your related holiday) EVERY day. And it just gets better and better! So, start today… honor yourself and those you love with the truest, purist you that you can be, and make EVERY day a holiday!  😉

Much, much love to you and yours this season and ALWAYS… and namaste,







Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression

A NEW Perspective on “Good Friday”… Without a Belief System Attached

enlightenmentToday is the day the Christians practice Good Friday… the day of the crucifixion of Jesus. Many who practice it see it as an intense and heavy day… but I actually see it in a completely different light. When I “met” Jeshua/Yeshua – when he first came in as one of my guides several years back, I was quite taken aback… though up until that point, I had seen Mary Magdalene quite often, Jeshua had never even been on my radar. When he “announced” himself, and I felt that sweet, sweet, powerful HUGENESS of the amazing love, peace, and serenity that he exudes… I faltered, and was confused, because I had left the Christian church quite awhile before, and really had no tie to it. So, after asking and ensuring this at least a half dozen ways, I let that be, and didn’t come back to it for several days… which is when I “called” to him. And so he came. From the beginning, he was warm, good-natured, and joking (and his laughter is like LIQUID GOLD, with the pureness of love that comes through)… like a good friend I knew and hadn’t seen for a long time, but someone with whom I might’ve had more than a few laughs at some point. I just looked at him, not knowing what to say. And then I heard this:

“You are wondering why I am one of your Guides… why I am part of your Guide family, when you have never been ‘all holy’ about my idealized persona. It is exactly because of this; you will listen to me as your Guide… and also as your friend, and your equal… without putting me up on a pedestal.”

I nodded; that made sense. And it was genuine, as is EVERYTHING coming from him. No angst, no strain… just like a good-natured friend (you can read more about my interaction with him on my Road to Awakening site on the Ascended Master Jeshua page) And so, this opened up the doorway to MUCH discussion… and MANY questions at the onset! Much of my remembrance with Jeshua started with both him and Mary Magdalene, together, and talking about the actuality of the Holy Trinity (the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Child). As conversations naturally progressed, he would simply need to provide little bits of information, and the rest of the understanding would just come POURING in. Ultimately, our discussions progressed to accessing the Christed Consciousness, which ALL of us can do. During one of these “conversations,” we were talking about the Christed Consciousness – our doorway back to the Oneness – and he was talking about the importance of us remembering that we ALL have that – which was his original intended message. He progressed to talking about his last days here – about the crucifixion – and I asked, “So, how did it FEEL?” He talked about being completely in the Christed Consciousness, and how from that perspective, how easy it is to see “the illusion” that ALL of this truly is. So, when he was at that point in his life as who we call Jesus… he understood its role, its purpose, and why that illusion was created. He said though his physical body was here… most of his consciousness was far, far higher, in a far different place… and simply watching the “act” play out, with a vague comprehension of the puppet that his physical body was. It was his own planned ultimate test of releasing the ego completely… since it’s the ego that perceives anything with pain, resistance, anger, etc., and keeps our consciousness here, in the 3D realm. And so… no pain. No angst. Simply playing the role he agreed to play, while simultaneously attaining his ultimate personal goal in that lifetime, for which he volunteered…of attaining the level of mastery of LIVING the Christed Consciousness in the 3D realm. In fact, as he shared with me… there was actually MUCH joy and celebration for attainment of that level of consciousness, and for the completion of that part of his journey! Little did I know that a year-and-a-half later I would be gifted with AMAZING remembrance of opening the doorway back to the Christed Consciousness within us ALL – via the tool of Trinity Energy Progression™ – to being MY work in toward that full remembrance… and that I had volunteered to help others on their path to that, as well. And, thus far, the ride has been… simply beyond words, and it increases so every single day. The realization that ALL is possible from the power of Christed Consciousness; from the perception of the knowing of the Oneness! In fact, until this morning, I didn’t realize the magnitude of the gift given to me and a friend of mine several days ago, while we were doing Trinity together. Her intention was to release a persisting pain in her hip; she is a VERY adept healer, one who is COMPLETELY on board to releasing it ALL… and yet, no matter what she’d been doing to clear, layer after layer, she still had some pain. So, we decided to tackle it together in a session. In the middle of the session… I was guided to “take her back” to Pilot Mountain, NC with me where I had REALLY full experienced losing the individual in the Oneness, and the bliss that entailed, on 12-12-12 (see the blog I wrote on my Road to Awakening site, Stepping Through the Doorway at Pilot Mountain (and Beyond) on 12-12-12). The purpose: To release resistance as perceived by the ego that is required to “maintain” individuality (and thus, creating pain and other feelings that the ego felt were required to do so). So, we played in assimilating in to the Oneness… dissolving, creating, dissolving, and re-creating ourselves via partition. (or what the ego perceives as resistance).. and then assimilating back. Such BLISS! Next, Jeshua was there, playing with us… and he allowed us to SEE the illusion in the 3D as he perceived it in his last days. To say it was amazing and cool is a HUGE understatement… it’s just this morning that I’ve realized what a gift it was to have seen and experienced it! It felt just like he’d explained it to me so long ago –  just watching shadows, seeing the impressions of the illusion created in this reality in crisp clearness – and yet, KNOWING the entire time that it was JUST THAT… simply illusion. So, there was no sadness, pain or anything of the like… but the wordless bliss of the higher remembrance and understanding of seeing “the world as a stage,” without us actually HAVING to get lost in it! So, today, even though my spiritual practice is very Universal, and well beyond any specific belief system, what I was taught as a child about Good Friday has been erased… and the day has a completely changed meaning to me; instead of it being a heavy day, it’s truly light, blissful, and vastly FREEING! What Jeshua/Yeshua experienced – as many others who have achieved Christed Consciousness here in the 3D – is what we can ALL attain, here and now. It’s the epitome of examples for all of us, to help us remember… in truly realizing and reaching the amazing potential of our own Divinity, and that once we do – once we master ourselves, move beyond the ego, and live from the Oneness and unconditional love through to the 3D – that we all ARE capable of EVERYTHING, from whichever perspective we choose! Now, off to meditate in Trinity… to just SIT in that Oneness and bliss… and maybe go back there again… what more of a perfect time could there be to do so?  🙂

Talking About Trinity Energy Progression™ on Reawaken Your Brilliance Internet Show, 7/11/12

On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Reawaken Your Brilliance Internet show to talk about the new Trinity Energy Progression modality, to which I was gifted remembrance in the Fall of 2010 (you can see the Full Story page on this site ). How exciting! It was the first “formal” interview/promotion I have done of this awesome and amazing energy, which will help any/all of us TREMENDOUSLY on our spiritual progression to “Earth 2.0″… plus, we talked about some different topics such as Lemuria and Twin Flames/Twin Souls.

There was some technical difficulty (connection) in the beginning… about 10-15 minutes in the audio got a little bit choppy, but we turned off my video for awhile and that cleared everything up. So, if you missed it, and want all of the info on using Trinity, from both the recipient and practitioner’s point of view… you can watch it here: